Back to Basics: Little Black Bags

The scenario: You have a full day and absolutely no time to stop at home. From the second you step out your door in the morning, you must look on point for your lunch date, hectic errands, dinner, and eventually late night drinks. What bag do you decide to bring with you? Your “Little Black Bag” (LBB), of course!

Everyone needs a LBB to complete their collection and survive through any fashion dilemma. There are many types of black bags, but a LBB has a certain look and sophistication. Here are a few criteria to look for when choosing a “Little Black Bag”:

Our Qualifications for a “Little Black Bag” (LBB):

  • Rich, Black Hue
  • Hardware details that help elevate the bag’s dressiness, but are not overly decorative
  • Day to Night Versatility
  • Small or Mini, but substantial enough for daytime essentials
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Whether you’re pairing your LBB with your LBD or just looking for a trusted, black bag in general, PurseBop has you covered on the basics. We’ve compiled some picks for Little Black Bags from several different designers and price ranges in the guide below. However, we also need YOUR help. Show us your favorite Little Black Bags by hashtagging #PurseBopLBB on instagram. We’d love to feature your pictures! You can also bring your pictures and advice to the BopTalk threads for further discussion.

Now, let’s get back to basics with our top Little Black Bag picks…

Hermes Constance Mini (18 cm) – $7,700

Chanel Classic Flap Mini (Rectangle) – $2,900

Louis Vuitton Louise PM – $1,960 via Louis Vuitton

Delvaux Brillant Mini Satchel – $4,500 via Barneys

Valentino Lock Wristlet Clutch Bag – $1,995 via Neiman Marcus

Chloe Drew Mini Shoulder Bag – $1,850 via Nordstroms

Gucci Padlock Small Leather Bag – $1,690 via Neiman Marcus

Fendi Mini Peekaboo Whipstitched Satchel Bag – $3,950 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Saint Laurent Monogram Wallet on Chain – $1,275 via Neiman Marcus

Givenchy Shark Tooth Mini Shoulder Bag – $1,790 via Barneys

Prada Madras Woven Leather Chain Bag – $2,500 via Saks Fifth Avenue

Stella McCartney Falabella ‘Shaggy Deer’ Faux Leather Crossbody – $625 via Nordstorm

Tory Burch Britten Convertible Clutch – $350 via Nordstorm

Alexander Wang Prisma Leather Envelope Chain Bag – $550 via Saks Fifth Avenue

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Have you found the perfect LBB yet? Remember to share in the fun by hashtagging your favorite Little Black Bag pictures to #PurseBopLBB.

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  • Hmm…much as I love my little bags, I tend to have my more trusty larger bags in black. It is these bags that I gravitate towards when I have to spend a day away from home. Longer hours away for me means more backup items needed, and i’d shudder at carrying only 2-3 items in a mini. Your article has made me observe this personal trait, so thankyou! ????