Hermès Shopping Is Tough This Holiday Season

Slim pickings at the Hermès boutique this holiday season. And we’re not even talking about handbags, let alone Birkins and Kellys. It’s no secret that shelves in the boutiques are particularly sparse. Where handbags (or shoes or dishes etc) once displayed, now there is blank space. Alternatively, you’ll find fill in items that, well, don’t quite fit. Like shoes in the handbag section.

Lest you think the back (or upstairs) store rooms are flush with merchandise, think again. A recent shopping expedition taught otherwise.

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Armed with an actual shopping list of five different items (some in multiples), only two were available. No, a Birkin was not on the list. Yes, you can still get those emery boards, though we can’t promise for how long. And a lovely sweater awaited our shopper.

So what couldn’t be purchased? In this case, the desired sushi plates, belt, and pillow were not in stock. Nor were they available anywhere. And trust us, the Sales Associate checked.

Image Credit: Maura Carlin

Impulse shopping didn’t go so well either. Fabulous skirt… no medium-sized options anywhere in the United States. And none expected to arrive.

Sneakers with the kelly lock… the right size isn’t available and isn’t coming.

The only possible success (or failure if you’re against unplanned purchases) is that a properly-sized cardigan is on the way. Of course, there’s no telling whether it arrives this week, this month, or even this year!

And speaking of shipments, they are limited. Under the best of circumstances, boutiques are not promised or even apprised of merchandise in advance, but this is far worse. Everyone is left wondering whether and when shelves will be stocked.

This is the case despite multiple rumors about specific stores receiving allegedly ‘large shipments.’ It is also an illustration of “don’t believe everything you read”(unless it’s on PurseBop, lol). For as disappointing as it is for a shopper, just imagine working in a retail shop with little to sell!

Image Credit: Maura Carlin

On the other hand, shopping Hermès without a list might be more satisfying. Rather than stick to your tried and true or coveted items, explore. Maybe this is the time to look at shawls. Or bracelets. Our shopper ended up with a great neoprene pouch that she’d never before considered.

In other words, if you’re determined to give an orange bagged gift, flexibility is a good strategy.

Love, PurseBop


Published: November 21st, 2021
Updated: November 21st, 2021

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