The Bag Charms You’re Showing Off

We’ve been following bag charm trends closely since they started to take off in 2014. (Remember Fendi’s launch of Karlito?) Whimsical and light-hearted, they wormed their way into our hearts with ease.

The industry for “accessories for your accessories” has grown considerably in the past few years, and now bag charms—especially those by Fendi and Hermès—accompany many a luxury bag. As one might expect, these charms are displayed prominently in that place to see and be seen: we mean Instagram, of course. And there’s no better way to chart the trends of handbag fashionistas that to scroll through the Insta feeds of members of our PurseBop community.

Every time you tag us, we see you. (We see you, and we love you—you and your fabulous style!) So here’s a round-up of the bag charms you love to feature, as a way of keeping tabs on the current trends and handbag staples. Keep tagging us (@boptalk), and we’ll continue to feature you and your bags on IG and our articles!

Hermès Rodeo Charms





Hermès Paddock Fer a Cheval Charms





Hermès Camail Charms



Fendi Chick Charm


Hermès Paddock Cheval Charm


Hermès Paddock Bombe Charm


Fendi Wonders Charms



Hermès Rodeo Charm (Horsehair)


Louis Vuitton Vivienne Charm


Hermès Petit H Rodent Charm


Hermès Lettre au Carre Charm


Hermès Tutti Fruiti Lemon Coin Purse/Bag Charm


And...Hermès Rodeo Charm Meets Scrump

(from Lilo & Stitch)


Are you a bag charms-loving fashionista? If so, which are your favorites? Let us know about your personal style below. And don’t forget to tag @boptalk when you show off your bags on IG—we love seeing and sharing them!

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