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What a year 2019 was. As we reflect on the year in fashion, we can’t help but think about the decade coming to a close, and how certain trends have come and gone in the past 10 years, but other things have stayed constant: our collective love of Birkins and Kellys, for instance, and our ongoing obsession with Chanel Classic Flaps.

While we’ll always comment on trends, we have a feeling we’ll still be writing about the staples of the handbag world for the decade to come. Our “top” articles of 2019 reflect the state of this “world”—you’ll see topics that are recognizable and relevant, and yet are also perfectly representative of this past year.

Here are the 8 PurseBop articles that garnered the most love and attention from our dear readers this year. Rediscover the handbag joys of 2019 below!


Let’s start at the beginning of the year, where we tackled the age-old question: what should you buy if you really want to invest in bags for your collection? Here are PurseBop’s 2019 picks—what fun would an investment list be if it stayed the same every year?—with a few surprises.

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In 2019, we wrote one of our signature reference guides on a frequently-requested topic: Chanel minis. Spoiler: there’s more to Chanel minis than just being “cute” and “small”! Let PurseBop be your guide to these highly coveted bags.

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In her biggest reveal to date, PurseBop unboxed a unique, limited-edition Birkin on CNBC. This post includes all the details and behind-the-scenes photos of PurseBop’s time with CNBC. (Can you guess from the photo which one is the extraordinary Birkin?)

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In one of the most-read pieces of the year, PurseBop broke the news on the anticipated (and feared) Chanel price increase. This follow-up to that announcement reports on the updated prices on Classic Flaps, Boys, and 2.55s.

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The Hermès Special Order process is ever-changing and shrouded in mystery. Here, we break down “SOs” and give you an insiders’ look into one of the most exclusive experiences in the world of luxury fashion.

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Hermès increased prices early in 2019, leaving many an H devotee wondering how much, exactly, a Birkin costs. It’s no secret that Birkins, the most exclusive bags in the world, are expensive. But just how expensive? We do the handbag math—charts & analysis included.

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The counterpart to the Birkin price guide. This one received a lot of requests, and we were very happy to deliver, since it’s almost impossible to just Google “How much does a Kelly cost?” and find an accurate answer. Don’t worry—these are 100% accurate.

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With the rise of fake bags and the secondary market, this past year we helped you decide: real or fake? Our experts in authentication took care to give tried-and-true, reliable advice—this is more than just joy-reading!

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What were your favorite handbag moments of 2019, and what are you looking forward to in 2020? Join the conversation in the comments!

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Published: January 3rd, 2020
Updated: January 6th, 2020

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