“What’s IN my bag?” Round of #PurseBopPicks

This week’s round of #PurseBopPicks was all about what’s IN your bag! Recently, there’s been an explosion of what’s in my bag pictures on the @purseboppicks and @boptalk instagram accounts, so I decided to create the perfect place to highlight our loved items and secret bag weapons on BopTalk. Our @PurseBop family headed to the BopTalk threads to share their favorite items and go-to essentials for this week’s #purseboppicks challenge. Boppers posted amazing pictures with detailed list, and more than anything, the “what’s in my bag?” thread became the ultimate reference guide for fashionistas in search of useful, great items.

With all of the fantastic submissions, choosing the finalists was a tough, almost impossible task. So in honor of this special 30th round of #PurseBopPicks, PurseBop is changing it up a little bit. Instead of 6 finalists, there are 9 FINALISTS! As I announced before, PurseBop has a special surprise in mind for the winner. However to fully celebrate all our great finalists, this week there will be a 1st place, 2nd place, AND 3rd place winner.

With these stakes, voting this week is critical so remember to return to this post throughout the weekend to vote. However, above all, explore the pictures below and on the BopTalk threads to see what boppers are carrying and obsessed with at the moment! Remember, all of this is in good spirit, and there’s always an opportunity to join in on the conversation at BopTalk and participate in more fun events.

Without further ado, I proudly announce this week's 9 finalists...


What’s in @SapphiresandScotch’s bag?:

Ralph Lauren Alligator Ricky


What’s in @Beatrice.Amanda’s bag?:

Hermes Birkin 35 in bleu de galice


What’s in @dhee18’s bag?:

Balenciaga City in Mauve


What’s in @theordinarysusan’s bag?:

Chanel Boy bag-

  • Dior So Real shades (current favs)
  • Nespresso capsules (coffee and dark chocolate my only 2 real addictions)
  • LV monogram wallet (always the same. I only change wallets when the one I’m using is beyond hope)
  • Porsche Design ballpoint pen
  • iPhone5
  • iPhone6 was on the blank space but I realized I needed it to take the shot…
  • Maserati notepad
  • Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream lipstick (pinkish color)
  • Car keys and key holder
  • Chewing gum


What’s inside @lvoe’s bag?:

Céline tri colour nano-


What’s in @someoverainbow’s bag?:

Blue Chanel Cerf Tote-


What’s in @kristi_loves_fashion’s bag?:

Metiers D’Art Paris – Salzburg 2015/5 Small Calf Skin Boy Chanel flap bag with long goat hair


What’s in @highheeledtraveller’s:

Louis Vuitton Sac Noe-


What’s in @StylishSheba’s bag?:

Hermes Bleu de Galice Birkin 35 with PHW-

  • Kelly wallet in Anemone
  • emergency Christian Louboutin Air Loubies
  • LV sunglasses
  • LV make up case complete with essentials to make me presentable to the outside world
  • Car keys (a miracle they are in here as they are always lost)
  • Smythson diary and notebook that says “Today I’m going to be nice” (important to remember)
  • iPad with a Chanel cover I bought back when iPads were enormous but I refuse to replace it because it cost more than the iPad did
  • This week’s book “Primates of Park Avenue”, essential reading for any Mother
  • Fendi bag bug that is my 18 month old sons goal in life to get his hands on

After seeing all the finalists, now its time to VOTE! Show support and love for your favorite picture. You can vote once every hour throughout the weekend. Winner will be determined by Sunday at 5 PM. This a tough rough of #purseboppicks, and there are some great prizes on the line – so get in your votes!

In the spirit of #purseboppicks, all supporters and contributors are truly winners. Below is a gallery to honor all the submissions on BopTalk from our lovely Boppers. Click HERE to check out the full thread with details and item lists.

Let’s all meet back here Sunday to find out the winner and see the winner’s surprise! If you didn’t get a chance to participate this week, look out for next week’s theme in Sunday’s post.

Love PurseBop

Published: July 10th, 2015
Updated: May 29th, 2021

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  • aaawww I loved this weeks purseboppicks finalists!!! such AMAZING pics!!! Loved them all and consider all winners :)
    M. I´m so so soooo sorry for my absence, I made my myself stay away from all social media until I finished the report I had to send or else I would never finish it… and not finishing it meant loosing my scholarship (ouch!)… anyways, I´m finally back!!! I really missed Pursebop.com and Boptalk!!! Got a lot of catching up to do :) xoxo