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Whether you’re tackling a new DIY project or just looking to make a few minor home improvements, you can now craft and repair in style as Hermès has served us with a new collection of luxurious hardware tools. That’s right, in addition to your H handbags, you can now spice up your collection with a Hermès hammer, screwdriver, and many other handy instruments.


Photo Courtesy: Hermès

Recently, Petit H in Paris, Hermès’ experimental studio space, opened “La Quincaillerie”, a store that showcases some of the most artistic, quirky tools you will ever lay eyes on. Staged by designers Stefani Di Petrillo and Godefroy de Virieu, La Quincaillerie is an experience more akin to an art gallery than your ordinary tool shop. In keeping with Hermès heritage, all the tools on display are a testament to excellent craftsmanship and are made out of the  finest materials. Nails,  measuring tapes, and compasses may seem like basic objects, but Hermès has managed to elevate these common products in such a way that you can use them as you please for either functional or even purely aesthetic purposes.

Many of these pieces are being displayed at the Paris boutique at rue de Sèvres until February 17th. Have a look at La Quincaillerie and grab your supplies while they last!


Photo Courtesy: Hermès

Need a Toolbox for Your Tools?

All of these new H tools really got us thinking about Hermès’ signature Toolbox bag in the leather goods collection. After all, you need a fashionable bag to help store all your La Quincaillerie finds…

Let’s discuss the Toolbox bag in depth! Below you will find information on:

  • Features
  • Materials, Colors, and Hardware
  • Sizes
  • Prices
Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 9.12.06 PM



The Toolbox is a longstanding silhouette in the Hermès collection. First launching in the 2010 Fall/Winter collection, the Toolbox is a structured, top handle bag with both utility and style.

Much like the Kelly bag, the Toolbox features a turn lock closure. It’s a great option for those seeking a spacious bag, as the wings on the sides extend to create a roomy interior including three large pockets. In addition to the ample space, you can carry this bag with ease either by hand or over the shoulder with the adjustable and removable strap.









Materials , Colors, and Hardware

Many of the Toolbox styles are available directly on the Hermès website.

Available leathers on the website currently include:

  • Swift
  • Evercolor
  • Taurillon

Available colors on the website currently include:

  • Noir (20 cm)
  • Feu (20 cm and 26 cm)
  • Rose Pourpre (20 cm)
  • Rouge Grenat (26 cm)
  • Gris Asphalte (26 cm)
  • Géranium (26 cm)
  • Flamingo (26 cm)
  • Étoupe (26 cm)
  • Capucine  (26 cm)
  • Brique (26 cm)
  • Bleu Atoll (26 cm)

Available hardware options on the website currently include:

  • Palladium
  • Gold
  • Permabrass (Géranium)

Bleu Atoll Toolbox 26 cm in Swift Leather with Palladium Hardware


Feu Toolbox 26 cm in Evercolor Leather with Gold Hardware


Géranium Toolbox 26 cm in Taurillon with Permabrass Hardware


Gris Asphalte Toolbox 26 cm in Evercolor Leather with Palladium Hardware


The Toolbox comes in three different sizes: 20 cm, 26 cm, and 33 cm. Given its larger size, the 33 cm Toolbox is most commonly recommended for travel out of the three.

SizeDimensions (L x H x W cm)
Hermès Toolbox 2020 x 21 x 15 cm
Hermès Toolbox 26 26 x 25 x 18 cm
Hermès Toolbox 3333 x 37 x 23 cm


StylePrice in USD
Hermès Toolbox 20 cm$7,650
Hermès Toolbox 26 cm$8,650

After reflecting on the new tool collection at Petite H and the iconic Toolbax bag, are you inspired by Hermès’ latest artistic venture? Could you imagine yourself making repairs in your home with a Hermès hammer?

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Published: February 17th, 2018
Updated: February 17th, 2018

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