Presenting Bottega Veneta’s Understated Iconic Bags

What handbag brand is classic, well-made, luxurious, understated and logo-free? Bottega Veneta! Founded in 1966 in Italy, the brand was acquired by Gucci in 2001 and is now a part of the French conglomerate Kering. Although headquartered in Switzerland with offices in Italy, Bottega’s atelier remains, to this day, located in an 18th century villa in Montebello Vicentino, Italy.

Synonymous with sophistication and style, Bottega has always stayed true to its principle of producing artisanal leather goods. Bottega Veneta steers clear of logos and monograms, instead relying on its signature Intrecciato Weave pattern to stand out. ‘When your signature is enough,’ was a popular Bottega Veneta campaign in the 70s! The brand is a favorite among discerning buyers looking for discretion and expert craftsmanship.

Bottega Veneta understated luxury

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We present a few of the timeless styles from this iconic brand to consider as you zero in on your next handbag investment.

The Knot Clutch

The Knot is one of Bottega Veneta’s signature pieces, offered each season in limited editions and quantities that make it a collector’s item, while always maintaining its iconic shape. Recognized and collected for its unique design, unrivalled quality and individual style, the Knot is a symbol of the company’s past as well as its future. For me personally, it is a continuous opportunity for a special kind of creative exploration ~ Tomas Maier (Ex-Creative Director, Bottega Veneta)

Bottega knot clutch


This iconic evening bag has been one of the most popular and successful styles for the brand since its debut in 2002. Inspired by a 1978 Bottega Veneta clutch, this bag features a knot-shaped top closure. Versions of the current model sport the signature Intrecciato Weave. Variations abound. The Knot is crafted in leather, satin, silk and even pure gold, season after season, in a variety of hues. The weave itself is far more complex than meets the eye. What appear to be strips of leather woven simply together is actually a dense and controlled pattern that’s woven through slits in the underlayer of the leather/fabric.

While the Knot Clutch is an immensely popular evening bag, it runs into the classic problem one often faces with clutches – lack of space. The bag offers just enough room for your lipstick, keys, masks, and a small sanitizer. Your phone, sadly will need to be handheld separately. Who said fashion is always practical!?

Gold Knot Clutch by Bottega Veneta

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The longer (but not as popular) ‘Stretch’ Knot Clutch may be able to accommodate your phone. Check out both sizes, with your phone, in store before you make a decision. For further variety, there’s also the City Knot and the Knot Chain (with a chain strap).

Understated and Iconic Bottega Bags

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Bottega Stretch Knot Clutch

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The Cassette Bag

Released in Bottega Veneta’s Fall/Winter 2019 collection, the Cassette Bag and the subsequent Padded Cassette Bag have fast become the ‘It’ evening bags of recent times.

The style leans into the Intrecciato Weave code, exploding the size, for a contemporary riff on the hallmark look. The quilting is thicker and wider than the usual signature weave. The technique differs as well: strips of leather are woven under and over each other to create a simple grid design, versus the traditional method of creating slits in the leather to accommodate the weaves.

Bottega Iconic Cassette Bag

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Bottega Cassette Bag

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Understated and Iconic Bottega Veneta Bag

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Padded Cassette Bag by Bottega

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Larger and roomier than the Knot Clutch, the Cassette Bag earned popularity among celebrities, influencers and fashionistas to become the evening bag of choice. Although only available in one size, options exist in multiple styles (padded, with chain, belt) and colors.

The Hobo Bag

Quintessentially Bottega Veneta, the Hobo Bag works for almost any occasion. Its slouchy flexible shape, spacious interior, and zippered opening makes for a great work or travel bag. The large size in particular, can hold a lot more than your average shoulder bag, and makes for a great travel accessory.

A word of warning, however: lack of compartments or sections makes fishing for contents a bit difficult. Moreover, be careful not to overstuff the bag. While resilient, this bag may be difficult to carry around when heavy.

Bottega Hobo Bag

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Iconic Bottega Veneta

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The Pouch

The pouch became an instant hit at the time of its launch in July 2018. It has since then been released in a myriad of shades and styles.

With zero signs of branding, this simple design is a favorite among minimalists. The feature that stands out in this dumpling shaped bag is the soft gathers that come together along the bag’s opening. The magnet that runs through the opening makes the bag fuss free to operate. The pouch is available in two sizes – small and large. The small bag comes with a shoulder strap and works well as an evening bag while the larger size has a spacious and roomy interior and can transform easily from a day to night bag.

BV Pouch Bag

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Iconic Bottega Veneta Bags

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Owing to its popularity, BV has extended the design to various new styles – Pouch with Chain, the Fringe Pouch, Mini Pouch and Coin Purse. Take a look:

Chain Pouch by Bottega Veneta

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BV Fringe Pouch Bag

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BV Coin Purse

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Mini BV Pouch

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Published: October 1st, 2020
Updated: October 4th, 2020

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