To Gold or Silver… That is the Question?

by BopTalk Celebrity @kugzz

Team Glam or Team Lux or better yet Team GlamLux?

This is how I have organized these two in my head:
Palladium/Silver/White Gold: Glam
Gold: Lux

Most often, I hear girls say the following about yellow gold:
-“It reminds me of vintage/old things”
-“It’s for more mature ladies 30+ age”
-“It’s Easier to wear from day to night and events”

The following is mind boggling to me:
-“This bag’s hardware doesn’t work with my skin tone/color”

Please explain this to me and I’ll be forever grateful. Moving on…


In my opinion, picking one or the other has nothing to do with age, but more with taste and appeal to one’s eye. Glam has as much access to evening events as much as the lux does!

I love both, but glam takes a little bit more room in my wardrobe. My jewelry and bag collection inclines more towards silver hardware, I must admit, I admire how crisp and fresh it makes every color look.

Silver actually reflects 95% of the visible light. Hello! All things shiny!

Fun fact: The chemical symbol for silver, Ag, comes from the Latin word for silver, argentum, which in turn derives from the Sanskit word argunas, which mean shining.

The chemical symbol for gold is Au, which is derived from the Latin word “aurum,” which means “shining dawn.”  Thanks for sharing my nerdy moment.



I have encountered more people who are either on team Glam or team Lux; and there are very few like me, who just don’t discriminate. Let’s stop beating around the bush and come to the point; what’s your metal color preference on a bag?

If you are having a mind block picking hardware on a bag, let’s take a stab to unblock.

There are numerous reasons we opt for certain designs, fragrances, shapes, colors, bags, jewelry and not the other. Most of the reasons have a lot to do a lot with the way we were raised. The possessions we were exposed to as a child are going to have a vital effect because they are readily obtainable in our mind. For example: If your grandmother, mother, aunts wore a lot of yellow metals; the chances are that you developed a positive appreciation for it too. Certain things get embedded in our subconscious minds.

According to the statistics compiled by the World Gold Council, the biggest admirers of the yellow precious metal by far are China and India. Do you see lot of Chinese and Indians opting for yellow instead of white? My response would be “certainly”. There are always exceptions so don’t quote me on it.



Both beautiful, but completely different looks. Don’t you agree? Now, I am going to take you inside my thought process and try to make you comprehend what and how I see things differently, same color bags with different hardware.

-Black with silver hardware almost works with every color combo ever made. This combo is a no brainer for me.

-The classic and most loved combo: black with gold hardware puts a dressy spin to any outfit. Gold could do no wrong. Although, I avoid the following combos in spring/summer: red, certain hues of pinks, corals, bright blues and purples just because they weigh down my outfits. Other than that this combo works wonderfully in fall and winter.

Hardware completely changes the look of any bag. Before making a choice, visually scan your wardrobe, including your shoes and accessories and see if it would be a right new addition to your collection.


Gold vs. Silver Hardware Comparisons with Different Hermes Colors (


Gold vs. Silver Hardware Comparisons with Different Hermes Colors (


Here is my conclusion: there is a room for both in everyone’s closet. If you are exclusive to one team only, let me break it to you…You are missing out, yes mom, including you.

Here are my few shots of glam and lux pieces…





Team Lux


Team Lux


Team Glam

So tell me, what team are you on? Team Glam (SHW) or Team Lux (GHW) or Team GlamLux (SHW & GHW).
Vote in the poll below!

All of you gorgeous people who reach out to me on IG, forums, emails; I am extremely honored. I love reading your notes and sometimes I share them with our wonderful PurseBop. Truly appreciated.

I would like to wish everyone a very happy, healthy and clutter free closet New Year!


Published: January 21st, 2017
Updated: June 27th, 2017

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6 Responses to “To Gold or Silver… That is the Question?”

  • Those Cartier bracelets are so trite, over and done that they work my last nerve. The rings are beautiful.

  • I like both gold & silver HW but I think black bags look so much better with Gold. Black with silver looks drab.

  • Lately I’ve been team lux when it comes to most bags (except in warm colored bags like reds, yellows, etc) and tri-glam-lux when it comes to jewelry (love to mix rose, white and yellow gold daily), but after reading this, I think I’m starting to like “white” metals on bags again.
    Thanks Pursebop and all your great contributors for such enjoyable and always helpful articles.

  • Wonderful post, but a nerdy note: the contention that Latin is derived from Sanskrit has zero basis in linguistics. They have a common ancestor, most likely, but one is not the ancestor of the other.
    I also don’t feel that white metal connotes glam vs. lux(e) but more clean/cool/modern vs. bling/warm/luxe.