PurseBop’s Birkin Reveal – on CNBC

Remember that birthday Birkin that’s been hiding under my bed? The one I promised to reveal a couple of months ago? And then didn’t. There’s actually a good reason this time… as this lovely got her proverbial 15 minutes of fame. Literally. But I digress…

The day I picked her up at the Hermès Chicago boutique.

Laying eyes on her  for the very first time. .

Just as I was planning and photographing for the reveal, the phone rang (or did my phone ding with an email?). A reporter-producer at CNBC contacted me to ask if I would provide my Hermès expertise for a video piece she was preparing on the luxury handbag market.

I was flattered, but declined. While I reveal many, if not all, of my handbag treasures, myself I do not reveal. PurseBop is all about our community and I have carefully kept the focus entirely on the bags. 

The Birthday Birkin enroute to to the first reveal site, still ribboned up…

However, the persistent and creative reporter was determined… and devised a way to interview me without showing me. And so, I travelled to New York City, with luggage full of Birkins and Kellys, to provide some insight into the handbag market.

My bags took center stage in the CNBC studios. Frankly, they were better models than I could ever be. One of the big stars was The Eclipse Jacket, the latest launch from PurseBop Frocks which really glittered in her cameo role.

The eve before the CNBC taping.

The Baccarat Hotel, NYC.

The Birthday Birkin, waiting to be revealed at CNBC studios.


My Birkins lined up in the CNBC studio…sans Birthday Birkin

The big reveal, however, was that we filmed the unboxing of that birthday Birkin. As the entire reveal isn’t in the news story, in the near future I promise a full PurseBop-style unboxing. For now, though, you can see which bag it is in the CNBC news story.

Watch the CNBC news story here.

Can you name PurseBop’s Birthday Birkin? Watch the CNBC segment here for the latest news on the luxury handbag sector!

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Love, PurseBop

Published: September 23rd, 2019
Updated: September 24th, 2019

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