Hermes Kelly: Anti ‘It Bag’ ?

Biggest social faux pas— public display of…brand names?

According, to an article recently published in the Wall Street Journal, recognizably trendy and designer logo ridden “It” bags are losing their novelty amongst luxury handbag designers and serious collectors. Instead, the simple, undistinguishable “Anti-It” bag is becoming a staple and even mantra to some because understated bags arguably speak for themselves and express the consumer’s personal tastes.

The “Anti-It” bag is solely meant to be a quality bag instead of a type of advertisement or status statement. Yet, on the other hand, popular and embellished bags continue to spark our collective fashionista spirit, not only for the trend factor, but also out of our genuine admiration.

1. Mansur Gavriel’s Bucket Bag; 2. Hermès’s Kelly II Sellier 28; 3. The Row’s Hunting Bag; 4. Myriam Schaefer’s Byron Bag; 5. A.P.C.’s Edith Bag  PHOTO: JAMIE CHUNG FOR THE WALL STREET JOURNAL

I find this theory particularly relevant today as we just  published the story on the 2015 “It” bag winner.

And although the Hermes Kelly may not be dripping with logos, and one could argue a tad bit more understated, is it not in fact one of the most recognized luxury bags of all time? My recent obsession with the beloved Kelly forces me to explore my personal reasons for the entire #PurseBopsGoneKellyCrazy movement at our @PurseBopPicks Instagram. 

Wall Street Journal: Revenge of the Anti-It Bag

So, PurseBop asks: “is no statement actually the best statement? Are trendy “it” bags doing us a disservice or should we flaunt them with pride?” 

Love PurseBop

Please share your thoughts in the comments below, I really am curious what you think? ?

Published: March 30th, 2015
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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12 Responses to “Hermes Kelly: Anti ‘It Bag’ ?”

  • Hard question, but for me it depends. Personally, I find the logo-ridden bags tacky, but I know some people are fond of it. What I don’t like is that some people act all high and mighty just because you can tell that their bag is an “it” bag. I like “it” bags like Celine, I also like understated bags like the Mansur Gavriel bucket bag. There’s nothing wrong flaunting them but definitely not to the point of excessive bragging just because we can afford them. For me, it’s not the bag, it’s how you act while you carry your bag.

  • Hello dear Pursebop :-)…. Fresh from the shower, let me share my two cents, as I am sure this discussion will go everywhere and opinions will differ.
    I absolutely agree on the trend of the day (for some-incl.myself) is to be anti-trend, however, this is what I find to be the problem. Once it is said “out in the open”, it is no more the insiders thing, no more the connoisseur’s “secret”. It BECOMES a trend.
    Now, this is exactly what happened with the Hermés Birkin bag. In an era (although a bit different than the one we live in now) where LV with their monograms, Gucci with their GGs, Prada with their logo, Chanel with the double C and distinctive diamond stitch and many other all ruled the streets, the Hermés Birkin was indeed an urban myth, an unicorn. Unattainable to most, it was an untouchable object. Available and known solely to the real insiders, fashion crowd, and the really rich. Few years later? You can see them on tubes, at high schools, in supermarkets, everywhere. Who does not have one, does not count. It became a liebling for women and men worldwide, no matter what. Of course, the company’s strategy (or the lack of, or both) has helped this, no doubt.
    I was recently talking about many things with my Hermés Store Director and Kelly vs Birkin was the topic number one. As, according to him as well, these days people do not come to the store to ask for a Birkin, but for a KELLY. Yes, even sellier. Not even the boxy, decent, understated image and shape of it discourages people from wanting to own one, two or ten. Because it’s everywhere. Because it’s on trend. Kelly, whether we want it or not, IS the bag of the moment. Just as the Chanel Boy, or Miss Dior or the Fendi Peekaboo.
    I am afraid in the world of social media, internet and the uber-globalization, no bag can stay ANTI- trend (more or less). Let’s look at Delvaux with Valextra and others next in line. I think it is too much of both a generous and generalizing claim to say anything can stay unpopular these days. It is rather that the “bags of the moment” will change. New will come in, some will stay. It is really important (speaking for myself now) to realize what you love to carry, look at, what suits you the best at many different stages of your life and what you can REALLY use everyday and throughout the years. As Coco Chanel once said: “Fashion changes, individual style endures”. Lol. This was long….. :-))))

  • Dear evelinaesc,

    Your response is so epic it deserves to be a blog post in itself. Your words “bags of the moment” describe perfectly the contagious effect social media creates for fashion. Yes, the once coveted Birkin is completely mainstream, at least visually through IG, reality shows, blogs, forums etc. The Kelly was ‘the secret’ and now it’s out in the open in full view. I myself, take responsibility to some degree, at least within my world of readers/followers to create a mini sensation of the KELLY whirlwind with my personal focus and expression. Social media gives each individual that power to express which ultimately to some degree dilutes the ‘special’ness’ these treasures represent. I am relatively new to the Hermes world and cannot begin to compare the exclusivity of owning these treasures today as to the era before viral technology. You leave me deep in thought with your observations and I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to share with all of us. It’s these kind of discussions that fuel real dialog and quality information. I would like to revisit this topic with you again. You are a very wise and informed handbag aficionado, clearly with a wealth of experience and style. Thank you again :)

    Love PurseBop

  • Love it, I quote you directly “it’s not the bag, it’s how you act while you carry your bag”. Truly well said my friend, and I will add… “real style is SKIN deep”, not just at the surface to be seen, but to be felt :)
    merci Reen XO

  • So I come here to write something and you wrote exactly what I wanted to say! In any case, Kelly was and will always be the most classic bag of all time. Now that it’s being written about it will be definitely more in demand and it will be up to hermes to decide whether to up the production like with birkins or keep it limited. I also believe Delvaux and Moynat is next to be discovered!

  • Hi :) glad to see I am not the only one feeling this. Also would like to hear more opinions on this matter, I think it is a great subject indeed :)

  • Any chance we can stop giving the Kelly airtime while I wait for one? ;) I finally decide to get one and now it goes viral.

  • Let’s hurry girl, because it seems the Kelly is in fact the IT bag of the Anti-It’s, LOL

  • The Bespoke Ebury should be included in under-the-radar, anti-it bags. They are low key, rarely recognized and exquisitely made.

  • Here’s my take. I bought my first Kelly (28 cm, peau d’elephant) in 1982, before most of you were BORN. Kellys were around before even I was born, and they will probably still be around after all of us are dead. Let’s not assume that any of our internet whims will have much of an effect on the longevity of this beautifully made classic.