Hermès 101: Everything You Need to Know About the Hermès Garden Party Tote

Hermes Garden Party

Is a handbag collection ever really complete without a tote bag (…or two or three)? Although most of our favorite luxury brands design them, the Hermès Garden Party Tote stands out. You can’t get much more luxurious than Hermès. But in terms of the brand’s usual price range, the Garden Party Tote is relatively inexpensive! At least, it is less expensive than the infamous Hermès trifecta of Birkin/Kelly/Constance.

The tote’s practicality and versatility make it one of Hermès’ most popular items. Of course we’ve discussed this bag before but an update on all things Garden Party Tote is well overdue. So here you go, enjoy!

What to expect in this reference guide:

  1. Is it worth it?
  2. Reasons to consider the Hermes Garden Party tote
  3. Notable features
  4. Discussion of materials, sizes and prices
  5. Celebrity style
  6. Instagram eye candy

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Is it worth it?

You may be thinking…there are tons of solid totes out there from great brands, like the Louis Vuitton Neverfull for example. However, if you’re looking for Hermès craftsmanship in tote form then this could be the bag for you.

The Garden Party Tote gives you Hermès at a price point you don’t usually see from the brand. In addition to the quality (and let’s face it, the label), its ‘blank canvas’ aesthetic makes it easy to style and dress up for any occasion.  While the bag may not be as synonymous with the Hermès brand as the Kelly or Birkin, it certainly hits the mark on quality, functionality, and looks.

Reasons to Consider the Hermès Garden Party Tote:

  • Hermès quality craftsmanship for a price not typical of the brand
  • Ideal entry level bag if you want to get a feel for Hermès without breaking the bank!
  • Great durability (especially the canvas material)
  • There’s a Garden Party Tote for everyone due to the wide selection of colors and materials available (but more on that to come!)
  • Blank canvas aesthetic means you can easily put your own spin on the tote by adding twillies or bag charms to the handles.
  • The “Clou de selle” snap fasteners on the sides of the bag mean the tote’s shape can easily be changed allowing for extra space

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The Hermès Garden Party is designed like your typical tote. It has one big, open compartment and is designed to be functional and accommodate your things easily. While other bags from the brand boast sangles, clochettes and locks (read: Hermes 101 Birkin v. Kelly for a full lesson on every part of a B and a K if these terms seem unfamiliar!) the Garden Party Tote relies on simplicity and functionality for the source of its popularity. This is what makes it such a great on-the-go bag.

Notable Features:

  • Clou de Selle Snap Closure
  • Zippered Interior Pocket
  • Canvas Interior

Photo courtesy: Hermès

Photo courtesy: Hermès

Photo courtesy: Hermès

Photo courtesy: Hermès


The Garden Party Tote is very versatile and not just because it can be dressed up or down. It comes in two different styles: all leather or canvas with leather trim. In other words, you can opt for a more sophisticated and classic look or stick with hardwearing, durable canvas depending on your lifestyle. This also means that if you’re working with a smaller budget, you can still afford the bag in canvas rather than getting it in all-over leather. A lighter price tag also comes with a lighter weight.

The canvas styles have a canvas body and contrasting leather handles and trim. Canvas styles are available in Officier and Military Canvas. Negonda leather is commonly used for the leather styles as it is soft and supple, with a matte finish. Additionally, Negonda calfskin is durable and water resistant, which makes sense since totes endure a lot of wear and tear with frequent use. The tote also comes in Epsom calfskin, first used by the house in 2004: it’s a printed leather with a striking finish and is scratch-resistant—ideal for a frequently used bag. More recently certain styles have been made available in Country cowhide, a leather developed specifically for the Garden Party bag. Its name is inspired by its sporty and relaxed quality, perfect for a life spent on-the-go.

Both the canvas and all leather styles have canvas interiors. (Most other Hermès bags have leather interiors.) The use of canvas interior adds to the bag’s practicality and makes it relatively more affordable compared to its H peers.

Common material combinations:

  • Canvas and Cowhide
  • Negonda calfskin
  • Epsom calfskin
  • Country cowhide

Hermès military canvas Photo courtesy: Hermès

Hermès Officier canvas Photo courtesy: Hermès

Hermès Negonda leather in noir Photo courtesy: Hermès

Hermès Epsom leather in rose azalée Photo courtesy: Hermès

Hermès Country cowhide in rose pourpre Photo courtesy: Hermès


The bag boasts three sizes: Small (30), Medium (36), and Large (39). Small is perfect for everyday wear. The Medium Garden Party Tote has a little bit more capacity and is therefore better suited for travel, work, and errands. Not surprisingly, the Large Garden Party Tote is more heavy-duty and better for travel and usually comes in canvas.

*Please note sizes vary very slightly depending on material

Empty table
SizeDimensions (L x H x W)
Hermès Garden Party Tote 30 (Small)12" x 8.5" x 5"
Hermès Garden Party Tote 36 (Medium)13.5" x 10" x 6.5"
Hermès Garden Party Tote 39 (Large)19.5" x 14’ x 9.5"


*Due to various materials and sizes, prices for Garden Party Totes vary. Canvas styles retail for less than all leather styles.

Empty table
Size and MaterialPrice in USD
Canvas Garden Party Tote 30 (Small)$2,075
Leather Garden Party Tote 30 (Small)$3,550
Canvas Garden Party Tote 36 (Medium)$2,350
Leather Garden Party Tote 36 (Medium)$3,750
Canvas Garden Party Tote 39 (Large)$2,960

Celebrity Style

A-listers have been spotted loving their Garden Party totes everywhere!

Vlogger Jerusha Couture

Photo courtesy: @jerushacouture

Jordana Brewster

Photo courtesy: SplashNews

Reese Witherspoon


Instagram Eye Candy

Photo courtesy: @jen11s_world

Photo courtesy: @pj_luxe

Photo courtesy: @ryunny000

Photo courtesy: @ladyinsyd

Photo courtesy: @lux.classynotebook

Photo courtesy: @vogueconnoisseur

Photo courtesy: @pretty_purses

Photo courtesy: @ringo.apple.orange

While it’s easy to look at the Hermès Garden Party and see a typical tote bag, here at PurseBop, we think this bag is so much more. It’s distinct look not only makes it stand out from the H family but its variations in size and material mean those with a smaller budget, or perhaps who just want to test the H waters, can enjoy the craftsmanship of the brand.

Do you have your eye on the Hermès Garden Party Tote? We certainly do! How do you think it compares to other designer totes? Share your thoughts on BopTalk!

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Love, PurseBop

Published: September 7th, 2019
Updated: November 10th, 2019

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