Pink Journey to Hermes Heaven


I have had a love affair with Chanel for many years and exclusively collected only Black Classic Chanel Bags. I probably have almost every Chanel classic size and design in black.

It was only through the Purse Forum and my Instagram family that I slowly diversified into neutrals and (GASP!) colors. When I was introduced to the amazing slippery orange slope of Hermes, there was no turning back!

Naturally, I started my orange collection with black. Once I laid hands on my first pink Birkin… I was hooked for life!!!!

My Rose Scherezade Croc Birkin PHW was my first pink love. To this day, it has a special spot in my heart.  I initially told myself that this would be my only Pink Queen and I would be very very very blessed and content with her in my small collection. Until…

Well, as you know, with Hermes, the word “enough” never stays true for long. Pink Queen was soon joined by Kelly 32 in Sweet Bubblegum Pink (who can resist such a name?). An Hermes Special Order with delicious Bougainvillea Pink-Red Oozing inside. I figured since I already have a heart- stopping pink Birkin, I might as well have a pink Kelly, right? The Kelly 32 is my preferred size as I tend to carry my bags from day to night…

After that came the unexpected Little Sister in the form of the Rose Tyrien Candy Epsom PHW Beauty in Kelly 28.  I was mesmerized by this razor sharp diamond-like pink. There was just something so crisp and clean about this simple Pink Rose Tyrien beauty. A smaller Kelly suddenly seemed essential.

I now have three different shades of pinks. Surely, my PINK journey was complete…. or so I thought…


Rose Tyrien K28 in Epsom with PHW and Hermes Special Order Kelly 32 in Bubblegum Pink/Bougainvillea Interior.

My Rose Tyrien K28 inspired accessories in that color: bag charms, Calvi, Kelly wallet, Evelyne PM and even a Constance 18 in Rose Tyrien. Enough RT, right? Well, not exactly.

Along came the Hermes Special Order Rose Tyrien – Parme in Chevre with GHW. I literally dropped everything I was doing to embrace her with both arms! She was the total opposite of the Rose Tyrien K28 in Epsom as Chevre Rose Tyrien is softer with a gentle glow of the blush pearl that suits my needs and calms me down. It is amazing that the same color looks so different in a different leather.


Rose Tyrien Epsom K28 PHW & Special Order Rose Tyrien/Parme in Chevre with GHW.

Thinking pink inspired me to switch bags and I took out my Second-Love (after my first love of pinks) out to enjoy a little sunlight! No points for guessing what my Second-Love is right based on my past IG posts? Ha ha… yes it is my darling Purple color family!

Out came my Matte Amethyst Croc B 30. Her beauty required an immediate photograph for my IG family. I love how discrete and understated (yes, I called Hermes croc understated) she is and that under certain lighting she looks almost black with a hint of color and texture from her scales. Matte certainly gives off a different vibe when I carried compared to my shiny Rose Scherezade Croc Birkin.


Matte Amethyst Croc Birkin 30 in PHW.

While my train of thought was on my Rose Scherezade Croc Birkin, I decided that it had been a long while since we visited so I might as well take her out for a breath of fresh air and a photo or two while I am at it!

AND since I already had my Rose Scherezade Birkin out, I may as well take out my Hermes Special Order Rose Tyrien-Parme to join the photo session.


Rose Scherezade Croc Birkin PHW with Hermes Special Order Rose Tyrien/Parme in Chèvre, GHW.

I sent photos of all three bags to PurseBop and that led to an entire evening of unexpected fun. Darling PurseBop had just finished a session with her trainer and told me she stopped dead mid-squat when she sneaked a peek at her phone and saw what she described as “My Pink Heaven Pictures!”

Dear PurseBop then literally took over my entire photo-shoot session and requested extra extra pictures (not that I am complaining). She put on her director’s hat, grabbed her cone loudspeakers and took charge.

Out came a few other pink and purple ladies to join in the fun! Director PurseBop wanted a GROUP photo of all the ladies…

Her wish is my command as I am only the Co-Director and the ever willing camera lady. I took all the requested photos and expressed them to PurseBop!


Anemone Ghillies Kelly 32 in Togo/Swift PHW with Bubblegum Pink Kelly 32 in Epsom PHW.

CUT 1:
We first took a group photo of all the bags lying down suggestively in a circle…. I think that this was a great start as x-rated poses always sell! PurseBop gave her two thumbs up but she still wanted more.


CUT 2:
Director PurseBop then wanted my ladies to change from lying down suggestively to standing upright sexily. I called this the Teen-Group version! I was trying my level best to keep a straight face and to hold my phone camera steady but I literally BURST into fits of laughter when my darling hubby walked in to find me standing on a stool on my tip toes contorted into a funny angle trying to take a picture of my sexy ladies. Handles up, Flap Back, Sangles tucked … Shoot!

The look on my darling Hubby’s face was priceless especially when I was surrounded by a sea of open orange boxes and tissues everywhere! Come to think of it, I really should have taken a photo of the mess in my bedroom but too bad that was an afterthought!


CUT 3:
The photo session turned to the Pageant version – PurseBop wanted one more group photo of my pink and purple ladies lined up in a row like they were vying for Miss Universe! I do wonder who would have won had there REALLY been a pageant. I could never judge that contest as I love all my pink and purple ladies equally. Each has a story to tell.


The ladies and I began to fade after midnight (we started the photo session late) but PurseBop insisted upon one last group photo of a messy pile with instructions to zoom in on whatever caught my eye…

Last CUT:
Pile up one on top of another in a FUN heap just the way one would at an American football huddle and take one last group photo!


FINALLY… the magic words came out of PurseBop’s mouth… ‘It’s a WRAP” (thank goodness!)

All the pink and purple ladies climbed back into their respective boxes and the Co-Director (also camera lady) crashed on her bed dreaming of orange pinks and purples.

And so ends our fun and totally unexpected bonus photo session. Who knew my baggies could go from X-rated to PG to Beauty Contest to Football all in one sitting.


Hope you had as much fun reading this as I had during the photo shoot with PurseBop!

Until the next sharing time, Happy International Women’s Day my friends!

Proud to be a woman with strong roots and prouder to be the mother of a woman that I hope will have even stronger roots!

I am forever grateful for all the phenomenal women in my life and also for all the men who have those values enshrined!


A very special thanks to dear @armoiredorange for sharing her incredible pink journey and collection with all of us – truly a treat! But more importantly, thank you for the support and camaraderie I have felt with each loving thought and comment I have received from you. @armoiredorange describes the spontaneous combustion of positive energies between us yesterday morning so accurately… it just amazes me! Sincerely thank you for indulging me, sitting all the way on the other side of the world… I can assure you, you made many handbag aficionados smile today!

Love PurseBop

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Published: March 8th, 2017
Updated: June 27th, 2017

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  • It may not be one of Hermes’ grande dame bags, but I snagged this Cabag in the New York store because it’s the perfect shade of pink. The Cabag is casual enough to wear with cut offs, but cute enough to go with a breezy sundress. I like the canvas in hot weather because it’s cooler to wear under the arm then leather. This bag works in the Hamptons in the Summer but is equally at home on an island vacation in the Winter. The pink adds a pop of color to an all-white outfit, and goes equally well with denim, black and grey.