Goyard Has a Quota?

We’ve all heard of Hermès and Chanel having a quota limit on their bags. But now Goyard has a quota too! Wait, what?

On my recent visit to Paris, I discovered this newly implemented rule in the most unfortunate way. By waiting in line for two hours… in the rain. Yes, we have written two articles on how to avoid the line. No, I did not listen due to jet lag, my desire for a challenge and curiosity- and mostly because I was hunting down the newly launched Powder Pink collection.

The PurseBop team has tried looking for this collection in Beverly Hills, New York, and London without success.

However while standing in the soggy line, PurseBop sent a photo of this:

She managed to score one in right before her Thanksgiving trip. (More on that later.) Surely, this was a great sign. We would soon be twinning from across the globe. I was bubbling with excitement for her and did a little wiggle, hurling rain on the customer behind me. Oops, sorry.

Every inch closer to the entrance filled my mind with hope while my socks filled with raindrops. The door man kept repeating, “I’m not sure you will get in, but you can try.”

I thought it was a mental game so I kept waiting. Did he really mean that or didn’t he? He would peer out that window every now and then and smirk at the line that coiled twice around the storefront.

Finally I entered the store. After greeting my sales associate, she asked me for my passport and for what items I was looking for. I mentioned some tote bags for my family, a messenger bag for my brother and of course, anything in the Limited Edition Goyard Powder Pink collection. “I’m sorry madam but we are out of all the totes in all colors. We have the messenger bag and pink bag. I will be back,” she said.

After a short wait, she returned empty handed. “You are not allowed to buy any more items this year.”

“Excuse me?” I asked in disbelief.

“You have already bought too many items. You can only buy five items PER year,” she informed me.

“Well, that is strange. Nobody told me that before,” I said.

“I do not know why no one told you. There is a five item limit,” she replied. “But if you are traveling with someone else, they can buy it for you.”

I turned behind me to look at no one as I had taken this challenge solo. I walked out of the store empty handed but determined to find out if this restriction was correct. After some investigation, another current Paris sales associate at Goyard confirmed there indeed is a FIVE item limit.

Let me tell you what I bought this summer in Biarritz, France that put me over quota: one change tray, two dog collars, one Artois tote and one GM Saint Louis tote.

Dog collars, people! I was one dog collar away from a Powder Pink bag.

Due to low stock and resellers, this policy was implemented less than a year ago. While we cannot confirm if this quota limit is permanent, it is best to look at your own purchase history before attempting the line.

Here’s the estimated wait time based on where you are located in line:

To avoid the wait at Paris Goyard, please see:

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Good luck to our Paris holiday shoppers! Meanwhile, I’ll be waiting for Splinter (the dog) to buy me a pink bag with her passport.

Published: November 21st, 2022
Updated: November 21st, 2022

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