Kylie Jenner Gifts Kris Jenner a Diamond Birkin for Her 64th Birthday

This week was Kris Jenner’s birthday, and you know what that means for the Kardashian-Jenner clan—Hermès galore. What else would we expect from these storied Hermès collectors? (Read: Kardashian Envy: Exotic Hermès Eye Candy)

We already know the Kardashian-Jenners gift each other covetable Hermès bags; in her closet tour, for instance, Kylie made sure to point out a Mini Kelly in a hot pink shade that Kourtney bought her for Christmas! But now we’ve gotten a glimpse into what may be one of the biggest Kardashian-Jenner Hermès acquisitions yet… That’s right: a diamond Birkin, from Kylie to Kris.

The Kardashian-Jenner clan on Kris’ birthday, with a car resembling Kris’ old car with the “2 DIE 4” license plate. @kimkardashian

The Party

First, the party—we don’t want to spoil the Birkin yet do we? Kris’ birthday was a low-key affair that Kim planned with the family and Kris’ closest lifelong friends. The real surprise was that the restaurant she told everyone to meet at was a red herring! When guests arrived, Kim gave out the real address: the Kardashians’ childhood home, filled with memories of their family growing up with Kris and their father. The second surprise? She’d rented every car her parents had ever owned, with the original license plates. Kris was fully in tears. Even the birthday diva’s cake was a themed “2 DIE 4” licensee plate.

Now as for the other gifts…

Kris in Birkin heaven c. 2015. @krisjenner

The Gifts

They were rather spectacular, which should come as no surprise. We caught glimpses of the whole affair through the IG stories of the family. One of the biggest presents came in a form of a massive portrait of Kris herself. But the one you’ve all been waiting for is, of course, the diamond Birkin.

From Kylie’s Instagram stories, it’s evident she gave her mom a shiny croc diamond Birkin in Ficelle, a warm beige/caramel color. Naturally, diamond Birkins are some of the rarest and most expensive bags in the world. Hermès makes only a few of them a year, and they tend to fetch extremely high prices at auction, so this is quite the gift, even for an H collector like Kris.

Photo courtesy of @kyliejenner’s Instagram stories

The Diamond Birkin

At PurseBop, we’re always keeping tabs on the Hermès bags floating around the primary and secondary markets—especially the more exclusive (and limited edition) Birkins and Kellys—and we noticed that Kris’ new bag looks like the diamond croc Birkin in Ficelle that was listed on Xupes, a pre-owned luxury retailer.

With a rare bag in a such a particular color, could it be that Kylie acquired the birthday gift from them? It wouldn’t be a first for the Kardashians, since Kris gave Kylie a bag from the Xupes x Year Zero London collection a couple Christmases ago: the Momager Louis Vuitton Alma, based on Kris herself. (Kylie singled out the bag in her closet tour.) Regardless of its origins, Kris’ present is certainly a unique bag in stunning condition!

Louis Vuitton Xupes x Year Zero London ‘Momager’ Alma, photo courtesy Kylie Jenners YouTube Closet Tour video.

What do you think of Kris’ new addition to her Hermès collection? Are you a fan of the diamond Ficelle Birkin yourself? And just for fun: if you had the chance to own a diamond Birkin, which Hermès color would you pick? Tell us below!

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Published: November 8th, 2019
Updated: September 11th, 2020

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