5 Myths About the Hermès Special Order Process

What they don’t tell you about the Special Order Process…

After a lot of questions and feedback from our PurseBop community, we launched a full investigation on the Hermès Special Order Process. The SO Bag is still the mystical “unicorn” of the handbag world. There are all sorts of legends about what it takes to be offered an opportunity to join the Hermès Horseshoe Club. In order to dispel some of the myths and clarify the process, PurseBop recounted the narrative of receiving her very own Special Order handbag in a multi-part reveal. Recap on her story in the links below and find useful, detailed information about the whole experience. But before you start your homework, we want to highlight the top five misconceptions about the SO bag to clear the air right now…


#1 A special order bag is more expensive than a regular, comparable Hermes Bag.

Why is this a myth?

There is no additional cost or premium for a Special Order. In a sense the opportunity or the service aspect of the process is “free”. The total cost of the Special Order is based on the customizations you choose such as the type of leather you select. Naturally, an exotic leather like crocodile will be more expensive than a leather like togo.

#2 It takes forever to receive a Special Order Bag.

Why is this a myth?

While there is no guarantee of when you will receive your bag, the average waiting period for a SO is about 6-7 months (which is still a long time, but it could be worst!) In the past, people have reported waiting for as long as 3 years for their SO bags. In recent times, the waiting period seems to be a lot shorter and only range a couple of months.

#3 You can choose anything your heart desires.

Why is this a myth?

There are limitations to what you can choose. That doesn’t mean the Special Order bag is any less special or unique to you though. When creating your special order you have to choose from a list of available leathers and colors designated by Hermès. Hermès also lists which specific leathers will be used for each design feature such as linings, handles, sangles etc;

#4 You have to spend $100,000 on other Hermes purchases to be eligible for a Special Order bag.

Why is this a myth?

While it is true that Hermès Special Orders are offered to clients with a strong purchase history, you don’t have to spend a fortune to prove your loyalty to the brand and be chosen by an sales assistant for an SO.  Don’t feel compelled to spend thousands of dollars on things you don’t necessarily want in hopes of being offered a bag. Receiving the opportunity is a lot more random and less quantified than you think.

#5 You can’t ask for a Special Order, you can only be offered one.

Why is this a myth?

As they say, if you don’t ask the answer will always be “no”.  Don’t be shy and don’t get discouraged! If you really want a Special Order bag, but you aren’t sure if your purchasing history is strong enough, kindly ask your sales assistant and the answer might surprise you. Many people have been offered SO bags after asking for the opportunity directly instead of waiting for it to come along.

Recap on PurseBop’s Special Order Series below to learn the ins-and-outs about the process…

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  • Hi Purseboppers,

    I’ve been offered an SO for a Kelly, with placement of the order in October. I’ll probably opt for an interior colour that is different to the exterior. My SA said that ‘interior’ includes the underside of the flap but based on what I’ve seen online, I’m not sure she’s correct. Could a Pursebopping SO expert please confirm?