Goyard Rival?: Fauré Le Page Bags

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition, right??
Goyard, make room for Fauré Le Page…

Before my trip to Paris last January, I had only heard whisperings of the brand Fauré Le Page. I had seen a few of their bags previously, and I knew they were a monogram bag maker with a similar style to Goyard. My fellow traveling mates had preordered items from this company, so I was already intrigued. We walked down to the Fauré Le Page, which was only a few doors away from the Chanel store on 21 Rue Cambon. Even moments after entering the store, its unique character instantly struck me. I saw rows and rows of monogrammed tote bags and started to fall in love.

Very rarely does a new bag or brand immediately intrigue PurseBop. I need time contemplate and research before the attachment grows. Especially when it comes to totes, I stick to what is true and trusted. As I’ve stated before, the Goyard Saint Louis can easily be considered the “tote of all tote bags”. After seeing the Fauré Le Page Daily Battle Totes, I have to admit my position isn’t so firm anymore. Folks, Goyard might have a big, bad rival…


Rows of Daily Battle Totes ~ @theresaknows


Gina123’s Haul from the Paris Shopping Trip featuring her new Fauré Le Page items.

Brief History...

To give you a little background, Fauré Le Page was established in Paris in 1717, and they originally first started off as firearms manufacturer.Fauré Le Page specialized in making bag covers for weapons, and eventually evolved to make handbags and other goods. The original Fauré Le Page store was located on 8 Rue de Richelieu. It moved to 21 Rue Cambon three years ago.

Fauré Le Page’s establishment precedes Goyard (1792) and Louis Vuitton (1854). Even though Fauré Le Page doesn’t have as much name recognition as its peers, it is still a very prestigious brand with a lot of rich history.

Paris 230

Fauré Le Page vs. Goyard

From simple outward appearance, Fauré Le Page and Goyard have a lot of similarities with their monogram patterns and traditional silhouettes. However, the most differentiating feature between to the two brands has to be quality of material. Fauré Le Page bags seem to be much stronger and more durable. The material has an overall thicker feel compared to the Goyard canvas, which is sometimes criticized for having a plastic feel. Other differences are seen with their attachments and straps. The Saint Louis comes with a detachable pouch. The Daily Battle tote comes with an adjustable shoulder strap and a ring to attach items, but a pouch is not included.

As far as price point, Fauré Le Page bags are slightly less expensive. In Paris. a small Daily Battle Fauré Le Page tote is €650. A Goyard Saint Louis PM tote is €800 in a classic color and €1,040 in a special color. The lower price tag of the Fauré Le Page tote is a pretty good selling point considering the material  feels like it is more sturdy and of higher quality.


Fauré Le Page vs. Goyard Faceoff ~ @pursebop

Faure Le Page Daily Battle vs Goyard St Louis PM

Goyard Saint Louis PM vs. Fauré Le Page Small Daily Battle Tote. Photo Courtesy: The Beauty Look Book

FullSizeRender 110


FullSizeRender 111


FullSizeRender 108


FullSizeRender 109


PurseBop Impressions

I’m sharing this post with you all because I truly believe Fauré Le Page is on the radar for success. For now its been a well-kept Parisian secret, but its popularity only continues to grow. Even though Fauré Le Page isn’t as widely known as a Goyard, they have a very loyal customer base for a good reason. Their products have great craftsmanship and they are simply beautiful!

As far as my personal favorites, I like the smaller accessories like the pouches and tassel bag charms. I also saw a stunning, metallic top handle bag. The quality of construction was amazing…this gorgeous bag is definitely on my wishlist. The Daily Battle Tote is also on my radar. I am still very loyal to my Goyard Saint Louis Tote, but there’s no reason why I can’t make room for two! PurseBop might just buy one on her next trip to Paris.

One drawback that I have to note is the lack of color. A lot of the colors available were muted neutrals like gray, navy blue, hunter green, and maroon. However, I only note this because I personally prefer brighter colors.


Mostly muted colors like Hunter Green and Maroon


Amazing metallic handbag. Definitely on PurseBop’s wishlist…


Faure Le Page Tassel Bag Charms

Do you think Fauré Le Page can take crown over Goyard? What are your thoughts? Let us know if you own any Fauré Le Page bags!

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Published: July 3rd, 2016
Updated: May 27th, 2017

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3 Responses to “Goyard Rival?: Fauré Le Page Bags”

  • Lots of similarities for sure, I must say I have to say I never heard them…until now..good info, glad to know ????

  • I LOVE my daily battle tote. Such a practical tote for mums on the go, and it is 10x better than my Goyard St Louis.

  • as an owner of Goyard, Moynat, Moreau and Le Page, I must say in terms of quality construction and durability I’d put Moreau on the top of the list, their bags while heavy to some are absolutely bullet proof, the leather they use is very thick and the stitching and attachments are very securely fastened. After that, I’d say Moynat, their bags are more sturdy, up there with Le Page but their leather and craftsmanship, I would say is just a notch above Le Page. My only real gripe with Le Page is that a lot of their products are made in Spain. Now I know Spain has a storied history in leather work and other brands like LV also produce there, but if I’m buying a French brand (and going to Paris to buy it) then I want something made in that country. (plus to me there is always cache with “made in France”)

    I love Goyard and they are very popular, but in terms of material quality and craftsmanship I would have to put them in the bottom of top tier of French malletier brands. The main reason Goyard products are more expensive that Le Page is that their canvas is hand laid and it takes an incredible amount of time and expensive raw materials to achieve the Goyardine canvas. Le Page monogram is screen printed (also by hand but not in the same time consuming layering fashion as Goyard) but Le Page canvas is much more durable, thicker and their bags have waxed cotton linings (the waterproofing procedure is a seven step process that takes four months to complete!). Goyard needs to seriously rework how they attach handles on their bags and totes, the Saint Louis in particular has a very weak handle to bag attachment and the Goyardine canvas is not as durable and without a lining are prone to creasing, and over time creating holes or tears.

    In terms of service, all brands, as you would expect had great customer service, but I would again put Moreau on top as a small boutique brand with only one store and atelier, there aren’t many times where you can buy your bag or accessory from the very man who made it. Mr. Savchenko was so hospitable and even told me that I could return my wallet to the store at anytime for free repairs for as long as I owned it. Incredible! He is planning to open his first boutique outside France in San Francisco (maybe in Union Square like Goyard? whom he worked for as a designer) Another low key brand getting attention. I’d definitely look into getting a piece from them before prices go up.