Falling Head Over Heels for ‘New’ Celine – Buying a Celine Triomphe in Paris

The location was the ever-so-magical Paris, the occasion was celebrating my looming 30th birthday. Could there be a better excuse to shop?

Here’s my story of falling head over heels for ‘New’ Celine, and purchasing my Teen Triomphe in Paris…

Celine Teen Triomphe. Image Credit: @anoukyve

While I’m familiar with the previous Celine collections within the realm of Phoebe Philo. I must confess that the new designs were never on my bag wish list. I’ve always adored the simplicity and casual vibe of the old Céline Trio and the chicness of the Seau Sangle.

The Appeal of the Celine Triomphe

With the allure of Chanel and Hermès to contend with – the new era Celine was never on my radar…until Paris. Adorning the arm of many sophisticated Parisians, the Celine Triomphe suddenly intrigued me. After countless sightings of the glossy and beautiful Triomphe in the wild – it never stopped playing on my mind. 

Celine Teen Triomphe. Image Credit: @lglora

As a brand I’ve only previously explored in the minimalist days – this was new territory. New era Celine was a completely different world, far removed from its predecessor and without an accent. While this played on my mind – the appeal of the Triomphe logo was strong, and the itch needed scratching! 

Celine Teen Triomphe. Image Credit: @freyakillin

Shopping for Celine in Paris

I took it upon myself to visit the Celine boutique in Grenelle, Paris. Unlike the stores in Paris, I found the boutique closed on a quiet Monday afternoon in the city. Slightly disheartened, I decided to move on from the idea altogether. Soon after, I found myself entering Le Bon Marché, and lo and behold found myself again face to face with the Celine concession.

Celine New Season Collection.

Exploring the Triomphe Collection

As a newbie to new Celine, I knew I wanted to try a piece with the Triomphe logo. However, I was unsure of which model and size to ultimately select. While browsing I explored the Triomphe range – with different sizes, shapes, colors and leather variations, including exotics. The options and variations were endless and quite overwhelming. Alongside my SA, we spent time discussing my needs, wants, and previous experience with the brand to narrow down my options.

Celine Teen Triomphe in Lavender Lizard

As much as I loved the new colorways of the Triomphe, I knew black would be the one for me. Despite this, I took the opportunity to discover the collection. I was particularly drawn to the new light lavender color in lizard. Perhaps the most perfect bag for a long, hot summer in Provence – one can dream!

Celine Triomphe Collection.

Now, I’m not one to baby my bags, and I’m a firm believer in using them. However, if I’m being completely honest, I had my doubts about the shiny calfskin. The leather appeared so delicate to the touch at first… Dreading the signs of everyday use – I explained my concerns.

Celine Teen Chain Besace Triomphe in shiny calfskin.

We took the time to try the canvas and leather variation of the Triomphe. While a classic design, it was not the one for me. Quickly reassured by my SA, the display pieces, and the coated element of the leather, I accepted fate. I quickly around to the idea of using and loving my Triomphe – regardless of any potential wear and tear.

Classique Triomphe Bag in Triomphe Canvas and Calfskin.

The Celine Classic Bag in Box Calfskin Saga

During my visit, I mentioned my love for classic Celine pieces and wanted to try the iconic Box Calfskin Classic Bag. I still had the idea that this may be the most timeless option. That perhaps it may be a better choice in the long run? In a very entertaining and Parisian manner, my SA quickly got the idea of the Classic Bag out of my mind. He showed me the visible wear and tear on the box calfskin leather that was on display. Granted, the bag didn’t look great. We discussed that after daily use this bag wouldn’t age as gracefully as its new rival. Although the bag was beautiful, it certainly lacked the glossy appeal of the glossy calfskin. With that classic piece quickly out of sight and out of mind, we moved back to the Triomphe.

Celine Medium Classic Bag in Box Calfskin. Image Credit: @tifmys

Celine Medium Classic bag in box calfskin – Amazone & Small Classic bag in box calfskin – Black.

Taking the Plunge: Unboxing the Celine Teen Triomphe

After an incredibly brief coffee break in a local café to ponder my newfound love, I quickly found myself messaging my SA and racing back Le Bon Marché. I knew she had to be mine! 

Finally, I took the plunge – I was now the very proud owner of the Teen Triomphe Bag in Shiny Calfskin, in Black. 

Unboxing my Celine Teen Triomphe in Paris.

My Celine Teen Triomphe in Black Shiny Calfskin.

The charm of the Triomphe logo resonates with my love for the city of Paris. Once only adorning pre-1990s pieces, the house emblem has been reimagined by Heidi Slimane in recent years. Originally designed by its founder Celine Vipiana, whose car broke down in front of the iconic Arc de Triomphe. The logo is now synonymous with the brand, and has my heart!

Celine Triomphe Pricing in Paris

This beauty set me back €3000. Granted, I had just been hit with the inevitable March price increase (read more here: Celine Handbag Price Increase 2023). Despite this, shopping in Paris still saved me slightly in the long run.

With the 12% VAT refund of approximately €360, that brings the total cost to €2,640.

Meanwhile, in the UK, this bag currently costs £2,750 and $3,950 in the US. At the time of purchase, the Euro equated to 0.88 Pound Sterling. Therefore, I saved around £400.

Celine Teen Triomphe in Shiny Calfskin.

I am definitely thrilled with this shiny beauty! It looks great with any outfit and will certainly be one of the most worn pieces in my collection.

What are your thoughts on the Celine Triomphe collection? Will you be adding a piece to your collection?

Anna, for PurseBop


Published: April 22nd, 2023
Updated: April 23rd, 2023

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  • Love this gorgeous and classic looking bag. Celine is of my favorite brands for their minimalist vibe.