Only a Time Machine Could Get You a Kelly Bag Like This

When it comes to luxury handbags, Hermès Birkins and Kellys typically land at the top of the chart. And while all of these bags are special, some are even more special… whether one-of-a-kind or a blast from the past. 

Gold Rush with the Hermès Kelly

As we countdown to the Paris 2024 Olympics, anticipation fills the air, and what better way to capture the spirit of this historic event than with gold? When going for gold in the luxury handbag realm, look no further than Hermès. 

Among Hermès’ most coveted treasures lies a trove of exclusive designs. From captivating collaborations with renowned artists to limited edition leathers, exquisite colorways, and rare exotics – each a unique masterpiece. Enter the incredibly rare Hermès Metallic Gold Kelly – a handbag that shines as brightly as the Olympic torch itself, that embodies the spirit of going for gold in every sense.

But first, let’s warm up with the backstory. Crafted from 2004 to 2005 as a tribute to the Athens Olympics, Hermès produced a line of highly collectible, limited-edition metallic bags. Included in the podium lineup, were the beloved Constance, Kelly, and Birkin, each in appropriately designed medal tones – bronze, silver, and gold. 

The star, no doubt, of this show-stopping collection, is the champion – the Hermès Metallic Gold Kelly 25. Crafted in luxurious metallic chèvre leather in the lady-like Sellier construction, this one-of-a-kind Kelly is adorned with gleaming gold-plated hardware. This extraordinary piece radiates with the brilliance of pure gold.

Image courtesy: @heritage_handbags

For those eager to embrace the allure of gold-on-gold, Heritage Auctions unveils a dazzling Hermès Metallic Gold Chèvre Sellier Kelly 25. It’s going to be a gold rush!

Bags from the winner’s circle remain in demand at high prices on the secondary market. Earlier this year, a bronze version of the Metallic Hermès Kelly 25 fetched over $132,000, at a Sotheby’s auction, reportedly marking a record-breaking price for a leather Hermès Kelly 25.

What Does Justin Bieber Have in Common with this One-of-a-Kind Birkin

Among Hermès’ many masterpieces lies the RETNA Birkin. A fusion of luxury and artistry in collaboration with renowned artist RETNA aka Marquis Lewis. RETNA is known for his contemporary large-scale paintings adorned with intricate, cryptic scripts inspired by diverse cultural influences. Moreover, his work goes far beyond the canvas, including cover artwork for Justin Bieber’s Purpose album. Through multiple collaborations with brands like Louis Vuitton and Nike, RETNA brings his unique vision to the world of luxury goods. Including handbags. And Hermès.

Image courtesy: @heritageauctions

In 2020, a devoted Hermès fan commissioned RETNA to hand-paint a design onto their Birkin bag. Adorned with RETNA’s graffiti-inspired hand-painted design overlaying the bag, this one-of-a-kind piece seamlessly integrates modern art with the classic Étoupe shade of Clemence leather and gold hardware. The result is an iconic Birkin infused with a modern, avant-garde appeal – a true wearable work of contemporary art. 

Art and handbag enthusiasts take note! This highly collectible Hermès Birkin 35 hand-painted by RETNA awaits you at Heritage Auctions. Notably, this marks the first time this exceptional piece will be available in an auction. With a starting bid of $24,000, this unique bag could soon be joining your collection.

Secure Your Rare Hermès Birkin or Kelly Today

Step into the world of highly collectible Hermès as Heritage Auctions presents the Spring Luxury Accessories Signature Auction on May 2, 2024, in Dallas. This exclusive event guarantees to captivate even the most esteemed collector with a carefully curated selection of limited edition offerings alongside timeless classics. 

We’re thrilled to unveil our top Hermès picks from the Heritage Auctions lineup. However, that’s not all. A selection of these spectacular offerings will be available to preview before the main event. 

For those located in Chicago, you will be able to preview the lots from April 23 – April 25, from 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM CT at Heritage Auctions, 222 West Hubbard Street, Chicago, 60654.

Perhaps you’re situated in New York? Heritage Auctions will be hosting a preview at 445 Park Avenue, New York, 10022, from April 29, through to May 1, during the hours 10:00 AM – 05:00 PM ET

The auction runs through May 2, 12:00 PM EST. Don’t forget to register online before bidding right here. You could soon find yourself the proud owner of a showstopping Hermès Kelly or Birkin, sooner than you think.

Own a Piece of Handbag History

Unlock your very own slice of Hermès history with these two highly coveted offerings at Heritage Auctions. Embrace timeless elegance with the iconic Hermès Metallic Gold Chèvre Sellier Kelly 25, a radiant gem from the exclusive Hermès Athens Olympics lineup. Complementing this gilded is the RETNA Birkin – a hand-painted masterpiece by renowned artist RETNA. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make these one-of-a-kind treasures your own.


Pink lovers, get ready to infuse your collection with a burst of rosy hues and feminine charm with Heritage Auctions’ pink lineup. Picture soft pastels reminiscent of spring blooms, bold fuchsias that command attention, and every shade in between. These joyful Hermès colorways radiate with the spirit of spring and summer, promising to inject a vibrant touch into even the most neutral of closets.


While Hermès is celebrated for its impressive spectrum of colors, their neutrals are equally captivating. If you’re yearning for subtler shades, Hermès neutrals offer a refined escape from the bold and bright. Explore beyond traditional beige and brown tones, and discover Hermès’ expansive range of unique neutrals, offered in a plethora of leathers and coveted designs. 

Blue & Greens

Dive into the depths of the blue and green Hermès offerings at Heritage Auctions, where hues range from serene baby blue to the vibrant electric tones, and beyond. Explore the mesmerizing blue abyss with miniature marvel Mini Kellys, alongside everyday companion Birkins. So whether you’re drawn to the tranquility of blue or the freshness of green, there’s a shade to suit your spring style. 

How to Bid on the Auction

Great news! You do NOT have to be physically at the auction to bid. You can make your selections from the convenience of your own home – in your PJ’s from bed if you want – anytime until May 2nd at 11:50 AM EST. But, don’t wait until the last minute to get started. Below are the steps for getting into the action.

First, create an account at Heritage Auctions here.

It’s a two minute, super easy registration process that allows you to login with your Google, YahooMail, Facebook, Apple ID, or PayPal account. The latter is the quickest option.

Second, click on this auction page for access to all of the handbags.

Next, select the item that you want, enter in your bid, and click the button “Place Bid”.

Then, you will be taken to a page titled “Please Confirm Your Bid”. This page will show you the name of the item you’re bidding on, the current bid, and the maximum bid. When you are satisfied with your bid, click on the button marked “Confirm Bid”.

If your bid is the current high bid, you will be notified and given some information on what might happen with your bid over the remainder of the auction. You will also receive a Bid Confirmation notice via email. If your bid is not the current high bid, you will be taken to a page that will notify you of that fact and allow you to place another bid.

For additional information, please visit Heritage Auctions Bidding Tutorial.

Now, suppose you don’t see what you’re quite looking for in this auction. No need to stop looking. In fact, don’t. Heritage Auctions has its very own handbag boutique brimming with beautiful and exclusive purses all year long. Visit here for the hottest selections. 

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out – we’ll do our best to help or get you connected to the right team member at Heritage Auctions. Happy bidding!

Published: April 21st, 2024
Updated: May 2nd, 2024

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