Dear PurseBop: Is Hermès Discontinuing the Kelly Cut?

Spring is in the air and everyone is hoping for their first (or next) quota bag of 2024. Dear PurseBop has tackled your most recent questions so keep them coming by clicking here.

And there are many, many questions that Dear PurseBop has answered you may want to check out by clicking here.

Dear PurseBop: What Are the Hermès New Season Colors for 2024?

Generally, Hermès will release new seasonal colors twice a year and reintroduce colors from the past that may have been rested for a period of time. But don’t expect a list to be released identifying these new colors. Dear PurseBop shows us the new colors for Spring/Summer 2024 here.

In The Loop, Juane Milton
photo courtesy @hermes_bonbon

24/24, Orange Misty
photo courtesy @hermes_bonbon

Dear PurseBop: Are Limited Edition Hermès Bags Only for VIP Clients?

Being offered a limited edition Hermès bag is a very special opportunity that many hope for. It may occur at any time and when you least expect it. Dear PurseBop give all the details we know about these exciting and elusive offers here.

photo courtesy @cocomeetshermes

Dear PurseBop: Is Hermès Discontinuing the Kelly Cut, Kelly Pochette, and Halzan bags?

Although it may seem like Hermès is discontinuing certain bags because they are rarely seen in store or on social media, the reality is that Hermès will never confirm or deny this fact. However, Dear PurseBop has some insight on these bags you will want to discover here.

photo courtesy @panthere_instyle

photo courtesy @stellaw2021

Dear PurseBop: Why Do Hermès SA's Ask About My Collection If the Profiles Are Linked?

Hermès is in the process of linking the profiles of their clients for a limited purpose between countries. Whether the process has been completed around the world and the details about what they can and cannot see is not always clear. Dear PurseBop outlines all the details we know to date here.

photo courtesy @m.t.l1968

Dear PurseBop: Is It A Good Investment To Purchase a Hermès Quota Bag On The Resale Market at Double The Price?

Building a Hermès bag collection as an “investment” is not always the best way to approach the handbag market. It can be volatile and many variables affect the value including the state of the economy. Dear PurseBop gives you all the information needed to make an informed decision here.

photo courtesy @karenzpurses

Share your shopping experiences in Paris, the U.K., Asia and the U.S. by clicking here. Our community members love to read about your successes and misses.

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Published: April 7th, 2024
Updated: April 7th, 2024

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