5 YSL Handbags that Should Be on Your Radar

YSL Boutique Paris

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One can never overstate the importance of accessories. They are what turns a dress into something else. I like dresses to be sober and accessories to be wild‘, Yves Saint Laurent, 1977.

How many of us are guilty of trying our luck at the Hermès mothership in Paris and then also sneaking into a YSL Boutique?  Tough to resist one of YSL’s trendy yet classic Envelope on Chain or Kate Bag. Although that trip to Paris may not be in the offing right now, the YSL website is definitely within reach.  Here’s a list of our top YSL picks that perhaps will bring a little bit of Paris to you.

YSL Boutique

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Envelope/Monogram Chain Wallet

When it comes to YSL’s collection of mini bags the quintessential Envelope Chain Wallet is definitely not a bag to be overlooked. Beautifully crafted, this bag is sturdy and surprisingly roomy. The smaller size can quite easily fit your phone, up to 10 cards, and some emergency makeup. It’s perfect for a night out or an outing where you don’t need to lug around a whole bunch of stuff.

YSL wallet on chain

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YSL Envelope Bag

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The bag is available in two different sizes (small and large). “Envelope” is the smaller size and the larger version is the “Monogram Chain Wallet”. Both sizes feature a removable strap. However, the Monogram Chain Wallet has a full metal strap whereas the Envelope has a small piece of leather at the top of the strap.

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YSL Wallet on Chain

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Another popular mini bag by YSL, the Kate is also a wallet on chain but flashier. Sleeker than the Envelope/Monogram Chain Wallet, this style features a long gold or silver toned metallic tassel that hangs delicately from the clasp. Perfect for a night out, this eye-catching bag is what Saint Laurent probably meant by ‘wild’ in the quote above. Be careful while filling it up though. Less is more with this one.

YSL Kate Bag

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YSL Kate Bag

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YSL Kate

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YSL Kate Bag

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Sac Du Jour

Literally translated to “Bag of the Day” or “ Day Bag” this one is a favorite among those looking for an understated, functional, yet stylish bag on the go. Made of calfskin leather and silver toned metal hardware, the bag has a double handle and a detachable strap.  You can choose to tote it, wear it cross body or let it hang casually from one shoulder. It also has a cute and functional padlock hanging on the front handle – the keys of which are attached to the interior (which incidentally is super spacious). Not just for show, the center zip compartment can be locked using this key. Consider this a terrific travel companion when you need a secure place to keep your passport and other valuables.

On the other hand, the Sac Du Jour has been criticized for taking more than a little inspiration from the Hermès Birkin. Whether you consider that a plus or minus, take a look for yourself:

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YSL Sac Du Jour

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YSL Sac Du Jour

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YSL Sac du Jour

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YSL Sac Du Jour

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Shopping Bag

Functionality with unlimited style points, the YSL Shopping bag is a no brainer. Short from taking it out on a hike, this ultra-spacious bag is a perfect accompaniment for any occasion. Whether it be office, the gym or as the name suggests, a quick shopping trip (though maybe don’t use this to actually lug your groceries back home – it’s too pretty). Tote it, Sling it and Go! While the bag comes with a removable YSL charm in a leather case, it can easily be perked up further with some additional charms and twills.

YSL Shopping Bag

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YSL Shopping Bag

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YSL Shopping Bag

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Quilted, Flexible, Squishy all come to mind when describing this YSL bag. Named after LouLou De La Falaise, Saint Laurent’s muse for his women’s tuxedo and see-through blouses, this bag is yet another iconic mini bag from the house of YSL. Available in a variety of sizes (Toy, Small, Medium and Large), the bag is reportedly durable, and owing to its structure, is also quite spacious. The Large LouLou is often considered to be a less expensive alternative to the Chanel Jumbo Flap!

YSL LouLou

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Red YSL LouLou

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Black YSL LouLou

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YSL LouLou Bag

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Could any of these beauties find a spot in your festive time shopping list?

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Published: September 12th, 2020
Updated: September 12th, 2020

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