The Hottest Bags from the Christie’s Online Auction

It’s that time of year again. The time when we don’t have to conjure up our ideal Birkins, Kellys and Constances, hoping that we may be extra lucky the next time we set foot in an Hermès boutique. The time when Hermès bags of all sorts (and Chanel, Louis Vuitton, etc.) are laid out in rows before us, colorful as candy as we scroll through our screens. “Will Hermès grant my wish?” ceases to be the main question passing through our lips. Instead, it’s “Could this be the winning bid?” That’s right, the Christie’s Handbags & Accessories Online Auction is here.

We’re delighted to partner with Christie’s again for their online sale, running from May 28th to June 14th. We’ve had a look at the auction, with over 260 pieces, and we have to stay the bags are stunning—full of color (and neutrals for those who shy away from it), perfect for summer, and loads of fun. Have a look at our favorites below—we’re sure some will surprise you—and don’t forget to register to bid online here.

Christies Handbags Auction

Mini Madness

Madness indeed. There’s no better way to describe the craze that’s swept the handbag world. In the past five years, mini bags have taken hold of us, capturing our hearts and wallets. PurseBop herself is not immune: in fact, her two most recent reveals have been minis, one Chanel and one Hermès. Minis, we’ve learned over time, are simply irresistible.

When it comes to Hermès especially, this trend isn’t going anywhere. (For our take, read: Five Reasons the Hermes Mini Trend is Here to Stay) And Christie’s has their finger firmly on the pulse. As the new sale attests, minis are in high demand.

That said, “mini” is a broad term, even in the world of Hermès. There are mini Bs and Ks—and of course the adorable Quelle Idole—ranging from neutral togo to pop-of-color exotic. To embrace all that the term “mini” encompasses, here are our five mini picks from the auction, each one distinct from its companions.

Who Said Fashionistas Can't Be Sporty?

We may be bagaholics, but that doesn’t mean we spend our days in four-inch heels and lace dresses. We love sports (and sportswear…) just as much as anybody else. (Remember those fun Chanel surfboards and skateboards we wrote about recently?)

Maybe your style is downtown, ready-to-hop-on-a-skateboard chic, or perhaps it’s more casually-riding-my-bike-from-my-killer-job. Whatever the case, why not dress the part, with Hermès and LV accessories to match? These picks may not be bags in any real sense, but they are crafted by our favorite bag makers, and we wouldn’t say no to that.

Got the Blues?

Both calming and invigorating, blue is one of our favorite bag colors. And Hermès has no small part to play in that. The brand keeps coming up with more blues to add to its repertoire, from icy blue-grays to deep sea hues. In the Hermès color range, blue’s versatility is remarkable: it can be something close to a neutral, or as bright a pop of color as geranium or jaune.

Blues especially pop on exotics, so when it comes to blue bags in the sale we’ve made sure to single out a couple bags with ostrich and alligator. If you’re looking to branch out your collection into colors, one of these bags may just be the place to start.

That "Other" Hermès Bag

Birkins and Kellys, Kellys and Birkins. To those in the know, these Hermès beauties are on par with one another. But to those less well-versed in the bag world, the Kelly is the “other” Hermès bag. (Hence why, in the past, we’ve called it an “Anti-It Bag.”)

To that we say: let the Kelly be our (big) secret. In the eyes of PurseBop, nothing makes K less special than B. And one thing we adore about Christie’s is how their sales highlight the spotlight Hermès has shined on this bag over the years, creating special limited edition versions, such as the Picnic Kelly and Kellygraphie Kelly (both below). These rare finds are unbelievably exciting for us to spot, not only for the potential to bid on them, but also to show us Hermès’ great range even just among its two most famous bags.

Are there any bags you’re especially excited to see in this auction? Have a look through the whole sale, and tell us about any other bags that may have caught your eye. At the very least, the eye candy is unbeatable, and you’d be hard-pressed not to find some serious collection inspiration.

Register to bid for the Christie’s Handbags & Accessories Online Sale here.

Love, PurseBop

Published: June 2nd, 2019
Updated: June 9th, 2019

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