Dear PurseBop: When is the Best Time To Take the Stickers Off the Hardware of My Hermès Bag?

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This week’s Dear PurseBop has many of the most popular  questions about Hermès handbags. Read further to find out the leather choices for a Kelly Sellier, the best way to maintain your bags, how to claim a VAT refund when leaving Paris by train or airplane, whether to use bag inserts, and much, much more.

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Dear PurseBop: Is It Possible To Get a Kelly Sellier That Is Not in Epsom Leather?

The Hermès Kelly Sellier bag is one of the most popular bags. The Sellier style typically is produced with Epsom leather. However, there are many other beautiful leathers that the Kelly can be made from as well. See the options and possibilities here.

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Dear Pursebop: How Do I Care For and Maintain My Luxury Handbags In The Best Possible Condition?

Whether you are a new handbag collector or have been collecting for many years, it is important to care for your items in the best manner possible. There are many different ways to store, clean, maintain and enjoy your bags. Read all the tips Dear PurseBop has here.

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Dear PurseBop: How Do I Claim My VAT Refunds at the Paris Train Station and Later at the Paris Airport Upon My Return From London?

For tourists shopping in Paris who want to claim their VAT refunds upon departure from Paris either at the train station or airport, must follow specific procedures which differ at each location.

Read the steps to follow here to submit your VAT forms before leaving Paris or your final EU destination. Remember that the UK has discontinued VAT refunds so this may affect your shopping choices while abroad.

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Dear PurseBop: Is It a Good Idea To Use a Handbag Insert for My Hermès Quota Bags and Other Luxury Bags?

Protecting the inside of your Hermès quota bag or other luxury handbag is a very personal choice. There are many companies who manufacture inserts to fit inside most style and size handbags. The colors, materials, and patterns are plentiful. Read here what Dear PurseBop recommends.

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Dear PurseBop: What Color Hardware is Best to Choose For My Hermès Special Order?

Every Hermès lover dreams of the day they are offered the opportunity to create their own Special Order bag. When that day arrives you realize that there are several very important choices to be made to complete your unique design. One of those choices is the color of the hardware. There are 6 different hardware choices and it is not always easy to decide. Read here how Dear PurseBop tackles this touch question about hardware color on a bi-color mini Kelly.

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Dear PurseBop: How Do I Politely Decline a Hermès Quota or Non-Quota Bag?

Being offered a Hermès quota bag is a very exciting moment that usually does not occur very frequently. There is always the fear that the bag offered will not have the exact specifications on your wishlist. What to do then? Dear PurseBop breaks it all down for you here and all your options.

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Dear PurseBop: When Is The Best Time To Take the Plastic Off The Hardware of Your Hermès Handbag?

The subject of removing the stickers from the hardware of Hermès bags is one of the most common question we see. There are definitely two different directions handbag lovers choose. Hermès SA’s recommendations are consistent and clear. However, everyone makes the decision that works best for them. Read Dear PurseBop’s response here.

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Published: November 2nd, 2023
Updated: November 2nd, 2023

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