17 Hermès Birkin Styles You Need to Know

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The timeless Birkin bag is an emblem of enduring style, defying fleeting trends and ephemeral fads. Its status as the ultimate fashion statement remains unrivaled throughout history. Enthusiasts eagerly pursue this coveted accessory, regardless of their financial means or social standing, making it a symbol of prestige and sophistication.

Yet, beyond the quintessential Birkin 35 in togo leather, whether in the iconic shades of gold or black, numerous variations have emerged over time. Join us as we embark on a journey through the fascinating reinterpretations of this iconic design.

photo courtesy @mrandmrs.j
Birkin 25 Himalayan

The Hermès Birkin bag is not just a fashion accessory but a symbol of timeless luxury, meticulous craftsmanship, and high status. Its blend of functionality, elegance, and exclusivity makes it a coveted piece in the world of high fashion.

Hermès has released numerous variations of the Birkin bag over the years, catering to diverse tastes and preferences. Some notable variations are the Cargo Birkin, Shadow Birkin, Inside Out Birkin, 3-en-1 Birkin, Birkin en Desordre,  and many more as described below. Each variation of the Birkin bag reflects Hermès’ commitment to craftsmanship, quality, and innovation, continually reinforcing its status as a timeless luxury icon.

Birkin Anate Fringe

The Birkin 35 Sellier Anate Fringe is one of Hermès’ more unique and avant-garde interpretations of the classic Birkin bag.The most striking feature of the Birkin Anate is its elaborate fringe detailing. Long leather fringes cascade from the front and sides of the bag, creating a dynamic and eye-catching effect. Typically crafted from smooth, high-quality leathers such as Evergrain which allow the fringes to move fluidly and maintain their shape. Released in various rich colors, such as noir and ebene, these colors complement the playful nature of the fringe design. The design is inspired by the equestrian heritage of Hermès.

The Birkin Anate, released in the Fall/Winter 2023 season, is a testament to the brand’s ability to innovate while staying true to its heritage of craftsmanship and luxury. Its distinctive fringe detailing transforms the iconic Birkin silhouette into a piece of wearable art, making it a prized addition to any Hermès collection.


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photo courtesy @_fancysuccess_
Birkin 35 Anate Fringe

Birkin Cargo

The Hermès Birkin Cargo bag is a unique and functional take on the classic Birkin design, combining the elegance of the Birkin with utilitarian elements. It is crafted from durable canvas combined with swift leather accents. This combination gives the bag a more rugged and practical look compared to the traditional all-leather Birkin. It is offered in size 25, 35, and the larger HAC size.

The defining feature of the Birkin Cargo is its multiple external pockets. A large front flap pocket with a buckle or snap closure, smaller side pockets designed for items like pens, keys, or a phone, and a dedicated bottle holder pocket on the side, emphasizing the bag’s utilitarian purpose.

The Birkin Cargo is designed for those who appreciate the luxury of Hermès but require more functionality from their bag. It is ideal for everyday use, travel, or work, providing easy access to frequently used items. It reinterprets the classic Birkin design by incorporating practical elements without compromising  the luxury and craftsmanship Hermès is known for. Its multiple external pockets, durable materials, and limited availability make it a unique and desirable addition to the Birkin family.


The New Hermès Cargo 25cm

Birkin Cargo Sesame

Birkin Casaque

The Hermès Birkin Casaque is a limited edition variation of the iconic Birkin bag which debuted in 2022. It is distinguished by its vibrant colors and unique design elements that draw inspiration from equestrian themes, particularly jockey silks (known as casaques in French). The Birkin Casaque features bold, contrasting color blocks making the bag stand out and adding a playful yet sophisticated touch.

The Birkin Casaque is a tri-color bag. There are two complementary colors on the outside and a contrasting color on the inside. We have seen them in the following combinations: Rose Extreme, Rouge Casaque and Blue Zanzibar inside; Etoupe, Sesame, and Blue Indigo inside; and Noir, Blue Indigo, and Blue Frida inside.

The Hermès Birkin Casaque is a testament to the brand’s ability to innovate while honoring its rich heritage. The vibrant color combinations, jockey-inspired design, and meticulous craftsmanship make it a unique and highly coveted variation of the classic Birkin.

photo courtesy @veni_vedi_thrift
Birkin 30 Casaque

Birkin Colormatic

The Hermès Birkin Colormatic is a limited edition variation of the iconic Birkin bag that emphasizes bold color contrasts and modern design elements. Known for its striking color combinations, it features bold and vibrant hues. The use of contrasting colors on different parts of the bag, such as the body, flap, sangles, and pockets, creates a playful and visually dynamic modern look. This bag first appeared in the Spring/Summer of 2022.

The design often incorporates color panels and zippered pouches which add a contemporary twist to the classic Birkin silhouette. Constructed in swift leather using 5 different colors which all complement each other.

The Hermès Birkin Colormatic is a perfect blend of classic luxury and modern design innovation. Its bold color blocking, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make it a unique and desirable variation of the traditional Birkin bag. The limited edition status and distinctive aesthetic ensure that it remains a prized possession for fashion aficionados and Hermès collectors alike.

photo courtesy @thehermesclub
Birkin 30 Colormatic

Birkin en Desordre

The Hermès Birkin 30 en Desordre is a distinctive and avant-garde interpretation of the classic Birkin bag, characterized by its unconventional design that breaks away from the traditional symmetrical and structured form. It appeared in the Fall/Winter 2022 runway show.

The defining feature of the Birkin en Desordre is its asymmetrical and seemingly disordered design. Unlike the classic Birkin, which is known for its symmetry and structure, the Birkin en Desordre appears as if parts of the bag have been shifted or disarranged.

This bag includes playful elements such as off-center straps, unevenly placed pockets, and a tilted flap. These deliberate design choices create a whimsical and modern aesthetic.

The Hermès Birkin en Desordre is a bold reimagining of the classic Birkin, offering a playful and artistic twist on traditional luxury. Its asymmetrical design, premium materials, and meticulous craftsmanship make it a unique and highly desirable addition to the Birkin family. The limited edition status and distinctive aesthetic ensure that it remains a prized possession for fashion aficionados and collectors who value innovation and individuality in their luxury accessories.


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photo courtesy @grare_krobemotomachi
Birkin 30 en Desordre

Birkin Faubourg

The Hermès Birkin Faubourg is a highly coveted and intricate limited edition variation of the classic Birkin bag, inspired by the Hermès flagship store at 24 Rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré in Paris. This bag is celebrated for its elaborate design and exceptional craftsmanship. It is only produced in the smallest Birkin size of 20 cm which makes it extremely rare.

The Birkin Faubourg is designed to resemble the façade of the iconic mothership Hermès store. It features elements that mimic the architectural details of the store, creating a miniaturized, three-dimensional representation.

The front of the bag showcases windows and an awning, often made from a combination of smooth, textured and exotic leathers, to create a realistic and luxurious depiction of the storefront.

The Birkin Faubourg comes in 4 color combinations that reflect the elegant and vibrant storefront. The four variations released to date include the Day (blue), Night (brown), Snow (white), and Midnight (black). The design often includes contrasting elements to highlight different parts of the bag, such as the windows and the awning. Expect a new color way of the Faubourg in gray in the fall. We are excited to see it.

The Faubourg is a masterpiece that combines luxury, art, and exceptional craftsmanship. Its intricate design, inspired by the Hermès flagship store, sets it apart from other Birkins, making it a prized addition to any Hermès collection.


Meet the Limited Edition Birkin Faubourg

photo courtesy @rinyks
Birkin 20 Faubourg Snow and Night

Birkin Fray

In the summer of 2021, Hermès departed from tradition and introduced the 35cm Birkin Fray Fray in Toile H canvas, featuring a structured silhouette softened by hand-frayed edges and an unlined interior. This relaxed version maintains the Sellier stitching that defines the Birkin’s shape, with intricate fraying adding an artisanal touch. This Birkin vividly expresses creativity and modernity, blending traditional luxury with a contemporary edge. The Swift leather showcases Hermès’s mastery of vibrant, bold colors, while the Toile H Canvas offers a contrasting texture that is both visually and tactilely appealing.

The Sellier style, with its sharp edges and structured silhouette, highlights Hermès’s precise craftsmanship. The frayed edges introduce an element of deconstructed chic, making this bag a standout piece in any collection. This Birkin carries not just essentials but also embodies art, fashion, and innovation for the perfect summer getaway tote.

photo courtesy @m.t.l1968
Birkin Fray Fray 35

Birkin HAC

The Haut à Courroles bag is more commonly known as the Birkin HAC. Its torso is taller than the classic Birkin 40 and its double rolled handles are shorter. It was originally introduced in 1892 to hold riding boots and saddles which explains its height.

Émile-Maurice Hermès designed the HAC bag inspired by bags carried by Argentinian cowboys. Both the creation of the Kelly bag in 1935 and the Birkin bag in 1984 were based on the original HAC design.

The HAC has been produced in many sizes starting as small as 27cm and as large as 60cm. The most common size is the HAC 40cm. It is the height of the bag that distinguishes it from its classic Birkin cousin. Used often as a travel bag, the HAC is functional and stylish.

photo courtesy @hr3636
Birkin 40 HAC

Birkin Inside Out

The Hermès Birkin Inside Out is an innovative and playful take on the iconic Birkin bag. The front offers a unique glimpse of its contents resulting in an eye-catching design. It is x-ray inspired, giving the illusion that we can see right through to the interior of the bag.

The whimsical design on the front displays objects expected to find inside the bag such as a chaine d’ancre strap coin purse, a small dust bag, a Hermès lipstick, and a braided pencil. A Hermès Rodeo is also drawn on the front as if it was dangling from one of the sangles.

Constructed in Swift leather and housed in the signature Hermès blue interior limited edition orange box, the Inside Out Birkin is a true statement bag which is sure to strike up a conversation.

photo courtesy @jill_life_style
Birkin 25 In and Out

Birkin Picnic

The Hermès Picnic Birkin embodies the fusion of exquisite craftsmanship and artistic collaboration. Combining the synergy of two seasoned artisans, the Picnic Birkin blends high fashion and whimsy in a way only Hermès can produce. The finest basket weavers combine their skills with Hermès’ premier saddlers to create a unique Birkin that stands apart from all others.

The first Picnic bags emerged in the spring/summer season of 2011 and made a huge impact. The mini Picnic Kelly debuted in 2019 and the Birkin Picnic debuted in 2022.

Expertly handwoven from Osier wicker then combined with Barenia or Swift leather in a variety of colors results in a sophisticated design which captures the essence of eternal summer. Fashion enthusiasts dream of the day they are able to add a Picnic Birkin to their collection.


Pick of the Picnics: Alternatives to the Hermès Picnic

photo courtesy @blondieluxe
Birkin 25 Picnic

Birkin Retourne

The beloved and classic Birkin Retourne is one of the most sought-after items of modern times. Its origins trace back to a chance encounter in the skies. In 1984, aboard a flight from Paris to London, British actress Jane Birkin found herself seated beside Jean-Louis Dumas, the Executive Chairman of Hermès (1978-2006). Frustrated by her inability to find a suitable bag for her needs as a young mother, she voiced her concerns to Dumas during the journey.

With an innate flair for design and a discerning eye, he swiftly crafted a vision on paper: a roomy rectangular carryall, elegantly adorned with a burnished flap and meticulous saddle stitching. As a result, the tote bag was aptly named after Jane Birkin. The first Birkins produced in 1984 cost $2,000.

Today the Birkin is more popular than ever. Despite the scarcity of production, the demand soars with new and established clients. Getting your first Birkin is the thrill of a lifetime. However, the thrill continues with each subsequent Birkin added to one’s collection.


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photo courtesy @karenzpurses
Birkin 25 Retourne Rose Sakura

Birkin Rock

The limited edition Rock Birkin first appeared in the Men’s fall/winter 2022 Paris runway. It is presently in production on a very limited basis. Constructed of Volupto black leather and sporting several zipped pockets and a chain that extends from a ring on the front to the kelly lock.

Its unisex design appeals to both men and women. The Rock Birkin maintains the classic silhouette of the traditional Birkin bag but with a distinctive edge. It features more daring and avant-garde elements compared to the classic models. A very special Birkin that will add a rock and roll flare to any outfit.

photo courtesy @m.t.l1968
Birkin 25 The Rock

Birkin Sellier

The Birkin Sellier was initially introduced in 2010 as a limited edition bag. It was reintroduced in 2019 as a regular but rare offer. Despite rumors of discontinuing the Sellier Birkin, it remains available today from the boutique.

Known for its rigidity, boxy shape, and structured, complex construction, it features sharp corners and topstitched seams similar to the Kelly Sellier. The Birkin Sellier commands a higher price due to its intricate craftsmanship. Its erect stance highlights its distinct lines and natural beauty, giving the Birkin a more formal and refined appearance reminiscent of its older sister, the Kelly Sellier. Fans of the Kelly Sellier will likely adore the Birkin Sellier for similar reasons.

In French, “sellier” means saddler, and when Hermès uses this term for their construction style, they pay homage to the brand’s origins as the premier saddler for French nobility.

The Birkin Sellier is produced in sizes 25, 30, and 35 in limited amounts. The Birkin Faubourg is also constructed in the Sellier style and is 20cm. Hermès now produces the Birkin Sellier 20cm in exotic leathers as well.

The Birkin Sellier receives mixed reviews among collectors. Some love the structured design and others prefer the original “retourne” Birkin.  Others believe there is room in their collection for at least one Birkin Sellier.


Move Over Kelly: There is a New Birkin in Town

photo courtesy @stellaw2021 Birkin 25 Sellier Special Order

Shadow Birkin

The debut of the original Hermès Shadow Birkin marked a pivotal moment showcasing Jean Paul Gaultier’s inventive genius and forward thinking approach. The original Shadow Birkin, a special edition, was initially introduced in 2009 and 2010. By imprinting the iconic Birkin Silhouette onto luxurious Swift leather, Gaultier created a tactile masterpiece.

The Shadow Birkin is based on the trompe l’oeil concept. The bag features a lock closure, flap and clochette that is embossed into the leather, no hardware. All the features of a traditional Birkin exist without hardware or movable parts.

More recently Hermès introduced the Shadow Birkin in a size 25 and added the Shadow Birkin Clutch to its repertoire. The Clutch bridges the gap between a chic evening accessory and a bold statement piece while embodying the essence of contemporary elegance. The new additions showcase the evolution of Gaultier’s initial concept.

The Shadow Birkin holds a distinct place within Hermès’ repertoire. Unlike other Birkin variations, they feature a completely unique structure, distinguishing them as truly exceptional pieces.

photo courtesy @mitchthebagboss
Birkin Shadow Cut New White

photo courtesy @milcccc
Shadow Birkin Nata

Birkin Shoulder

Although it was neither present nor hinted at during the Hermès Spring/Summer 2024 fashion show, the Shoulder Birkin was a delightful surprise at the season’s Objects Presentation. Instantly recognizable to fans of Jean-Paul Gaultier’s designs, this version was a showstopper. Crafted in deep indigo denim with contrasting black Swift leather flap and handles, it was finished with palladium hardware. Both contemporary and classic, it was a joy to see this design return to the Hermès bag lineup.

The contrast between these fabric choices marks a significant departure from the original all-leather Birkin. However, this choice is a nod to Jean-Paul Gaultier’s original Shoulder Birkin designs, honoring his unconventional use of materials. This twist infuses contemporary flair while preserving the timeless appeal of the Birkin.

Maintaining the essence of the original, the current Shoulder Birkin features its elongated silhouette and functional shoulder straps. However, the design now appears more refined, with a much more rigid structure due to its denim construction.


The Hermès Shoulder Birkin is Back: A Resurgence of a Classic


photo courtesy @pursebop
Shoulder Birkin in Indigo Denim & Swift

So Black Birkin

The So Black Birkin has always been a coveted rare piece among Hermès limited editions. One of the last iconic Birkins created by former Hermès creative director Jean Paul Gaultier in 2010.

The So Black Birkin has black hardware on a black bag. Hermès says it was created for the “monochromatic blackaholics.” It epitomizes chic minimalism.

Celebrities and true Birkin collectors likely have a So Black in their rotation.


The Hermès So Black Birkins and Kellys

Kris Jenner and her So Black Box leather Birkin 35

Birkin 3-en-1

Good things come in threes with this new Birkin! The iconic tote becomes effortlessly light with a single, swift motion. The possibilities are plentiful.

First, the Birkin sports a removable canvas clutch adorned with the signature leather flap. There are so many uses for the clutch both within the bag and separate. Second, it is a classic leather tote featuring side straps and a turn lock. And third, combining the clutch and tote together recreates the timeless Birkin with all its features and style.


Dear PurseBop: I Was Offered a Birkin 3-en-1 Instead of a Classic Birkin!

photo courtesy @faylovepink
Birkin 30 – 3 in 1

Birkin Toile

The Birkin Swift and Ecru Toile Quadrille is an elegant blend of luxurious materials and classic design, epitomizing Hermès’s craftsmanship and timeless style.

The Toile Quadrille fabric is a type of canvas known for its durability and distinct texture. Ecru, a natural beige shade, adds a touch of understated elegance to the bag, creating a striking contrast with the Swift leather.

The combination of Swift leather and Ecru Toile Quadrille results in a Birkin that is both versatile and suitable for casual and more formal occasions. Its light color palette and high-quality materials make it a standout piece in any collection.

In essence, the Birkin Swift and Ecru Toile Quadrille is the perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern elegance, showcasing Hermès’s ability to innovate while honoring its heritage.

photo courtesy @babymoghi
Birkin 25 Toile

Birkin Faubourg Tropical

This Tropical Birkin narrates a captivating tale with style. Crafted by the artistic pair Octave Marsal and Théo de Gueltzl, it features intricate Lunéville stitch embroidery that transforms the iconic bag into a vibrant jungle. Showcasing exceptional skill, the design seamlessly extends across the leather flap and base of the bag.

A very special Birkin that any collector would love to have in their rotation. But like all Birkins, securing one is challenging but worth the wait.

photo courtesy @aushevselection
Birkin Faubourg Tropical

Each Birkin bag, whether the classic in sizes 25, 30, and 35, a limited edition, or slight variation on the classic, showcases Hermès’ commitment to innovation, artistry, and unparalleled craftsmanship, making them highly coveted in the world of luxury fashion. Share with us your favorite Birkin style.

photo courtesy @mitchthebagboss

Love, PurseBop


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Updated: June 11th, 2024

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