My Mini Obsession Continues

By @el4bz 

Trends may come and go, but if it fits your lifestyle like a glove you know it’s here to stay. This is how I feel about the mini bag craze (Read: Five Reasons the Hermès Mini Bag Trend is Here to Stay). Love it, hate it, don’t care about it, but sooner or later you’ll find yourself singing its praises, or at least embracing it in some form. And before you know it, your collection of these little “munchkins” grows from none to three. At least, that’s what happened to me.

Like most people, my journey started with big bags. For example, my first Birkin was a 35. How did I choose that size? My then Hermès SA recommended it thinking it would suit my busy, professional lifestyle. However, after two years of trying to make it work, I gave up. It was okay to admit to myself that I’d made the wrong size choice, even if it hurt my pride. I mean, how could I, who was so careful about my Hermès purchases, have made such a mistake? Oh well, I couldn’t spend more time wallowing over a bag size mistake, so I moved on with the Birkin 30. Don’t get me wrong, the 35 in my mind continues to be the epitome of what a Birkin signifies–classy and classic. It was just that the 30 size suited me more.

Then came the trend of ‘the smaller the better.’ I was hestitant. Okay fine, I was very hesitant. I thought to myself maybe I could get a Kelly 25 to test the waters. It was the bag strap that made me choose a Kelly 25 over the Birkin 25. The Birkin 25 just wasn’t up my alley. Numerous thoughts like “too small,” “too doll like,” and “I am not the kind to be carrying toy-sized bags” flitted across my mind. As my friends got Birkins in the 25 size, somewhere along the line they convinced me that a Birkin 25 would be best suited given how little I carry in my bags.

Still hesitant, I special-ordered a Birkin 25. By this time, I my Kelly 25 special order had arrived, and I was in seventh heaven with its ease of use. So I grew bolder with my choices. And boy, am I glad I did. I absolutely loved the Birkin 25 size once I started using it. So, maybe it wasn’t love at first sight; my first thought upon seeing my new B25 was, “boy oh boy this is tiny! Did I make a mistake?”

Little did I know that once I went small there was no going bigger! For a person who carries very little on a day-to-day basis, the small bags are a lifesaver. Whereas before my 3-4 things would swim inside my big bags, they now fit perfectly in my smaller bags.

Having reworked my entire bag collection recently, I am at a stage where I know which bag styles and sizes suit me the best. So it was no surprise that for my (maybe) final special order, I went for another mini bag. I am a creature of habit, and I like to have a balance in everything I do, buy, and own. Before I ask you to guess, I will give you a hint. I own 2 Birkin 30s, 2 Birkin 25s, 2 Kelly Cuts, and a Kelly 25. Among all my other bags, any guesses as to what I chose for my special order?

While you are mulling over that bit, let me relive the crazy moment when you actually get that magic call from your Hermès fairy saying the special bag is here. Only Hermès lovers can relate to this moment where in one instant, one phone call or email, your entire world changes. Okay, so maybe not that dramatic, but it certainly feels that way.

This special order arrived the quickest. At just over seven months and a few days, she arrived in all her fine glory. As much as I love all my special orders, this just may end up being my favorite combination. Here she is, my Kelly 25 Sellier in Gris Mouette with etain lining, contrast stitching, and brushed gold hardware. Can you believe she arrived during the Thanksgiving break? So much to be thankful for, and I am not just talking about bags.

As for my mini obsession and my final two cents on choosing the right bag styles in the right sizes. I think the final choice comes down to personal preference and lifestyle. In my opinion, these should be the top two determining factors one’s purse purchase. Bags are not investments, so don’t get swayed by that thought process. They are meant to be enjoyed and used. Life is too short, so do and get what you love. Sometimes rational thought and logic have very little to do with what we love. If that’s the case, go with your gut feeling, What matters at the end of the day is that you love what you buy. You don’t need reaffirmation of your choices by others. They don’t live your life. You do.

Thank you for letting me share my crazy Hermès bag journey with you all.

Love always,


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