PurseBop Storytime: The Bag That Got Away?

We spend a lot of time talking about bags in the sense of their looks and benefits, but now it’s time to share the stories about our bags.

A while back we started a series called “PurseBop Storytime“, which launched with a segment on the “Worst That’s Ever Happened to Your Bag“. The response to this series was tremendous, and we loved hearing all your stories (although, inside we were cringing at all the “near death” handbag moments!)

For every storytime, there is a different theme or question, and we encourage you to share all your related experiences and pictures on BopTalk and instagram (#pursebopstorytime). No need to be self-conscious about your writing skills, we just want you to share your experiences in the way you want to present them! Your stories can be short, long, funny, informative…it’s all up to you!

Today, we’re back with a topic that is slightly more innocuous than damaged bags, but still bound to stir up some emotional memories. We want to know: “What’s your one dream bag that got away?”

Here’s your storytime prompt:

When it comes to buying luxury handbags, sometimes conquering the shocking sticker price isn’t even the hardest part. Exclusivity and rarity are a big part of the game, and a lot of leg work is needed to get your hands on the bag that you really want. We talked a lot about the “chase” behind a handbag in our recent discussions of Holy Grail Bags (HGB). (Read: What’s Your Holy Grail Bag?)

Hermès is notorious for playing hard to get with their iconic bags like the Birkin and Kelly (Read: 8 Reasons Why the Hermès Birkin is the Ultimate Holy Grail Bag). Likewise, other brands like Louis Vuitton are known for selling out of collections in seconds – just think back to the recent LV x Supreme Collection that disappeared from stores before some people even got a chance to browse.

Buying a bag is an important decision, but sometimes we hesitate too much or miss an opportunity, and fail to secure the bag of our dreams. So, for this round of storytime tell us about the one bag you wish you had added to your collection but didn’t get the chance to for whatever reason. Your story doesn’t have to be shocking or a dramatic novel, so no pressure. We want you to report your real experiences in an easy, honest way!

Helpful details to include:

  • Context
    • Details about the bag and why you wanted it
    • What stopped you or prevented you from getting the bag ? For example, was it sold out? did another client get the bag?
    • Feel free to set the scene if you went shopping – take us through it all!
  • Your reaction
    • Were you angry, heartbroken, or relaxed about it?
    • How much did the bag mean to you?
    • How long did the pangs of regret last?
  • Is there another bag that came along that you loved even more? Was there an alternative?

We hope you take the time to share your story because we’re simply dying to hear! Again, this is supposed to be fun, so don’t be hesitant about participating!

To get the ball rolling, our Managing Editor Maura is going to share her story about the bag that got away…

I’ll be transparent here. There are two bags that I regret not getting. To my surprise, both are transparent, in other words, plastic. Not surprisingly, I learned about both from PurseBop. The first is the Delvaux brillant x-ray bag – clear plastic with black trim and handle. I was too late to that party – the limited stock was sold out by the time I learned of the bag. The other missed handbag is the current blue pvc chanel mini-flap that @by_md purchased in Paris. I cannot locate it anywhere, and I’ve tried every possible connection.

Which brings me to the real question… why plastic? Ironically, I dislike the idea of baring my contents to the world. However, I also worry about what bag to use in inclement weather (you can expect an article on this in the future). More often than not, I just skip over the issue and run out with phone and keys. Yes, yes, yes, I know… Longchamp nylon or Louis Vuitton monogram would work too, but they seem to stay in the closet. What can I say… sometimes the answer isn’t clear.

Chanel PVC mini bag

@by_md – click photo to read related Chanel article

Please share your stories here on BopTalk.

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Another option: You can also email us your stories at [email protected]. It would be interesting for us to share and archive your stories!

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Published: May 17th, 2018
Updated: May 18th, 2018

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