Hermes Bulletin Board #6

Get familiar with the latest changes at Hermes FSH! Hermes has implemented a new system to manage the line for leather goods at the mothership store. Read our step-by-step guide of how the whole process works with tips and tricks for what to expect on your next trip!

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Scoring your dream bag can be quite the challenge. PurseBop reader @mel_inmelbourne provides a special, exclusive video presentation detailing how she navigated through the new system at Hermes FSH!

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Read other people’s experiences with and reactions to the new system on BopTalk

PurseBop has the full scoop on Hermes’ new colors for this season! Check out the swatches report your favorites.

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A series of unfortunate events has caused chaos in the luxury world, but Hermes continues to weather the storm and stand on solid ground. Read all the reasons behind Hermes’ success in our latest financial feature.

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Have you seen Hermes’ juicy new accessories from the Tutti Frutti collection? Hermes has released a whole range of small leather goods featuring various fruits. BopTalk celebrity LeOrangeBliss gives her review of one of the pieces in collection in our The Tale of 5 Hermes Clutches post.

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A good tote bag will never do you wrong! The Hermes Garden Party tote is a staple bag and is loved in the H community for its practicality and relatively affordable price tag. Read through our Hermes 101 class for more information on this bag!

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If you missed out on the celebration, a few weeks ago, PurseBop shared the story of her birthday Birkin. Relive the moment through a special video presentation and a full breakdown of her Birkin’s stats.

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Ghillies is a decorative style added to bags like the Birkin and Kelly. PurseBop takes you through the history and features of Ghillies bags in this Hermes 101 class.

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Photo Courtesy: Feather Factor

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Published: August 11th, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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