I Can’t Live Without: My “Cruel Summers…”

All this beach influence in my life makes me we want to share a current Turks & Caicos  favorite of mine… these golden majestic winged sandals have debuted themselves here for some real island fun!
My peek-a-boo shot…

MyCruelSummers(1)Presenting to you, yet another Miami indulgence (more from my recent trip) that I could not resist at the Giuseppe Zanotti store at the Bal Harbour shops. I was actually delighted to find these, especially in this flat version! The stilettos in the same are sooooo sexy but the flats are perfect for that stylish  look we all need on evenings out in exotic places. These are certainly a different ‘league of saavy’ from my earlier boots post of “I can’t live without… ” 

But for the moment I will keep my focus on toe baring sandals, because once I return home its back to thigh high coverage :)

MyCruelSummers(5)These are soooo glam and make a statement all on their own. I have been pairing them here with long, short and my new favorite—asymetrical dresses, printed and just dramatic black! Just love how comfortable they truly are… (such a pleasant change to find a shoe where high fashion meets comfort!)
I can stroll for hours without thinking of my feet :)

MyCruelSummers(4)The CRUEL SUMMER sandals were a collaboration between Kanye West and the Giuseppe Zanotti, the Italian shoe design house. The talented and very enterprising hip hop mega star ‘Kanye West’ titled the winged sandal “Cruel Summer” and timed it with his G.O.O.D. music release with the same name.  They are from Zanotti’s Spring 2013 collection.

Obviously Kim Kardashion was the to be first seen wearing them… here she wears in the all white…

MyCruelSummers(7)PurseBop pairs her Cruel Summer’s with her favorite limited edition Chanel Chateau BOY bag from 13C… just for fun…another shot of Madame Boy (click here for the special Midas Touch reveal of Madame Boy…) 

My favorite pic of these Roman winged beauties…
Stay tuned for more LIVE reveals from Turks and Caicos…now back to the beach for more ‘fun in the sun’ :)


Published: October 9th, 2013
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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