5 Influential Women Who Carry a Himalayan Birkin

Are You Ready to Join the Hermès Himalayan Birkin Club?

There is something about strong women and Birkin Bags. Have you ever thought about why so many paparazzi snaps catch celebs sporting a Hermès bag. Yes, the Hermes Birkin (and Kelly) is the ultimate symbol of exclusivity and for many the holy grail bag. But there are Birkins and then there are Birkins. You guessed it – we’re referring to the Holy Grail of them all – the Himalaya Birkin! With or without Diamonds, these Bags sell (predominantly at auctions) at prices ranging between $100,000 to as high as $380,000.

Jennifer Lopez – USA

POP Sensation and Hollywood Actor

Jennifer Lopez


Truthfully JLo needs no introduction. She’s a household name for music, acting, fashion, romance and, of course… her Instagram boyfriend (retired baseball player Alex Rodriguez).
Her appearance with the Himalaya Birkin similarly is extraordinary (Read:Iconic Celebrity Hermès Sightings in 2019). Most of us lucky to own this treasure would dress it up, carry it carefully and the like. Not JLo. Her Himalaya accompanied her at gym workout.

Victoria Beckham - UK

Fashion Designer and Former Singer

Victoria Beckham with Diamond Himalaya Birkin

Photo Courtesy: BirkinWatcher.blogspot.com

Otherwise forever known as Posh Spice from the Spice girl (and for marrying soccer celebrity David Beckham), Victoria Beckham is a fashion force in her own right. A style icon and role model for women all over the world, this fashion designer, entrepreneur and mom extraordinaire is seldom spotted without a Birkin. An unofficial Birkin brand ambassador of sorts, Victoria is rumored to have a collection of over 100 Birkins, valued at over $2million. Naturally her collection includes a diamond Himalaya Birkin! Pictured with it on several occasions, we reckon this to be the perfect accessory to many of her impeccably styled monochromatic looks.

Nita Ambani – India

Industrialist and Philanthropist

Nita Ambani with Diamond Himalaya Birkin

Picture Courtesy: The Economic Times

Wife of the second richest man in Asia, Nita is an established and regarded businesswoman in her own right. As the founder of one of India’s leading international schools, owner of a premier league cricket team, and  a non-executive director of Reliance Industries, this powerful lady has been recognized as ‘one of the most influential business leaders in Asia’ by Forbes Magazine. She was also the first Indian woman to become a member of the International Olympic Committee.

An avid Hermès fan, Nita is often seen carrying a Birkin. On a girls night out in London with some of her Bollywood friends, her Birkin of choice was her prized diamond Himalaya Birkin. This simple outing and bag spotting resulted in a media frenzy and some criticism too – a philanthropist with an exotic and über expensive handbag might not be the best combination (Read: Spotted: Nita Ambani with a Diamond Himalayan Birkin)

Tamara Ecclestone – UK/Croatia

TV Personality, Model, Socialite

Tamara Ecclestone with Himalaya Birkin

Picture Courtesy: Daily Mail UK

This young entrepreneur is a perfect example of someone who was born into luxury and fame but carved a distinct identity for herself. A model and TV star, Tamara Ecclestone is better known for her UK reality TV shows including Tamara’s World and Tamara Ecclestone: Billion $$$ Girl.
Tamara is an avid Hermès fan with an enviable collection of 30 Hermès Birkins in various hues and leathers. Recently spotted with the Himalaya Birkin, the bag is a perfect accessory for her fashion forward yet comfortable ensembles.

Jamie Chua - Singapore

Influencer, Style Icon and Entrepreneur

Jamie Chua with Diamond Himalaya Birkin

Chua holds up her most expensive Hermès handbag in her wardrobe: her Himalayan Crocodile Diamond Birkin. Photo courtesy @ec24m via Daily Mail

Jamie Chua's Himalaya Birkins

‘The Himalayas are my holy grails,’ says Jamie Chua

One of the most stunning and fashionable social media influencers out there – this Singapore based socialite has a 700 square foot closet to die for (Read: Enter the Hermès World of Jamie Chua)! Jamie’s social media handle takes you through her delightful collection of clothes, shoes and, of course, bags. While shoes are her biggest weakness, she has an enviable collection of over 200 Hermès handbags, most of which are Birkins and Kellys. In an interview with PurseBop back in 2017 (Read: Exclusive Interview With Hermès Collector Jamie Chua). Jamie tells us about her Hermès journey and why she is such a big fan of the Birkin.
A proud owner of a diamond Himalaya Birkin, a peek into her closet also reveals a Himalaya Birkin as well as a Himalaya Kelly. Splurging on just one clearly wasn’t enough for this fashionista!

Kylie Jenner Himalaya Birkin


The list of proud Himalaya Birkin/Kelly owners extends to the powerhouses in the Kardashian-Jenner household (Read: Kardashian Envy: Exotic Hermès Eye Candy). We have also spotted one of these beauties in Drake’s closet – the one he is preparing for the future Mrs. Whoever she may be (Read: Drake Reveals his Birkin Collection for the Future Mrs. Drake).

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Published: July 1st, 2020
Updated: July 12th, 2020

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