Dear PurseBop, Will Accepting a Hermès Non-Quota Bag Now Affect the Timing of When I Get Offered a Quota Bag in the Future?

Dear PurseBop has been busy answering all our community members’ interesting questions. This week we highlight several questions that we believe many people have wondered as well.

For example, does a tri-colored mini Kelly have a higher resale value, what brands will likely increase their prices in 2023, is a  Chanel 2.55 as good an investment as a Classic Flap, and more.

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Is A Chanel 2.55 Reissue Flap Bag As Good An Investment As A Chanel Classic Double Flap Bag?

Many factors are considered when determining the resale value of a luxury handbag such as a Chanel 2.55 reissue flap bag. If the bag can be resold for more than the owner originally paid many consider this evidence that the bag was a good “investment.”

However, we do not recommend buying luxury handbags as “investments” per se. It is better to buy what you love to use and enjoy. Click here for Dear PurseBop’s response to this common question and the factors considered in valuing a bag on the resale market.

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How Does Hermès View Past Clients With Older Profiles Who Want to Restart Their Journey?

Many people shopped with Hermès in the past and then took a break due to life circumstances or preferences. Restarting your journey with Hermès equipped with all the information we provide is a great first step. Click here to get the full response by Dear PurseBop so you will be prepared as well.

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What Is Your Opinion of the Tri-colored Mini Kelly and Does It Have A Higher Resale Value?

The Hermès tri-colored bags have made quite an impression on Kelly loving afficionados. We have seen several versions of the tri-colored Kelly. Our beloved PurseBop was gifted a Kelly 25 tri-color from Mr. PB for their anniversary this past summer. This was in the fan favorite Chai, Lime, and Mauve Sylvester. We are still drooling over this winning combination.

We have also seen a Bleu Brume, Vert Jade and Gold; Nata, Juane Poussin and Sesame; Bleu Saphir, Bleu France and Noir; and Nata, Gris Meyer and Chai.

Click here for more information about these special tri-colored Kellys. Let us know if you scored one of these rare Kellys.

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What Luxury Brands Are Likely To Increase Their Prices in 2023?

Based on historical evidence, the effects of the global Pandemic, supply chain issues, increased demand and decreased inventory at most, if not all, retail establishments, price increases are a valid concern. We were all surprised by the number of increases and the amounts which occurred during the heart of the Pandemic. Whether more will come is the biggest mystery of all. However, read Dear PurseBop’s response to this valid question so you will be prepared before the next price increase hits at your favorite luxury house.


Will The Next Chanel Price Increase Really Impact What You Buy?

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Will Accepting a Hermès Non-Quota Bag Affect The Timing of When I Get Offered a Quota Bag?

Accepting a non-quota bag such as a Picotin, a Herbag, a mini Lindy, or an Evelyne in the past had no bearing on when you were offered a quota bag from your SA. It seems that this rule has changed in the U.S. and in Paris as well. It is best to check with your SA in your home boutique to verify this information before proceeding with accepting a non-quota bag. Click here to get the information we have gathered on this issue.

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Published: November 26th, 2022
Updated: January 10th, 2023

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