What Happens When Your Hermès Sales Associate Leaves?

By Maura Carlin

Jilted. Dumped. Ghosted. Again. I’m not even dating, online or in person. It’s Hermes. I’ve lost my sales associate. Again.

I am trying not to take it personally. We connected, but not enough that either would or should inform of a departure or hook me up with another. One sold me a Kelly; the other a Birkin. With the latter (the man not the bag) I really felt kinship: we texted, wished happy holidays, asked about families and the like. I was deeply loyal and bought only from him – no online sprees or visits to other stores. In my eyes, I was devoted. I wish he had told me, but then again my ardor was weakened by budgetary constraints.


Hermes aficionados often discuss how developing the sales associate relationship is the key to B/K/C access. One seasoned collector shared her strategy with PurseBop readers this summer (read: 10 Tips to Help You Establish an Enduring Relationship with Hermès).

Some of her takeaways: first and foremost, you should appreciate the legacy of the brand – ask questions, learn about the leathers and the craftsmanship (read: Insider’s Guide to Hermès Special Orders). Buy only what you really love. You also should put your eggs in the right basket; in other words, select the right sales associate for you, not one someone else likes or one you hear might get you a bag. Once you choose, stay with him or her (unless of course your associate departs without you). It should go without saying, but be polite and kind to all in the store. Lastly, be patient.


Hermès Madison Ave, NYC @malumomo

Perhaps I did not properly nurture the bond. My visits were infrequent and brief. When he was absent, I failed to flirt with the other associates. My purchases would never be sufficient to keep him afloat, but did or could they have contributed to his departure?
I doubt it.

Nevertheless, here I am – alone again. Devoid of energy to invest in another relationship. The dance between asking and not asking.

What to do now? Of course, you could simply give up on Hermes bags.  But seriously . . .

  • If your sales associate has told you of his/her departure, ask to be introduced to a new associate to continue the relationship.
  • If not, there is no real choice: Start over – find a new associate with whom you connect.
  • Share the sob story of your loss.
  • Maybe talk to the sales manager and explain.

Remember a good and loyal customer is a good and loyal customer no matter who handles it. And this time, get to know a few other people in the store. Just in case.



Published: November 15th, 2021
Updated: November 15th, 2021

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  • I’m so sorry! Would you like me to introduce you to my SA? I’ll send you a PM on Instagram

  • Could you please introduce me SA? I’m in paris right now but hard to get an appointment. DM me on instagram soominnyy