Joining the Bottega Veneta Jodie Club

By Sara

When I fall, I fall hard. And no one can better attest to this than my lovely Bottega Veneta SA. In the span of the last year, I have come to love this IT bag. From the classic silhouette to the intrecciato weave, the Jodie bag has captured my heart.

The author enjoying a BV weekend

Today, allow me to take you along to discover the different Jodie sizes, how each one differs, and what fits to suit your needs.

Most Jodies are fabricated in the iconic intrecciato weave in lambskin leather with a calfskin leather interior. Some, however, are available in suede, metallic leather, exotics, or special editions embellished with crystals. All of the styles include a top zip closure in either gold or silver hardware.

From left to right, Small Jodie in leather, Teen Jodie in Suede, Mini Jodie in Denim & Candy Jodie in leather

Candy Jodie

Choosing a candy Jodie is hard, in picture is the Windswept & Parakeet

One of the newer  – and definitely the smallest – sizes introduced, this truly is A TBE! Coming in at a petite 6.3″×6.1″×2.6″ with a handle drop of 2.4″, this is a cutie. But, with these dimensions, don’t expect to fit a lot. Accommodating only a small lip gloss, a card, earphones, and some cash, this is an “event” piece when you don’t need much. It’s definitely not a work bag nor is it suited for a long day of kids’ sporting events.  Like the other Jodie sizes, the bag is a single compartment with a zip closure.

Candy Jodie beside the Small Jodie

Personally, I use this as a little pouch for when I carry her bigger sister (aka the small Jodie) to house my essentials (pillbox, earphones, and emergency cash). And I feel a little mischievous with this bag-in-a-bag situation. 

Overall the Candy Jodie is a flex, a way to accentuate an outfit and make you feel giddy for the day.

Mini Jodie

Choosing between pastel Mini Jodies

This is the Jodie size most familiar and loved. Not only is it a cute bag, but it also fits many daily essentials.

With dimensions of  5.5″ x 13.7″ x 9″ and a handle drop of 3.9″, the Mini Jodie can be hand-held or worn on the wrist for a hands-free moment.   

A weekend with the mini Jodie in Matte Croc

Matte croc Mini Jodie

The single compartment fits my cardholder, lip gloss, keys, hand sanitizer, small travel perfume, and earphones. The Mini Jodie can work as an evening bag. It comes in intrecciato leather, embellished leather, and exotics. Easily the most recognized size, it is available in fun seasonal colors.

The Teen Jodie

This is the Jodie that lured me back in love with the brand. It’s a practical, fun size bag. It fits my work essentials but still holds its shape well when carried.

Teen Jodie in Suede

Not too big and not too small, she is my Goldilocks bag. For this size, I opted for the suede leather which brings a more relaxed, slouched look. The dimensions are 5.5″ x 13.7″ x 9″  with a handle drop of 7.1″  that allows for a nice shoulder carry. 

The Teen Jodie – 2 ways

The Teen Jodie – 2 ways

Because the suede has more flexibility than leather, the bag is very comfortable to carry over the shoulder. The Teen Jodie in leather also comes in an array of colors, albeit not as bright as the mini Jodie color options. If you like a no nonsense, practical yet still fun work bag – the Teen Jodie is for you.

The Small Jodie 

Consider the Small Jodie the Mama of the collection. With dimensions of 15.8″ x 18.9″ x 6.3″ and a handle drop of 11.8″. , this is the proper work, grab-and-go bag. It has one interior zip pocket where you can store some of your small items. I call it my serious workday bag, where my usual essentials plus a full-size wallet, my work headset, tablet, agenda, and more fit comfortably in the bag.

Choosing between the black ( SHW) or white (GHW) Small Jodie

White (GHW) Small Jodie

It sits easily on the shoulder and falls at a perfect place just before the waist. It will be heavy, but all your items are in one bag which helps in the daily commute. (No more struggling with that extra bag!). The Jodie comes in subdued tones with white and orange (for this season) breaking up the neutrality. But for a big bag like this, neutrals would be the way to go. 

There is also the Jodie, the maxi model, seen on celebrities and worn crossbody. It wasn’t available in store for me to at least try for myself, but this is really big and suited for trips, and deserves a dedicated article to itself.


In a time when hobo bags are making a return, the Jodie line has given us fun options to choose from with various sizes and a myriad of beautiful hues. 

Which size would you choose? Let us know.

Published: May 30th, 2023
Updated: June 6th, 2023

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  • I’ve long passively admired this line. The Jody is the one that spurred me to buy. My first being the small, in that rich caramel color. Holds my iPhone and a pair of glasses, a must for me