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Original story date Aug 6th, 2014:

Something happened early Spring that led to a pleasant experiment in ‘bag rotation’.

One fine Monday morning back at the end of April, Mr. PurseBop made an observation as he was heading out the door for work.
We were standing in our foyer as we usually do most mornings, when I noticed his eyes’scanning ’ the rooms, “Every corner of our home seems occupied by bags,”  he lovingly remarked. I smiled, took a quick survey in my peripheral vision, and realized he was indeed correct… and replied, “I am PurseBop,  after all…LOL.” I sealed our smiles with a kiss and sent him off.

Made myself a nespresso and stood contemplating the foyer ‘bag mess’. I took a quick iphone picture and posted it to my IG using the hashtag #PurseBopChanelTidyUpTime

Since then I have posted a weekly shot of the bags I have used over the course of the week. Let me clarify, ‘only the bags that I have put to use’ (not those that I may have photographed for my features).
It soon became #PurseBopsWeekendBags waiting for #PurseBopChanelTidyUpTime

Not only is it fun to see the colorful eye candy of the last weeks selection in the same place on every Monday, it also serves as a valuable tool that encourages bag rotation within my collection. So often we get ‘stuck’ on the same bags and ignore so many others we love. We find ourselves in a ‘bag rut.’ I find I am now making a conscious effort to explore the deep corners of my bag armoire, and challenge myself to ‘healthier’ bag diet, LOL.

I think it’s time I let my pictures do the talking and share an excerpt of what’s ‘trending’ on Mondays @PurseBop IG.
I am not posting these pictures in any particular order, nor am I including the details or ‘recap’ of the respective bag weeks… just join me @PurseBop and search hashtag #PurseBopsWeekendBags

Here we go…


Tradition would have it that I always include a ZZZZOOOOOMMMMM in picture to capture textural leather differences, and in
some cases close- ups of color comparisons…





Smetimes two ZZZZOOOOOMMMMM in pics are required…



One can get a pretty good idea of the Monday line-up by glancing at the weeks postings. I usually manage to get a daily pic (or sometimes more, LOL) of my ‘in use’ bags selections.

And sometimes travel is involved in which case you may be presented with a shot of my carry on… These were (yes, all of them) taken enroute to Costa Rica to attend a destination wedding (this is an EXTREME case…)

WARNING: Please do not use this as an example of ‘light travel‘…uuuuggghh




There’s many more where these came from…. and tomorrow will be a new episode of #PurseBopsManicMonday

(p.s. folks there’s live reveal happening exclusively @PurseBop Instagram)

EDIT: WEDNESDAY AUG 6th for current weeks #PurseBopsWeekendBags

A balanced handbag diet consists of:

ample greens and pinks
multiple metallics
dash of ORANGE
an occasional maxi
and at least one BOY BAG
Mix all ingredients and STIR  with ‘daily rotation’ (this is the key!)

For a compilation of all my recipes visit @PurseBop IG and search #PurseBopsWeekendBags



Have a beautiful WEEK my friends, and eat healthy, LOL!

Love PurseBop

Published: December 15th, 2014
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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  • Thank you and congratulations to you Sophia on your winning picture for @PurseBopPicks! Did you see it featured here on the site and permanently in the VAULT?

  • Love your healthy bag diet!! You diet has all vitamins I need! It is a pleasure to get my happy energy from all your pictures! Did I tell you every time I make a post or write you a comment I smile? I do not mind to have more wrinkles!!! Thank you!!