Five Reasons the Hermes Mini Trend is Here to Stay

Hint #1 : Think Mini

Fashion trends be damned, smaller Hermès bags are here to stay… at least here in our closets. You may have noticed that handbags seem to be growing – not just in popularity but in size. Hermès’ new(ish) 24/24 bag isn’t exactly petite. Nor is Chanel’s 31 (and what’s with the number names? But we’ll leave that for perhaps another discussion). Read Coming Attractions – Prefall, Fall and Winter 2018.

We’ve written a lot about trends including size. Whether the B35 is in or out is repeatedly discussed and debated by the PurseBop community. Note, we still think it’s in and will never be out. Read Ode to the Birkin 35, Dear PurseBop: When and How to Rehome a Bag.  Similarly, the mini handbag trend was analyzed in Mini Handbags: Craze or Classic as well as by so many of you on the PurseBop and BopTalk instagram accounts.

Ultimately, the choice is yours. But, before you decide, commit or rehome, consider these five reasons the Hermès mini – Birkin or Kelly 25 – works with or despite fashion trends.

@styledbyshishi takes the mini trend seriously.

Size Is Comfortable not Cumbersome

Ever find yourself in a crowded space feeling as though your purse is poking the people around you, no matter how you move or stand? That won’t happen with a small Hermès bag. Handheld and compact, it allows you to move freely through your day. Should you choose the little Kelly, there’s an added benefit – a shoulder strap and the ability to use your own longer version to go cross-body. Hand held or body-strapped, these minis are an afternoon (or morning and evening) delight.

Rose Tyrein exotic Birkin 25 @mrs_bcworld

Black Kelly 25 @styledbyshishi

Transitions Day to Night and Back

Speaking of day, these are bags that work day- or night-time. Carry it to lunch, work, supermarket, whatever… and then take the same purse to an evening event. And should you not make it home that night, well, at least your bag won’t indicate the walk of shame.

Daytime chic @mrs_bcworld

Evening elegance @swedishandstylish

The Content Capacity is Just Right

Not too little, not too much, Hermès minis hold just the right amount of possessions. Both the Birkin and Kelly in 25 size fit a large phone, a small wallet, lipstick and more. Sure, there’s no room for a water bottle, but theoretically you should be drinking the H2O not carrying it.

Kelly 25 capacity @stylishsheba

Birkin 25 capacity @pursebop (note iPad).

The Good Traveler

To nest or not to nest.  Whether tis nobler to pack bag within bag or carry each on its own…  If you’re a PurseBop reader you know nesting is the way to go. Your handbags travel safely with you, ready for any closeup on your trip. Both the mini Hermès Birkin and Kelly tuck comfortably in a Birkin 30 (and larger).  That’s right – even the Kelly handles tuck inside. Read Travel Tips If You are Heading To Europe,  How Do You Bring Home the Hermès Kelly… and Everything Else After Shopping in Europe?

Black Birkin 25 nests in a Barenia Birkin 30 @pursebop

Mystery Birkin 25 nests in a special order Blue Hydra Birkin 30 @pursebop

A Quieter Luxury Look

Some bags, whether intended or not, scream look at me. Rarely, for example, will a B35 Himalaya pass unnoticed. In part, larger bags take up more visual space and thus are more obvious. A mini Hermès – whether Birkin or Kelly 25 (or smaller) – can fly a little bit under the radar, particularly to those not quite so in-the-know.

If you’re lucky enough to own these bags, why not blast them in public? Well, perhaps you’d prefer not to draw attention to your handbag on public transportation? Maybe you’re negotiating for a house or car and don’t want to advertise presumed wealth. Or you run into a financially struggling friend and don’t want to rub his nose in it. There could be any number of reasons. The minis allow a bit more anonymity for those who want it.

Jaune Ambre Birkin 25 @bb10lue

Gold Kelly 25 @mrslulu3

Bubble gum pink Birkin 25 @pursebop

Special Order Kelly 25 @jan_patamapun

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