Spend $1,500 or Save for Bags at $3,000

Whether starting a new job, about to graduate and embark on a career or simply looking for a fresh start, we all deserve a new beginning every now and then. And what better way to start a new than with a new bag – I mean is there really any other way to do it?

But with your new beginning comes so many handbag questions! Should you invest in arm candy to rock on the first day of your new life or a classic piece you’ve been dreaming of for years? Will you use the $1,000 you have saved or hold out for a bigger bank balance so you can really splurge?

At PurseBop we’ve taken the legwork out of it and selected the best bags to help you look and feel like a boss.

You may have saved up, been gifted generously in celebration of graduating or even received a signing bonus from your dream job. If your budget is around the $1,000 – $1,500 mark these are the best bags for you.

Louis Vuitton Speedy/Speedy Bandoulière 30 - $1,020/$1,450

The classic Speedy 30 in Monogram Photo courtesy: @nadiaazizeslookbook

The classic Speedy 30 in Bandoulière style Photo courtesy: @lauri.style

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The Speedy is the undisputed Queen of Louis Vuitton and one of the first and most iconic ‘It’ bags. We recommend the size 30 for maximum functionality. Described by the brand as its “compact city bag” it looks oh so chic when carried top handle however if you’re willing to spend an extra few hundred dollars you may find the Bandoulière style suits an on-the-go lifestyle better. Whether you’re looking for a classy yet functional bag for that new job of yours, or simply want to check off a classic from your wishlist, the Speedy may be the perfect fit.

Louis Vuitton classic Speedy Photo courtesy: @stylesbyassitan

SpeedyB worn cross-body Photo courtesy: @luxladylr

Speedys galore! The classic bag in a variation of prints and sizes Photo courtesy: @7to5glamour

Louis Vuitton Neverfull MM - $1,320

Photo courtesy: @petiteinparis

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Few questions in the handbag community are as hard to answer as ‘Speedy or Neverfull?’. At PurseBop we love both so here’s the other reigning Queen of Louis Vuitton. Despite being significantly newer than the Speedy, in the just over a decade since the Neverfull was released it has gained classic status. Functional and care-free it’s popular with those always on-the-go who carry a lot and a good size for its price point. As its name would suggest, this bag can really never get full!

Photo courtesy: @beingmekaj

Photo courtesy: @louisvuitton.reetzy

Prada nylon bucket bag - $990

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At just under the $1,000 mark, this nylon bucket bag from Prada may be small but it packs a lot of functionality. Perfect for channeling your inner ’90s supermodel – remember the ubiquitous backpack – the lightweight nylon material is unique. It’s a newer take on the classic but still on trend.

Versace Savage Barocco Print Tote Bag - $1,350

Photo courtesy: Versace

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As one of the lower priced bags on our list this would make a great piece to buy when you need to be treated but you’re bank account also needs to like you! Half black, half signature Versace print, this tote is similar in size to a Neverfull MM.

But what about those next level bags? If you can be patient why not wait and save up a little more so you can afford something uber-sophisticated and check off those dream pieces from your wish list?

Alma PM in Noir Epi Leather - $2,160

Photo courtesy: @happypurselover

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This contemporary version of the iconic Alma design has proved a fan favourite. Black Epi Leather will do a good job of telling your peers that you mean business.

Photo courtesy: @happypurselover

Gucci GG Marmont small top handle bag in cognac leather - $ 2,890

Photo courtesy: Gucci

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This re-imagining of the classic GG Marmont bag for Pre-Fall 2019 sports both a top-handle and cross-body strap for dual functionality. The brand’s classic GG logo means the new you is sure to make a bold statement.

Photo courtesy: Gucci

The tan colour with black trim gives us ’70s female boss vibes and could be a great way to channel the businesswomen in you.

Gucci Dionysus medium GG shoulder bag in GG Supreme - $ 2,490

The classic Gucci Dionysus medium worn cross-body Photo courtesy: @live_love_bag

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The Dionysus is undoubtedly a Gucci classic so we understand why it may have earned a place on your wish list. However, why not shoot for functionality too by snapping up the bag’s medium size that acts as a great compact work bag? If you’re after the classic Gucci look we recommend the GG Supreme print.

Photo courtesy: @hong_taeng_tua

Dior Oblique Saddle Bag - $2,950

Photo courtesy: @popoyehh

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If you’re going to splurge, it may as well be for a must-have classic – right? The born again Dior Saddle Bag is officially back (just ask Kim K) and at PurseBop we’re glad this ‘It’ bag from John Galliano’s spring/summer 2000 collection for the house has life in it still. Opt for this classic Dior print for the best retro vibes. What better way to celebrate the new and improved you by carrying this new and improved classic on your arm!

Photo courtesy: @janinapfau

Dior Mini J'ADior Ultra Black Bag - $2,750

Photo courtesy: Dior

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Move over Little Black Dress, its all about the Little Black Bag – and we’re in love. This ultra dark mini number is simple and elegant. The matt black chain strap and J’ADIOR logo embellishment set it apart from its contemporaries. We think the LBB should be a must-have for any collection.

Hermès Garden Party 36 Bag - $2,350 - $3,750

You’ll be happy to know we’ve included some Hermès on our list. The Garden Party 36 bag is the perfect carry all. Opt for Officier canvas and Negonda calfskin if you’re looking at the lower price point. Either way, for under $4,000 this could be the perfect way to begin your Hermès collection.

Hermès Garden Party 36 in bleu zanzibar Officier canvas and Negonda calfskin Photo courtesy: Hermès

Hermès Garden party 36 in noir Negonda calfskin Photo courtesy: @mansion_virgo

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Chanel Classic WOC in Lambskin with Silver-Tone Metal - $2,500

Photo courtesy: @niinamunch

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What could be more worthy of a splurge than a Chanel WOC? this compact and classic Chanel bag is a definite fan favourite and its price point is ideal for those perhaps starting their Chanel collection or looking to celebrate a new beginning with a Chanel piece that won’t set you back several thousand dollars.

For a classic look we recommend going for black with silver hardware. However, a wide variety of colours and materials come under this reasonable price point.

The Chanel WOC worn cross-body Photo courtesy: @larissaverbon

So, what would you do? Treat yourself now or save up for something more expensive later? And which bag takes your breath away? Let us know.

Love, PurseBop

Published: July 14th, 2019
Updated: July 17th, 2019

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