PurseBop Reveals a Mini Birkin

I’ve been fantasizing about mini Hermes bags for an eternity it seems, probably well before this article (read: Irresistible, Yet Unattainable Hermes Mini Bags). Visions of 25 Bs and Ks danced in my head.

I happily and luckily joined the Birkin 25 club back in July 2015 with my decadently 5P pink. She’s aptly named Miss Kohinoor for the true rare gem that she is – a mini treasure in chèvre leather colored in what is known as Hermes “bubblegum pink.


The traditional celebratory drink with Mr. PurseBop, usually following the cocktails at the Hermes store… “eases the pain”, says #mrpursebop, hehe.

In my recent Special Order series (read: PurseBop Gets The Call) I confessed that I yearned for a Birkin in noir 25 with a pop interior: Something elegant enough for evenings with a twist of fun, a cutie to dangle on my wrist at cocktail hour, a baggie to accompany me on my travels. After much deliberation, I was convinced (by Mr. PurseBop and my SA) that my first Special Order should not be in black, but rather a vibrant statement piece to cherish forever. No regrets here – love my Blue Hydra beauty to bits.

My diligent Chicago sales associate promised he would “podium order” me a black Birkin 25 for my collection and he did. Podium order refers to a request that is made by your store to Paris that a specific special customer is looking for a particular item. There is no guarantee that it will arrive or when, but in my case, she arrived one cold January day just a few weeks after my Special Order.

Sharing a few special pictures of that magical moment – the unveiling. 


Taking a moment to soak it all in just outside the Hermes doors. We seem to always close down the store after 6. A #fromwhereistand shot with the new baby and my #bagoftheday. Kelly 32 in Blue Paradis, Chanel coat, Hermes boots.


This time I knew exactly what I was coming in to see but still that fluttery feeling filled my tummy… I had never seen a swift Birkin 25 in person before.



I will never have enough of this little orange boxes.


My favorite part, the peeking handles.

…and here she is!!

Having taken this cutie on two separate traveling expeditions already, once to Miami and once to NYC, I can say with confidence, it’s an absolute delight. From day to night, I enjoyed my lightweight companion, literally an extension of my arm, whether carried like a top handle tote or in the crux of my wrist hands-free. She sits on my lap when there’s no special place for her.  The best part is that she fits in a Birkin 30 or 35 during travel – the perfect nesting bag.


My Miami bound bags for the trip. Orange Chanel mini (14S), Noir Swift Birkin 25 nesting inside Blue Hydra Chèvre Birkin 30 nesting inside my Goyard tote for travel.


Birkin 25 nesting comfortably inside my Special Order Birkin 30.. sitting pretty and waiting to be revealed for #whatsintheBIRKIN

Now that you know a little bit about her story, I will share a few details about the style, color, size, leather, and price of this beauty.


Vital Stats
Style: Birkin
Color: Noir
Hardware: Gold
Size: B25
Leather: Swift

To learn more about the Hermes Birkin visit: Hermes 101: Birkin vs. Kelly


It’s no secret I like mini sized bags, especially for evenings. Expanding my mini Hermès collection allows me the opportunity to carry H by night! I rarely carry my larger sized Birkins or Kellys after hours.

Explore our guides on Hermes sizes below:




Swift is a very smooth fine grain calf leather. It feels and looks more luxurious than it’s togo, epsom and clemence counterparts. For my Chanel lovers, the best analogy to help you visualize will be ‘lambskin versus caviar’. It’s very durable contrary to it’s rumored reputation.


Find out more about Hermes leathers in our feature The Hermes Learning Process



Black is the most sought after neutral color for handbags (read: Why is Black the Most Popular Handbag Color?)I am very certain this will be one of my most carried Hermes bags. I have had a taste of the black/gold experience with my Plomb Birkin 35 in clemence leather purchased from the mothership in Paris (read: PurseBop’s Score at Hermès Faubourg Saint- Honoré). Black simply goes with everything!

Review our whole conversation on neutrals: The Neutral Handbag Search Continues

See what our color expert @kugzz has to say about neutral bags:
The Perfect Neutralista
Color Snob

To play dress up with the Hermes Rainbow, check out The Many Shades of Hermes with fabulous color charts from @italianfashionista.



Dive in into the discussion of hardware choice in our feature To Gold or Silver…That is the Question? 


My golden beauties.


These mini Birkins sadly don’t come with a mini price tag.

BagPrice in USD
Birkin 25 (Swift)9500.00


Please enjoy her maiden voyage picture story. These might be some of my very favorite reveal shots to date. My nephew was the photographer/videographer. Special thanks to artistic director Joerg Zuber  for the special effects. Look closely dear friends.

The title theme for the reveal video shared on Instagram is #whatsintheBIRKIN

Each day I look forward to @joergzuber  ‘s ingenious artistic photo’s  on IG and here he gives his special touch to each of the following images. Let’s see if you can spy the differences?






Sharing a few highlights from my recent NYC trip. I had the pleasure of sharing a lovely evening at The Baccarat Hotel with dear friends Marjorie Harvey, @johncolek and @alexstrickland. We aptly named the evening “Birkins at the Baccarat” – #birkinsatthebaccarat 


Marjorie Harvey’s Himalayan Croc Kelly 28 sitting pretty with my Birkin 25.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 10.49.19 PM

Back Row: Birkin 55 in Noir Clemence with Palladium Hardware, Birkin 40 in Cocoan Crocodile with Palladium Hardware. Front Row: Kelly 28 in Himalayan Croc with Palladium Hardware, Birkin 25 in Noir Swift with Palladium Hardware and Constance 24 in Black Swift with Dark Ruthenium Hardware.

I requested John and Alex to share in detail the specifics of their rare treasures with us…

Constance 24 in Black Swift with Dark Ruthenium Hardware

“This beautiful bag is a treasure that we found on one of our trips to Paris. It is a special order bag that the craftswoman at H Madison Avenue was shocked to see; she said that she has never seen anything like it before.”

Birkin 40 in Cocoan Crocodile with Palladium Hardware

  • features petit h “NYC” apple charm from the New York City petit h event

“This color-shifting bag is an amazing shade of deep brown; Cocoan has the amazing ability to look dark brown, almost black in some lights while looking a light chocolate brown, even Rouge H red in others. On the bag is one of our most treasured charms, a gift from Pascale Mussard when we met her at an event held in her honor at the Madison Avenue Store for petit h traveling to New York. It is an apple, reminiscent of New York City, that is inscribed with “NYC” for the special New York City event.” 

Birkin 55 in Noir Clemence with Palladium Hardware

  • features “So-Black” Rodeo charm in size GM

“The Birkin 55 is truly a special bag— and YES, it is a BIRKIN and NOT a HAC! While the B50 is a rare sight to be seen, the B55 is even rarer. This bag is made of a special type of clemence that is extra-supple, and this bag will just fall to the floor in leathery goodness. To cut down on weight, the interior is actually partially lined in toile canvas instead of a full on leather interior. On this bag is a “So-Black” Rodeo Charm. This one is size GM, and beautifully matches with so many of our black bags.


Birkin 55 versus Birkin 25 (biggest B versus smallest B).



Birkin 40 in Cocoan Crocodile with Palladium Hardware with petit h “NYC” apple charm.


Birkins at the Baccarat.

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 10.49.13 PM

The Rink at Rockefeller Center, NYC.


Gardens at Rockefeller Center


Up close and personal at Rockefeller Center.


Times Square, NYC.

Published: April 16th, 2017
Updated: May 19th, 2017

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  • What a great mise en scène, beautiful pictures and beautiful bags, so happy for your latest acquisition ????????

  • I absolutely LOVED the videos of Miss… wait, how does she not have a name yet? (shocked hahaha)… I think she should be named Miss Podium ;)
    Wooooowza the size of the B55 (shocked [2]), I think I can fit inside it hahaha but it really is a beauty.