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Spring 2018 is upon us, ushering in not only tulips, light showers, and blooming trees, but also one of the more surprising fashion plot twists of recent years: clear (and tinted) handbags. If you’ve been keeping your eyes glued to the latest trends, you may have noticed the recent explosion of “transparent fashion.”

Instead of leather and other traditional materials, designers have started using plastic and acrylic to refashion new bags, shoes, and accessories—from stores like Zara and H&M to the exclusive brands of Chanel and Valentino. Sometimes, this takes the form of leather bags contained in an outer clear covering; other times, the bags themselves use a clear material as the primary medium of construction. Regardless, it’s a polarizing trend. Scroll through IG, and you’ll immediate see that while some love it, others aren’t as thrilled.

What’s your philosophy on clear bags? YAY or NAY? Scroll through some of the most popular transparent bags below…they may help you form a “clear” opinion!

Aimee Song carries Chanel. Photo courtesy: Getty Images via Refinery29

Chanel Classic Flap in Clear Blue PVC

PurseBop and company couldn’t resist this shiny blue beauty trimmed with leather on a recent trip to the Paris (read: PurseBop Falls for a Chanel Boy in Paris).  There’s not doubt that Chanel’s been at the forefront of this trend! See full PVC collections at Neiman Marcus. Would you ever choose a PVC Chanel over a lambskin?

Click photo to shop Chanel Spring Summer.

Valentino Clear Rockstud Shoulder Bag

Valentino’s own take on the clear bag comes in the form of a studded cover surrounding a typical leather flap bag. How do you feel about the juxtaposition of styles here? Would you reach for this bag, or rather have the red bag by itself? See details here at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Click to view bag on Saks.com

STAUD Shirley Clear Bag

This STAUD bag’s been all the rage. Understated, minimalist, and dare we say elegant? It’s a more subtle take on the PVC-heavy bags. See more details here at Bergdorf Goodman

Click to view on Bergdorf’s website

Hoda Kotb's Bag...

by Ziploc. Didn’t think the clear trend could be taken this far, did you? While being honored as one of Time’s 100 Most Influential People of 2018, the television personality carried her classic accessory and took it out in an interview to grab her phone.

“I tried to give her a purse,” said her co-anchor Savannah Guthrie. “She didn’t want it.”

This is the clear trend at its simplest, but it does beg the question…how similar are the designer bags to a regular plastic bag? Can they even be compared at all?

Photo courtesy: Today

The clear trend is held together by its transparent designs, but the bags here have shown just how diverse it can be. Are you YAY on some clear bags, but NAY on others? Or do you have strong opinions on the entire trend itself? Do you think the trend is here to stay or a passing fad? Tell us your thoughts below!

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Published: May 3rd, 2018
Updated: February 28th, 2019

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