Dior Launches Micro Sized Versions of it’s Iconic Classics

Dior is riding the mini bag wave in a big way. On Thursday morning the brand unveiled the newest additions to its handbag range with absolutely adorable, doll sized versions of its classic Saddle, Lady Dior, 30 Montaigne and Caro bags.

Image Courtesy: Dior

Available in a range of colours, the Dior micro bags measure approximately 5 to 6 inches in length and around 4 inches in width- just small (or large) enough to comfortably fit a set of airpods, keys, lipstick, moisturizer and face mask. Of the new releases, three are priced just above $2,500 USD (the Saddle, Caro and 30 Montaigne) while the micro Lady Dior comes in at exactly $ 3,500 USD.

Tiny but mighty, news of the collection’s release is already receiving huge excitement online. As the mini bag obsession continues to gain popularity across all luxury brands, this range is all but certain to be a hit with consumers everywhere looking to have a little piece (literally!) of luxury in their closet.


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Recently we had the chance to chat with long-time Pursebop contributor @stylishsheba who was able to give us the first glimpse at her brand new micro Lady Dior. Already a mini bag connoisseur, we asked what she thought about the new collection and the newest addition to her tiny bag family.

PurseBop: What piece from your collection does the micro Lady Dior compare to capacity wise?

@stylishsheba: I think it is incomparable. It is just so tiny.  It is the first bag that I own that you absolutely cannot fit your iPhone into. Credit card, lip gloss, car key and that is it. I thought the mini Kelly was small but this one is another level. People have remarked it looks like a bag charm, it seems “useless” or said “what is it for, I just don’t get it”. You definitely have to love it to want it.

Comparing the micro sized Lady Dior to an Hermès mini Kelly.  Image Courtesy: @stylishsheba

It really is micro size! Image courtesy @stylishsheba

PurseBop: Did you fall in love with the Micros because of their cuteness or their utility?

@stylishsheba: I was instantly drawn to their cuteness. I have been looking to add a Lady Dior bag to my collection but I really wanted it to be one with a point of difference. I couldn’t see myself carrying something from their usual classic lines. I had been looking at different patterns that had been coming through, had investigated the special order system available and was considering possibly an exotic skin. Then along came this teeny, tiny version and I was sold.

PurseBop: Of the 4 versions, which one were you most excited about?

@stylishsheba: Without a doubt, I was most excited about the Lady Dior. We all know the story about Lady Di and her bag. It is part of history.

Image Courtesy: @stylishsheba

PurseBop: Do you think the mini bag craze is here to stay?

@stylishsheba: For me, the mini bag craze isn’t a stage. I am tiny so the smaller bags really suit my frame and I find I am carrying less and less anyway the older I get.

PurseBop: Which bag do you see Dior making mini next?

@stylishsheba: Are there any left? I feel like everything has already been shrunk these days! But whatever it is they chose to make mini next, I’m here for it.

@hermeslover777 models the micro Lady Dior.

Comparing the mini Lady Dior to the micro lady Dior @hermeslover777

Speed Round!

PurseBop: Micro Caro or Micro Saddle?

@stylishsheba: Micro Saddle

PurseBop: Mini Lady Dior or Micro Lady Dior?

@stylishsheba: Micro

PurseBop: Micro Lady Dior or Mini Kelly?

@stylishsheba: Mini Kelly

PurseBop: Mini Chanel Vanity or Micro Dior?

@stylishsheba: Micro Dior

PurseBop: Permanent Collection or This Season Only?

@stylishsheba: Permanent Collection

Let’s compare the new micro Lady Dior to an Hermès Constance 18, Hermès mini Kelly 20 and a Chanel mini. Image Courtesy: @stylishsheba

Dior Micro saddle bags

Micro saddle bags @thisischerylk

Dior Micro Lady Dior



One thing is for certain- Dior’s micro bag range is sure to melt the hearts of mini bag lovers everywhere. It’s difficult not to mutter a quiet “aww” under your breath while scrolling through images of the different styles and colours, but will you be buying a mini micro bag this season? Or is “too tiny” really too tiny this time?…

Love, Pursebop

Published: June 27th, 2021
Updated: June 28th, 2021

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  • I just have a small comment.. Dior keep raising their prices but give out bags and clothes as PR gifts like crazy.. The brand itself is also losing its classic beauty & being replaced by trends that don’t hold their value.. does it make sense to keep paying for a brand that continues raising its prices while distributing free bags all over the place??? Meaning i’ll pay my money for a bag that everybody already has for free!