Ode to the Birkin 35

If you’ve followed PurseBop for even a little while, you know that we consider the Birkin to be the Ultimate HGB (Holy Grail Bag). While the HGB changes based on individual preference, we think it’s fair to say—and few of you would argue with us—that the Hermès Birkin is the standard of excellence for luxury handbags.

But the Birkin is not just one bag: there are so many variations of Birkins, and when it comes to size in particular, there are 4 major options: the B25, B30, B35, and B40. Only one of these recently made our list of 10 Handbag Commandments for 2018. There’s a reason it was the B35. So let’s unpack that a bit, shall we, fellow Birkin lovers?


The B35, as you may know, is the classic Birkin size. When the Birkin was first crafted in 1984, it was 35cm. Timeless never goes out of style.


As much as we support the mini bag trend, a fashionista needs her space! The B35 is the perfect size not only for feeling like a waifish Jane Birkin c. 1984, but for going about your day with ease and comfort, with the knowledge that all of your necessities are an arm’s-reach away.

B35, B25, & Chanel Classic Flap. @lifeandchanel

More Birkin = More Fun. (And while it may not have the presence of a B40, the B35 isn’t unwieldy—essentially, it’s the perfect balance of size and functionality.)


One word: travel. Can you think of a better plane companion than the trusty B35? We simply can’t. (As long as you’re not afraid of exposing your Birkin to the elements and keeping it in pristine condition, that is.)


That search for the perfect work bag? The ideal companion to take along to the office downtown each and every day? If you’re lucky enough to own a B35, stop the search—it won’t get any better than this, trust us.


Plus, the proportions are simply divine. (Read: From Mini to More: Hermes Birkin Sizes) At 35 cm x 25 cm x 18cm (L x H x W), the B35 is proportional in all the right ways. It just looks like the Platonic ideal of A Handbag.


Just look at it, draped over an arm…


B35, we’ll never stop singing your praises / The joy you bring us can be seen clearly on our faces / Original, traditional, divine / On the streets your beauty will shine

Are you B35 crazy as well…? Tell us below.


Published: August 9th, 2018
Updated: August 9th, 2018

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