Hermès Reveal: The Next Step in My Special Order Journey

I’ve been mulling over this one for a long time… Exactly how and when will I share the continuing story of my Special Order journey with you?

Everything dates back to my very first Special Order. Remember how I described my vision of emulating someone I saw disembarking from the first class section of my aircraft in front of me? She was carrying what seemed to be a black Birkin 30 with gold hardware and peeking from the interior I could see some shade of vivid red. (Read: Couples That Special Order Together Stay Together).

Even as a relative newbie to the orange world at the time, I knew that this gem had to be a Special Order. I wondered whether I someday would be granted the opportunity to do a one, and planned that, if so, I would create a bag just like hers.

What’s inside…? Venue for the reveal: Swiss Air flight to Zurich.

A Little Special Order Stroll Down Memory Lane

Well, as you all well know, my first special order did not turn out black with a shade of red. My husband and my SA (and pretty much everyone else I consulted) urged me to pick something more exciting as my first. Black with a pop of interior would not mark the very significant “first” occasion with pompous flair.

As many of my long-time followers and readers know, my first special order was a Blue Hydra Chevre Birkin 30 with a Rose Jaipur interior topped with brushed gold hardware. (Read: PurseBop’s Special Order Birkin Reveal).

PurseBop’s first Special Order, click photo to access article.

My next special order—nearly 20 months in the making—was intended to satisfy my initial lustful craving of black with a pop interior. However, it came in a Kelly 25, Noir Chevre, with illuminating Rose Pourpre lining, contrast stitching and brushed gold hardware. The general color theme of my object of desire was finally satisfied. Or so I thought! Read: When you Win the Hermès Lottery: My Horseshoe Reveal. 

PurseBop’s Special Order Kelly (left). Click photo to access reveal article.

Click photo to see more close up images of my SO Kelly 25.

Because it’s all in the details, click photo to access reveal article.

Sometime within these 20 months of the Kelly’s incubation, I was granted another Special Order opportunity. As my black Kelly still had not arrived, my craving for that anonymous passenger’s Birkin felt yet unsatisfied. The only other noir Hermès bag I owned was my B25 in Swift (more proof that I would get tons of use out of another black).

If I may digress for a moment, my black mini Swift B25 has taken more trips around the world than any other bag I have ever owned. In fact it might be ready for the spa or an upgrade at some point!

Most people start their collections with neutrals like Noir, Étoupe, Gold, and the like. I started with Orange, Anemone, Bamboo, Blue Paradis and Bubblegum Pink, ha! I love color, that’s no surprise to anyone here, but in the Midwest fall-winters, black is our wardrobe staple. That may be even more accurate for me than others as I rarely wear gray or beige. Black serves as my base for pop colors on bags, lips, and nails.

My trusty B25… with my first SO behind it. Read PurseBop Reveals a Mini Birkin. Click photo to access article.

Back to this reveal… finally, I have a bag inspired by that traveler. Yes, the new SO is indeed a Noir Chèvre B30. Mine has Rose Extreme Chèvre lining. The stitching is tonal rather than contrasting (perhaps a bit boring to some, but for me makes the bag a forever classic). And, it is the match of my dreams. Chèvre is my favorite leather thanks to its rich sheen and the fact that it holds structure remarkably well, especially in a Birkin.

Love at first peek!

Why Rose Extreme? Well, I simply love reds and pinks. Since Rose Jaipur and Rose Pourpre are linings on my other bags, there weren’t many other ‘pinky’ options. Also, I liked that Rose Extreme is highly saturated and somewhere between magenta and red. If it were a lipstick color, I’d likely live in it.

Special Order Birkin

First hints of Rose Extreme

Rose Extreme lining: subtle AND striking

My Hermès collection now consists of three noir bags: a Birkin 25 in Swift; a Kelly 25 in Chèvre with Rose Pourpre lining and contrast stitching with BGHW; and a Birkin 30 in Chèvre with Rose Extreme lining and tone-on-tone stitching. Is this noir family complete? Who knows—but I’m certainly content for now.

The interior matches a little something from my collection…Ironically the mini Kelly I revealed earlier this year in Rose Extreme came after I placed this order (read:The Hermès Mini of all Minis: Meet Miss Rose Extreme). You’ve seen me indulge you with numerous photos of little miss extreme on my instagram. 

Why hello there, Mini K! (Spot the Hermès Shopping Bag Charm… read The New Hermès Bag Charm: An Inside Look.

I wish I could take a group photo of the threesome, but as I write this from the plane, it’s clearly not possible. This is certainly the most unconventional reveal location at 30,000 feet above the Swiss alps.

But sometimes, you just have to go with your gut. This B30 is the bag that inspired many a travel fantasy and the time to share it is now.

Special Order Birkin

Hermès array. How lucky I am…

I gave you a sneak peek of my new Special Order on instagram before this official reveal. Did you catch it? A few of you did pose the question as this beauty was the only B in tow on this 2 week travel adventure.

Seen here with the Karina Cape from PurseBop Frocks. Click photo to access details.

Seen here with the latest Hermès shopping bag charm. Read: The New Hermès Bag Charm: An Inside Look.

The beauty of chèvre and that exclusive horseshoe.

Voila: my definition of perfection.