Karl Lagerfeld’s Cat…For Sale?


By now, we’ve all heard of the social media sensation in fashion—and no, I do not mean the Kardashians. I’m talking Choupette, Karl Largerfeld’s gorgeous and beloved Birman cat (who has two maids!). @choupettesdiary has almost 100k followers on Instagram, in addition to a steady appearance on @karllagerfeld’s Instagram with 3.9m followers!

Historic German teddy bear–maker Steiff has partnered with Lagerfeld’s eponymous label, KARL, to create a luxurious plush replica of Choupette. The $545 plushie comes with a magnetic mouse and a “chic carry case,” as well as a certificate of authenticity that matches the toy’s ear tag. It’s available for pre-order now and is slated to ship in June.

But the furry replica is not the only Choupette-based item for sale in KARL’s online store—there are 47 pieces of merchandise, ranging from beanies and tank tops to iPhone cases and luggage tags!

What do you think of the Choupette phenomenon? Would you buy a $545 stuffed replica of Lagerfeld’s famed white cat (or any of the other Choupette products for that matter), or do you find it all trivial? Let us know below!

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Photo Courtesy, Respectively: @karllagerfeld, @choupettesdiary, and karl.com

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I think they would have sold out if they had done a Choupette bag charm instead, with detachable mouse ?

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Super cute stuffed cat and all, but sorry, not for me… I would never pay $545 on a stuffed animal ? Loved the news about it though, didn’t know about it, so thank you for sharing ❤️?

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