Is the Chanel Jumbo Dead?

Not to mix metaphors (although we will), but does the name of a size matter? As Juliet says in William Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet”, “a rose by any other name, would smell as sweet.” Much as it may not matter whether Romeo’s surname is Montague, nor should we care that Chanel’s classic jumbo is now called “large.”


For those not up on flap history, the Classic Chanel flap comes in many sizes, ranging from extra mini to maxi. For a long time, jumbo was actually the largest, at least until Chanel reissued the maxi size in or about 2009. It was also one of the most popular styles. Moreover, years ago, the smaller sizes were actually quite confusing: there was small, small/medium and medium/large, all with different codes and difficult to discern.
Chanel Classic Flap Size Comparison

: @alexandreblanquez

Lately, the classic jumbo has disappeared. Sort of. As best we can tell, it is now officially termed “large.” A look through the Chanel website – and a search for “jumbo” – leads you to the large classic flap. (And btw don’t get us started on the irritation from navigating the revamped Chanel website!). Checking the measurements, it is clear that “new” large is “old” jumbo: 7.6” x 11.7” x 3.9”.  Shown in black and red, it now sells for $7400 – $1000 more than in May 2019.


But, look at that: one of Chanel’s once most-popular sizes appears on its website in only two classic colors. There was a time when the jumbo/large repeated in rainbows. To be fair, there are plenty of large flap bags available – the 19 and others – but not the classic.

Many seasonal classic colors released for 21P and 21S were only offered in mini/small with medium being the largest.

Medium flaps @flaviastuttgen

Which brings us to our next question? Is the larger size flap declining in popularity, much like the Birkin 35 model? The last few years saw minis rule… the smaller the better. Both Chanel and Hermès experienced exponential growth in mini bag popularity. The H mini Kelly is nearly impossible to get, with size 25s in Bs and Ks all the rage. And just look at what happened to Chanel mini bag pricing – that’s the size that just experienced the biggest price hike. Popularity means demand… and for brands, that means “let’s make it more expensive” lol.

Many seasonal classic colors released for 21P and 21S were only offered in mini/small with medium being the largest. Gorgeous medium sized classic flap collection @fashion_and_french_fries.

On the other hand, as we’ve written before, the pandemic could mean a return to larger sizes. Once we finally get to really go out, we need to carry more – masks, sanitizer etc – and that probably isn’t going away. Furthermore, for Fall 2021, some brands (for example Fendi and Louis Vuitton) blew up bags to larger dimensions. 

So is the Chanel Jumbo dead? Or returning in a Large way?

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