US Hermès Price Increase 2024

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Not to be left out from Hermès price increases, the new numbers are rolling in from the United States. And as in Europe, most likely are greater than you were expecting. For background about expectations for this year and last year please read our latest article on New Confirmed Hermès Prices in Europe 2024. Below you’ll find price charts for popular handbags in the United States.

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First, though, a few observations. The 2024 price hike levels appear to vary from a low of 3.7% (K25 in Togo) to 9.6% (B25 in Togo), with others largely in the 4-7% range. It may be surprising that two of the most popular sizes and styles – 25 cm – seem to have the smallest and greatest increases. 

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However, interestingly, the answer may be found in the 2023 data and the overall cost of these two models. In 2023, the B25 Togo and the K25 Togo bags faced almost the exact opposite percentage increases. For that year, the B25 Togo price climbed 3% while the K25 prices soared by 10%. As a result, in 2023, the K25 cost $500 more than the B25, that is $10,900 to $10,400. Now, in 2024, the two bags are only $100 apart – $11,400 for the B25 and $11,300 for the K25. Could this represent a measure of price balancing among these styles?

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It is difficult to find rhyme and reason in the current pricing schedule. For example, although Epsom is typically more expensive than Togo), the Epsom K28 is the same price as a B30 in Togo. Would you prefer one of these over the other? You can let us know.

Here are the confirmed new prices in the US for Hermès quota bags. We will update this chart as prices become available.

StyleLeather2023 ($)2024 ($)% Increase
Mini Kelly 20 Epsom$8,700$9,4008.1%
Quelle Idole Picto Doll$15,900
Teddy (Suede Grizzly)$17,300$19,10010.4%
Touch Veau Madame/Gator$13,500
Clouté Studded$23,470$25,90010.4%
Matte Gator$31,500
Shiny Gator$36,700
Kelly 25 Epsom Sellier$11,300$11,8004.4%
Retourne Matte Gator$42,000
Togo Retourne$10,900$11,3003.7%
Sellier Shiny Gator$42,400
Sellier Porosus Croc$48,700
Kelly 28 Epsom Sellier$11,800$12,5005.9%
Togo Retourne$11,300$12,0006.2%
Kelly 32Togo Retourne$12,000$12,6005%
Kelly 35Togo$13,400
Kelly PochetteSwift$6,400
Kelly DanseSwift$8,750
Kelly Danse Lizard$17,500
Kelly Danse Ombré Lizard$19,800
Birkin 25Togo$10,400$11,4009.6%
Sellier Box$15,400
Touch Croc$22,500
Birkin 30Togo$11,600$12,5007.8%
Constance 18Mirror Epsom$8,750
Constance 24Chevre Chamkila$12,300

Here are the confirmed new prices in the US for other Hermès handbags. We will update this chart as prices become available.

StyleLeather2023 ($)2024 ($)% Increase
Mini Lindy ClemenceClemence$6,650
Picotin MicroSwift$3,325
Picotin 18Clemence$3,025$3,3009%
Lucky Daisy$3,775
Picotin 22Clemence$3,325$3,5757.5%
In-the-loop 18Clemence$4,500$4,8507.8%
In-the-loop 23Clemence$5,200
Evelyne 16 AmazoneClemence$2,050$2,2007.3%
Evelyne III 29Maxi Quadrille Strap$3,900
Bolide on Wheels$15,900
Bolide 1923 MiniChevre$5,800$6,3008.6%
Bolide 1923 25 Epsom$6,850$7,4508.8%
Della Cavalleria MiniEpsom$6,050$6,5508.3%
Roulis MiniEvergrain$8,000$8,7008.8%
Garden Party 30Negonda Calfskin$4,125
Garden Party 49Voyage Canvas$4,400
Herbag Zip 31Canvas$2,825$3,0508%
"Circuit 24"$3,575
Cabine Criss Viking Canvas$3,775
Verso Officier Canvas$2,825
Jypsiere MiniSwift$7,150$8,10013.3%
Verrou Chaine MiniLaque Chevre$10,300
Verrou 21 Epsom Canvas Strap$9,300
Cadenas Clutch Tadelakt$6,500
Kelly Ado BackpackClemence$9,150
Space Malice$22,700.00
Published: January 5th, 2024
Updated: February 21st, 2024

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7 Responses to “US Hermès Price Increase 2024”

  • Do you have the price update for DC Elan? After watching the video in the comment section, I got interested of the beauty and simplicity of the bag. I think it has a better value compared to the mini version (IMO)

  • The girl that posted the DC Elan unboxing in YouTube has the price increase update. It was a fair increase and it could have a major price increase next time.

  • Update on Birkin 25 price increase(s)
    Yesterday was shown a bag with tag newly delivered which tag said $10,900 but rang in at $12,000
    Looks like the increases are quietly continuing in phases.