Poll: What Are You Buying With Your Cash?

Unlike most years, while most of us are home bound and still isolating, we at PurseBop thought it may be a good time to take a quick and fun ‘hypothetical quiz’.

So pause that Netflix series you’re binging on, fix yourself a hot cuppa and get ready to play along. Who knows, your New Year wish for yourself might just come true!

The Situation:

What would you buy yourself with a certain amount of money you may have saved up this year ?

You have over $10,000 saved up!

So you didn’t travel to Europe or take that cruise you had originally planned. Assuming you hadn’t yet paid / got a refund, what do you plan to do with the cash? Saving up for an even bigger budget for a post vaccine holiday is one option…or…. indulging in a handbag is another. If the latter is what tempts you, we suggest you invest that money wisely on a Holy Grail Bag!

The Birkin Sellier is a brand new release from Hermès ( Read: Move Over Kelly, There is a New Birkin in Town) and on top of every Hermès enthusiast’s list. If your sales associate can conjure one up for you then you now have the means to get it! Those with a strong preference for a Kelly over a Birkin can consider investing in a Kelly Sellier 25 if that’s what your collection’s been missing.

Black Birkin Sellier

Photo Credit: @manyshadesofchic

Kelly 25 sellier

Photo Credit: j_que_


Maybe you did get that company bonus this year after all – an unexpected windfall given the current times! Spending that money on something you will treasure forever is one way to go. Saving it for a rainy day is another. For those of us who need a spoil to lift our spirits this winter can consider one of the following indulgences.

Chanel 19

Photo Credit: @fermillan

Lady Dior Bag

Photo Credit: @hannahscolorfulcloset


How many of us have collected a pile of money stashed over birthdays and holidays in anticipation of finding that one perfect thing to spend it on? While growing that pile is a wise option for the savers amongst us, the relatively impatient can consider spending it on classic bags from Dior and Hermès that are sure to stay evergreen and also rank high on usability and style

Dior Book Tote

Photo Credit: @georgianasheather

Hermes Evelyne Bag

Photo Credit: @mywardrobediaries


No great savings piled up? Don’t worry! A little bit of revenge buying never hurt anyone (Read: Will “Revenge Buying” Save the Luxury Industry?). Go ahead, spoil yourself with a purchase you know will stand the test of time. With its multiple pouches, the Louis Vuitton Multi Pochette bag is a practical yet fashionable choice that is guaranteed to serve you well through Covid times and beyond. The Chanel long necklace on the other hand is a beautiful jewelry option, which, though not as wearable, lifts any ensemble irrespective of season or colour!

LV multi pochette bag

Photo Credit: @louisvuitton.addiction

chanel long string

Photo Credit: @rubyhhp


While there may not be too many options in the handbag department, a budget under $1,000 can get you some beautiful trinkets from The House of Chanel or Dior. (Read:Chanel Jewelry for a Touch of Glamour). Both brands have extensive costume jewelry options that are instantly recognisable and very fashionable. A Chanel brooch that can be worn traditionally or even as a pendant or a hair clip or the über popular Dior Tribale pearl earrings may be just the festive treat you need!

Chanel Brooch

Photo Credit: @cl.styl

Dior Tribale Earrings

Photo Credit: @irina.fami

Over $100,000 - Situation Extrordinaire

Invested in stocks and played the markets well this year? That is actually the truth for some and if that is the case with you then what’s stopping you from putting a spoke in your husband’s Range Rover plans!?! With what you may ask? An exotic Birkin Bag of course! If an Ostrich or Crocodile Birkin is what you have been coveting and didn’t know how to ask, now is your chance!

Range Rover Car

Photo Credit: @rangerover_fever

Photo Credit: @mrs_bcworld

We hope you enjoyed taking this quiz as much as we enjoyed creating it! We wish you a very happy new year and hope that 2021 brings with it all the indulgences your heart desires!

Love PurseBop

Published: December 27th, 2020
Updated: January 23rd, 2022

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