Hermès Kelly Bag Prices – Retourne and Sellier Styles

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Hermès Kelly Prices Guide 2022

Kelly price update

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Perhaps you’re thinking about getting that desired Kelly bag before year-end. Maybe saving up for it. Or wishing for a certain someone to get it for you. Of course, you need to consider style, color, hardware and, with Hermès, availability. But what about cost?  Forewarned is forearmed: Just how much is it? And does price matter when deciding between Retourne and Sellier?

To keep you updated on one of our favorite bags, we have compiled the current US prices of the Kelly Retourne bag in Togo leather and the Kelly Sellier bag in Epsom leather.

Hermès Kelly Prices Guide 2022

Kelly Retourne Bag StylePrice (USD)
K25 Togo$9,350
K28 Togo$10,200
K32 Togo$11,000
K35 Togo$11,800
Kelly Sellier Bag StylePrice (USD)
K20 Epsom$8,000
K25 Epsom$10,300
K28 Epsom$10,700
K32 Epsom$11,600
K35 Epsom$12,700
Kelly price update

Sellier style Kelly @ingridwilkinson

There is a significant price difference between the Retourne and Sellier style in each size of the Kelly bag. The biggest price difference is seen with the K25 and K35. A K25 Sellier costs $950 more than its Retourne counterpart. For the Sellier K28, K32 and K35 models the gap is $500, $600 and $900, respectively. 

You may wonder why Sellier is more costly. There’s actually a logical explanation. For starters, the Sellier Kelly’s boxy, rigid and structured shape  contributes to its higher price tag. To achieve this look, the artisan’s work is much more complex and requires more hours to complete. The seams are topstitched together and a bee’s wax is applied by hand to the edges. This side seam is quite beautiful and gives the Kelly its structured appearance. As a result, the seams are more durable and resilient to damage. It is these edges that make the sellier Kelly appear larger, but its rigidity and lack of flexibility actually result in less fitting inside than the Kelly retourne. Hermès usually uses harder leathers such as Epsom and Box to create the Kelly Sellier. It is this additional handiwork, labor, and craftsmanship results in the higher price tag across all sizes.

Kelly Prices

Retourne style Kelly @panthere_instyle

However, this may not be the full story for the near $1000 price differential between K25 and K35 Sellier and Retourne models. Clearly, the immense popularity of the K25 could be one explanation. It continues to be the most sought-after size and is harder to obtain than most other Kellys (except the K20 sellier).

On the other hand, the K35 Sellier is quite large. It actually appears more like a briefcase than an everyday bag. Of course, it is an impossibly stylish briefcase and may draw fans of all genders. 

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So, do you prefer Kelly Sellier or Retourne? Does the price difference matter to you?

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Published: November 16th, 2020
Updated: July 18th, 2022

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