Where’s the H Stamp Gone?

Breaking NEWS – Hermes changes location of authenticity stamp on Birkins!

Where the H is the H stamp on my new Birkin?

Before you panic looking for the proof of authenticity, listen up… Hermes has moved its blind stamp date and craftsman markings from the reverse side of the strap to a hidden space inside the bag.

Since 1945 the stamps have been on the inside of the strap but have evolved in the way the information is presented.

Hermes aficionados have long known to seek out the imprint as means to trace back to the year of production, the craftsman and as an assurance that the bag is authentic. This stamp alone cannot guarantee a bag’s authenticity, but is used as one of the measures.

Imagine my horror when I couldn’t locate the stamp on my new Birkin just purchased from the mother ship in Paris (reveal to follow). Indeed, I nearly had a coronary. I called Hermes FSH in a panic to see what had happened? They confirmed the stamp has been moved…

I was told that the new method of identification is meant for internal purposes only and to identify the craftsman’s detail… As such, it has moved to a less visible place within the bag.

Where you ask? Left side inside back corner just near the back flap (at least on this one). Is this a permanent change? Will it be moved on all H bags? We can’t say, but Hermes has made a move.
I’ll keep you posted as we learn more details…

IMG_1895 (1)

Blind stamp on the inside of the birkin strap as we know it till date.

IMG_1898 (1)

New location: blind stamp in the upper back left corner of the birkin.

IMG_1896 (2)

Birkin blind stamp used for internal purposes. Picture courtesy PurseBop.com

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