The New Hermès Herbag is Here!

The New Mini Herbag

Exciting news from Hermès! In 2024, the Herbag collection has officially been expanded to include a Mini Herbag. Promising both charm and functionality in a compact size, specific details are still forthcoming.

However, from the initial photos released by Hermès, it appears that the Mini Herbag distinguishes itself from its larger counterparts in several ways. Notably, it seems to forgo the top handle traditionally found on Herbag designs, opting instead for a wide shoulder strap. This modification not only enhances the bag’s modern aesthetic but also suggests a focus on comfort and ease of wear, perfect for those on the go. The wider strap draws intriguing parallels with the iconic Kelly Messenger.

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Image courtesy: Red

While further details remain to be revealed, the introduction of the Mini Herbag marks an exciting evolution in Hermès’ iconic line. Could this be an alternative to the new Kelly Moove and Kelly Messenger? Only time will tell.

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If you’ve been yearning for a Hermès Kelly and haven’t heard a peep from your SA about its arrival… fear not! There’s an alternative worth considering while you await the ‘call.’

Lighter on both the wallet and the body, consider the Hermès Herbag. This bag might just be the solution you’ve been searching for. . .

Image courtesy: @vk_8112

The 101 on the Hermès “Herbag”

Taking a quick glance at the Herbag might give you a major Kelly Déjà vu. While these two Hermès bags certainly share a striking visual similarity, their distinctions in price, material, and desirability set them worlds apart.

So without further ado, let’s reacquaint ourselves with the beautiful Herbag.

Image courtesy: Hermès

Image courtesy: Hermès

What you can expect in this Herbag guide:

I. History
II.  Why We Love It

III. Key Features
IV. Material
V. Sizes
VI. The New Mini Herbag
VI. Prices


Unlike the leather-clad Kelly, the Herbag design boasts a canvas body with leather trimmings. What sets the Herbag apart is its ingenious design – the canvas body is entirely detachable, allowing for easy interchangeability with other bodies. This means you can pair the same leather top with different coloured or styled canvas bodies, making it a truly versatile accessory. It’s not wonder the Herbag has earned the nickname ‘Two in One’ bag!

Around the mid-2000s, Hermès discontinued the Herbag, only to reintroduce it on the 2009 runway with a revamped look under the name ‘Hermès Herbag Zip’. Despite the update, the bag retained its distinctive trapezoidal silhouette. However, Hermès didn’t stop there; they incorporated improvements aimed at enhancing functionality and versatility.

Image courtesy: @limelightnova

Staying true to its predecessor, the Herbag maintains its hallmark feature—the interchangeable body. It boasts an external pocket with a zip on its backside, along with a removable pouch tucked inside.

In a standout moment, the Herbag commanded attention on the Hermès Spring 2019 runway, catapulting its popularity to new heights. Furthermore, despite its name, this bag, particularly in larger sizes, appeals to both men and women, making it a versatile choice for all.

Image courtesy: Vogue

Image courtesy: Vogue

Why We Love It

What’s not to love about the Herbag – a cousin to the iconic Kelly but with a more accessible price tag, all while upholding the esteemed craftsmanship of Hermès?

Described as “free-spirited athletes” by Hermès, these handbags seamlessly blend style with practicality. Featuring both a handle and a strap, the Herbag offers versatile wear options to suit individual tastes. However, its true brilliance lies in its two-in-one functionality, allowing you to mix and match colors for a personalized touch. Though, let’s face it, you might end up owning more than one.

Image courtesy: @vk_8112

Image courtesy: @beata_bartoszewicz_

In the Herbag, you’ll discover the refined elegance of the Kelly in a  more casual avatar, making it a fantastic choice for everyday wear. The inclusion of a convenient back pocket proves to be a major asset, particularly since the Clou de Selle closure can be a tad fussy to open, especially when pressed for time. Think of it this way, you don’t have to dig through the bag for phone and keys – just use the external pocket, much like the newly introduced Hermès add on, the Backpocket 30 Pouch.

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Additionally, the Herbag comes with a handy matching pouch, ensuring accessibility to your essentials, and an additional dose of organization.

Image courtesy: Hermès

Image courtesy: Hermès

When it comes to price, the Hermès Herbag stands out as a great entry-level option. Priced at under $5,000, it represents remarkable value for money.

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Image courtesy: @mervesadol

Key Features

• A top handle
• Long shoulder strap
• Palladium plated Clou de Selle closure
• Detachable canvas body
• Back pocket with a zip
• Removable inside pouch


As mentioned earlier, the Herbag features a durable combination of Vache Hunter leather for the top portion and robust military canvas for the body. Vache Hunter leather, renowned for its durability and easy maintenance, adorns the top, ensuring longevity and practicality. As for the military canvas, its sturdy build, trusted by the armed forces, ensures durability for everyday use. Completing the look, the hardware is finished with palladium plating for a touch of sophistication.

Over the past few years, Hermès has introduced Herbags featuring a coated Berline canvas body. Sought after by collectors for its exceptional durability and waterproof properties. The glossy coating not only enhances its resilience but also adds a more refined touch to the bag.

Image courtesy: @bargain.hunting.blonde


The Herbag is available in four standard sizes. Starting with the smallest, the Herbag Zip 31, it may not be petite but transitions seamlessly from day to night. Stepping up in size, the 39cm Herbag provides ample space for all your essentials, making it an ideal choice for a stylish day bag that keeps up with your busy schedule.

For those seeking travel-friendly options, the Herbag lineup includes two sizes tailored for different needs. The Cabine bag, larger in size, serves as an excellent carry-on option for air travel, while the Weekend bag offers extra width, making it perfect for overnight stays. Both sizes are designed to be unisex, catering to a wide range of users.

Herbag ZipDimensions (L X H X W inches)
Herbag Zip MiniTo Be Confirmed
Herbag Zip 31 cm12.2 x 9.8 x 3.9
Herbag Zip 39 cm15.3 x 12.6 x 5.5
Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag19.7 x 13.4 x 8.9
Herbag Zip Retourne Weekend Bag19.7 x 16.9 x 9.1

Image courtesy: Hermès


While there might not be a waitlist for the Herbag, its effortless design and alluring price point ensure that it swiftly sells out once it hits the shelves. The bag’s body is available in an array of vibrant colors, adding to its appeal. Although availability on the Hermès US website may fluctuate, colors like Deep Blue, Ébène (deep brown), and Noir (black) are commonly featured.

Image courtesy: @tarachanstagram

Image courtesy: @xogolxo

Special Editions

If you’re looking to make a statement with your Herbag, consider the more rare and limited-edition offerings. One to watch out for is the rare Herbag Pegase Pop. First launched in 2019, this exclusive design showcases a Peagus design by Hermès artist Dimitri Rybaltchenko, intricately woven onto an Ecru canvas body,

Image courtesy: @clairechanelle

Image courtesy: @clairechanelle

The limited edition patterned Herbags doesn’t end there – over the years, a plethora of captivating designs has emerged. However, bear in mind that these exclusive designs leave the boutiques even faster than the original design.

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei


The gorgeously versatile Herbag is only partially crafted in leather, resulting in a more accessible price point compared to its all-leather counterparts. The most coveted size 31 is priced just over the $3,000 mark.

Of course, it’s worth noting that the Herbag was included in Hermès’ most recent price increase in January 2024. Nonetheless, the price remains attainable for many luxury enthusiasts.

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Prices for the special edition Herbags vary, depending on style.

Herbag ZipPrice (USD)
Herbag Zip MiniTo Be Confirmed
Herbag Zip 31 cm$3,050
Herbag Zip 39 cm$3,300
Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Bag$5,400
Herbag Zip Retourne Cabine Tilt 50 Bag$4,150

Image courtesy: @valerie.kei

Hermès bags are renowned for their beauty, functionality, and desirability. However, they often come with a hefty price tag. Thankfully, for many of us, the Herbag encompasses many of the quintessential characteristics of the Hermès brand at a more accessible price point. It’s no wonder why it’s a favorite among luxury enthusiasts.

Image courtesy: @haticeschmidt

So, what are your thoughts on the Herbag? Could it serve as a substitute for the coveted Kelly in your collection?

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Published: June 12th, 2021
Updated: May 14th, 2024

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