Chanel News Bulletin 2021

Chanel Updates 2021

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It was pretty tough to knock the pandemic off of news headlines in 2020. And yet . . . again and again, Chanel managed to do it, at least for handbag lovers. The House of Coco sure kept us on our toes as we watched prices go up, up, up. Read: Chanel Bulletin Board – 2020

Looking at the first few weeks of 2021, it sure seems that this year isn’t going to be much different where the luxury giant is concerned. Not sure what we’re talking about? Here is a recap of the 2021 news and updates from the house of Chanel:

Affirming rumors on January 15th 2021, the much coveted Chanel handbags saw a price hike in the US. Where most bags saw a 3% to 6% increase in prices, the wallet on chain’s price experienced a massive jump of 24%! Given the brand’s price harmonization policy, Chanel prices are set to rise internationally. Is your 2021 indulgence earmarked for Chanel? Did you accelerate the purchase?

Find out what your dream bag is priced at now! Read here.

chanel updates 2021

Is Chanel playing hard to get? What can whip up a Chanel-loving crowd? If the 21P collection is any indication, it’s an amazing color palette and limited availability! Fans around the world are lusting after the new neutral – Caramel – as well as dual toned bubble-gum pink and yellow with rainbow hardware. PurseBop herself wants both in mini sizes and hasn’t been able to secure them.

Read all about Chanel’s new(ish) marketing tack (perhaps inspired by Hermes!) that has the world pining for its glorious handbags, here.

chanel updates 2021

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It is a momentous occasion when your beloved handbag collection welcomes a new member. PurseBop’s Karen, a devoted Chanel fan, reveals the “classic” addition to her luxury handbag collection and tells us all the sweet details on how she scored hers in the color of her choice.

Read the article to learn more about why Karen had to let go of her previous Chanel and why she chose to wait for her new bag  here.

Chanel updates 2021

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Four masked burglars looted the Chanel boutique in Lower Manhattan and stole goods worth $160,000! What were they taking? No surprise, handbags and small leather goods, demonstrating once again the value in our beloved accessories. The store’s CCTV footage caught the frenzied robbery on film. This incident follows a series of robberies of luxury retailers in New York, following the same “grab and dash” pattern.

To know more about the incident and the measures luxury boutiques are adopting to stay safe, click here.

Chanel News Updates 2021

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Social justice thanks to (the accused’s) social media! The perpetrator of the Chanel robbery, Eric Spencer, was taken into custody when he bragged about his loot on his social media account. He even shared what he intended to do with all the luxury handbags.

To know more about the details and the possible sentence the accused might face, click here.

chanel news updates 2021

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Did ‘Brexit’ cause massive alterations to our (to-be-determined) travel plans this year? With the new taxation laws and the elimination of VAT refunds in the UK, big changes are afoot for  discounted tourist luxury shopping in the UK. This article provides you with the precise math on what it costs to buy a handbag in other European cities, like Paris, versus purchasing one in the London.

We suggest that you read the article  and know the exact price difference before finalizing your next European holiday. Click here.

Chanel News Updates 2021

The crafty economists at Chanel really like to play fair (well at least according to them)! Owing to the brand’s famous price equalization policy, bags in Europe as of January 2021 bear a 8% to 10% higher price tag than they do in the US! Our handbag math analyzes the impact on prices after factoring VAT and duties to arrive at a startling revelation.

Click here for the detailed analysis and conclusion on where it makes sense to shop for luxury handbags.

Chanel News Updates

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The re-birth of the chase – Coco style. The race to get your hands on the coveted Classic Chanel Flap, in the new colors of the season, is on!

Introductions too are in order for the new cousin of the Chanel Mini –  The Classic Rectangular Chanel Mini with Handle.

Read here for our reviews, experiences and intel on the brand that has succeeded in re-igniting the obsession for many of us.

Chanel Classic Flap with Handle

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We can only imagine what the next news cycle will bring.  But Chanel certainly started the year off with a bang!

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Published: March 8th, 2021
Updated: March 8th, 2021

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