Hermes blind stamp in 2016


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Hi all:
This is my first thread here.
Today I bought a 35 birkin togo in etoupe palladium hardware from my local hermes boutique. I found out that the blind stamp stating the year of production is not on the strap. I got horrified I just panicked and I started searching to find the answer. I found PurseBop answering me that they relocate it to the left side on the inside of the bag.
Is that drastic change permanant? What is the letter for the year 2016? Is it stating the year of production and the craftsman anymore?
If you know just answer me.
Thanks in advance..

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I bought my B35 on last Tuesday (March 22) at the Paris FSH store from my regular SA. I unpacked the box today and was horrified to see that there was no year stamp. I was in panic and called the Beverly HIlls store. SA Sxxxxxx was very nice & explained the blind stamp strategy since late 2015. Placement of the stamp is now random and the lettering is not in any particular order as was in the past to prevent high-quality knock off’s. I haven’t looked hard enough to identify my stamp, but the SA put my mind at ease. I took photos of my original store & credit card receipts to document the purchase.

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Don’t panic, it’s all under control and it isn’t the end of the world ?! What really matters is that your B is GORGEOUS ? Congrats on your new baby ???

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miaacongeniality congratulations on your fabulous B! Etoupe is on my wish list too. I went through the same panic attack you did, LOL
Hermes has changed their marking systems completely and I doubt they are going to divulge the logic behind it. I do believe the newer produced bags will be arriving this way from now on 🙂
Enjoy your beauty & thanks for sharing!

  • miaacongeniality

    Thank you for your kindness. I recommend you getting this color its such an amazing color. I really do love it after waiting for so long .
    I think that they will not say anything about it. Its their new secret to prevent replicas. I saw some vintage ones with the same stamping method used recently.

  • Pursebop

    most welcome dear. thats a real beauty you have on your hands… I would love a B30 or K32/28 in this gorgeous neutral, and theoretically I am not even a neutral kinda girl. Enjoy your baggie girlfriend :)

  • Sara S. S. Florent

    Does anyone know if this new stamp code and new place to stamp are for ALL HERMES styles? Everything from Kelly and Birkin to Toolbox and bracelets? This is a nightmare for those of us who cannot find what we want in our local Hermes boutique and then search for it with re-sellers. Because if no one knows what styles and/or what the code letters/numbers mean how is even an HONEST re-seller going to be able to know for sure??

  • Sara S. S. Florent

    It seems that Hermes is alternating between Etoupe and Etain (the newer colour brought out in Fall 2011 as an alternative neutral colour to Etoupe). Both Etain and Etoupe are great neutral colours and I highly recommend either or both for your collection because they are great bags for travel when you need to limit how many different colour bags you want to carry and/or pack. Enjoy your new bag! And I would have panicked too!

  • Pursebop

    thanks for your question Sara S. S. Florent. From what we can see so far, the stamp was moved on exotics first, I believe this is just now happening on leathers. I do not know for a fact how widespread the change will be.
    I need an etoupe :)

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