Birkin Bait: The Stuff We Buy to Hook a Birkin

by @StylishSheba

Have you noticed an increase in homes decorated with items covered in H’s? Are Hermes pillows and blankets suddenly all the rage?  Do we all have the exact same taste in interior design? Or is it because others know what I have discovered… that when I purchase a cushion, rug or two, a Birkin comes magically sailing out from the back.


We all know that to hook a Birkin, you have to be willing to participate in the Hermes game. I myself am one of the lucky ones that got offered my first Birkin without spending a cent in a store. But what happens when you want to continue being offered Birkins every six months? How do you make sure whenever your store receives a sought after combination that you are the one that your Sales Assistant lifts the phone to call? Welcome to the world of the “Birkin Bait” as my husband and I call it, in other words, the items you need to be buying each semester in order to hook a Birkin.



Continuing to be offered Birkins means maintaining a continued “interest” in the brand and not just the leather section. There are of course different standards across different countries, and different ideas of the “minimum spends” that you should be making in order to keep getting those calls. I met a lady over dinner in Singapore who told me she couldn’t find anything she fancied one year so she just bit the bullet and bought the Hermes bike. Others say that their minimum spend over the years has lessened as their SA gives them leeway for being such a loyal customers. For me now, it’s not enough to be offered a Birkin every six months. It has to be THE Birkin. The one that everyone else also wants in the most sought after size, leather, hardware and colour. This means that I have to keep dropping by the store, keep my wish list up to date, and try to make any requests well ahead of the pack by relying on intel I get passed from all of you lovely ladies. And of course, I have to keep making purchases.



So take a glance through my pictures and see the Hermes items that you can spot. And please head over to BopTalk and share with us all the Birkin Bait that you buy. Is it the Ready to Wear? The fragrances? Do you buy everyone you know the baby gifts? Eat and drink using the cutlery and crockery? Wear the jewellery? Please share!


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Published: April 5th, 2017
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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9 Responses to “Birkin Bait: The Stuff We Buy to Hook a Birkin”

  • I definitely have to play the game to get my bags. I’ve spent in every department except for furniture over the years and could never justify getting that. Even RTW is hard to pull since I don’t have the build to carry their style. I also feel with the price tag, their RTW has a lot to catch up on style.

  • Oh yes ???? the Birkin bait … I enjoy shawls, cuffs and occasional shoes ????… so worth it when you get THE bag????????

  • This kinda strategy makes me mad. They have customers that are willing to spend that much on a bag but nope, that’s not enough!

    If people would stop buying all those little items maybe their bags would be easier to come by. Just saying.

  • It’s not “bait” for me. I bought my first Hermes scarf over 30 years ago when I was a freshman in college, and bought plenty of things all over the store before I even thought to ask for a Birkin. I love the brand, love the quality.

  • It’s really a dilemma for me. It’s blissful experience if I got other pretty things to buy like scarves / shoes or bracelets and get the B/K/C at the same time; yet….. sometimes it’s really difficult to find things I really want; and I’m not into H watches and H RTW which they love to sell???? which makes the choices even more difficult and limited to make.

  • I love a lot of different items at H (the obsession is real!) The way I think I about it is this, I am almost done with my bag collection so if I didn’t purchase any more bags, what else would I get from Hermes? For me, RTW and shoes are it! (some jewelry too) I never buy something I don’t want though – even for a B or a K (or C, which I really want to add to my collection)

  • Just proves money can’t buy taste. Unless your name starts with the letter “H,” these blankets and pillows with the giant “H” simply look like even tackier versions of the infamous LV logo. Some of Hermes’ leather goods are beautifully tailored and understated. This is not. And I do hope this woman (model?) depicted here or the editors don’t think that crayola-box-worthy doorway pic represents “color-coordinated”….