Plaid Anyone?

PurseBop honors Scotland Week (a week long celebration of Scotland from the 3rd to the 10th April within the USA and Canada) with the Chanel Metiers D’Art Paris~Edinburgh Collection. With kilt themed tartan plaid bags to the adorable sweater wearing Scottish ponies, my story promises to make a lasting impression and inspire the Scottish in all of us.

Chanel’s Métiers d’Art collections are essentially a pre-fall collection that is shown once a year in a different location around the globe. They celebrate the craftsmanship of the small ateliers owned by Chanel. This year Karl Lagerfeld transported everyone to Scotland.

Historic mention: Ms Coco Chanel used to frequent Scotland in the’20s during her very intense love affair with the Duke of Westminster, and consequently, her time in the country greatly influenced her designs and style during that time.

Karl Lagerfeld re-created that special era in Chanel history in true majestic style with a show at the Linlithgow Palace, just miles outside of Edinburgh where the Mary Queen of Scots was born ~ how fitting is that! I must share with you, the annual Metiers d’Art collections are always showcased with extreme opulence and in pompous style. There is nothing ‘too much’ in the fairy tale presentations or the location sets of his pre-fall shows, and the 2013 collection was certainly no different!

Shortbread cookies anyone? (Think plaid tins of holiday biscuits).

Karl’s really favoring the Chanel BOY bag. Is it going to become a staple of the Chanel classic collections? I wonder…

I am feeling very ‘Marks and Spencer-ish’ all of a sudden…

Chanel-Metiers-dArt-Collection-6-640x640I don’t know about you, but I am thinking tartan plaid kilts with the ‘big pin,’ knee high socks, and penny loafers? Not sure about these boots, but I do like the hat! There’s a strong chance the hat may be in PurseBop’s closet!

Chanel-Metiers-dArt-Collection-19-640x426Ponies Gone Scotish:
If I may say, this part of my post is my favorite :-)

Now all you need is some Shetland wool sweaters like Scottish fashion icons FIVLA and VITAMIN.

pony26n-2-webJust grazing all warm and cozy in Scotland’s rolling hills …

pony26n-1-webThe ponies—FIVLA in red and VITAMIN in brown are the poster animals for Visit Scotland’s tourism campaign.
The ‘pony ambassadors’ are modeling custom made Fair Isle cardigans. Now they just need Chanel Tartan BOY Bags to complete their look, hehe. 

I was surprised to see that FIVLA and VITAMIN made the trip overseas to be  guest stars on ABC’s Good Morning America, sporting their sweaters and all! I presume they are here for the Tartan Day Parade in NYC.World travelers and fashion icons they have become—they are just too cute. You will enjoy this video of our Scottish celebrities…

Pipe into your wallets and hear the bagpipes, LOL



Published: April 6th, 2013
Updated: May 24th, 2017

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